Controlled Burn

Men standing near vehicles
With a third successful prescribed burn completed at Barta Brothers Ranch on April 21, researchers are seeing what fire can and cannot do about invasive redcedars.

Barta Brothers Ranch Starting to See Results of Prescribed Burns

June 13, 2024
Throughout the project, researchers have observed increased vigor in the grasses, increased gains in cattle, differences in grassland bird communities and minimal changes in wind erosion across burned areas.

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Barta Brothers Ranch
The site of this new study is the Barta Brothers Ranch, located about 20 miles south of Long Pine in Rock and Brown counties in Nebraska.

Center for Ag Profitability Collaborates on Sandhills Grassland Management Project

April 7, 2023
First-year results of the study concluded that burn/graze systems can increase a producer's profitability while also controlling invasive eastern red cedar encroachment.

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