2014 CropWatch News Archive

Dec. 19

Farm Management: Updating price benchmarks
Weed Management: Panhandle weed scientist Bob Wilson Retires; weed and insect resistance a growing problem; register now for Pest Resistance Workshops
Dry Edible Beans: 2014 variety trial data now available 
Market Journal: Segments on the cattle and grain markets, improving soybean yields, crop insurance selection, the forecast for next week
Extension Crops Programs: Fremont Corn Expo Jan. 8: Strategies to stay competitive; January Crop Production Clinics; animal scientist to discuss genetically modified animals at Heuermann Lecture Jan. 13; Farm Bill Computer Decision Aid Workshop Jan. 14; Nebraska Extension Commercial/Noncommercial Pesticide Safety Program Begins in January; Private Pesticide Safety Training Offered from UNL Extension; Weed and Insect Resistance Workshops; Center Pivot Irrigation Management Short Course Feb. 9; Central Plains Irrigation Conference Feb. 17-18
Panhandle Research and Extension Center: New Forage Specialist to Join Scottsbluff Faculty

Dec. 12

Farm Management: Congress extends ag tax provisions to Dec. 31, 2014; 2015 crop budgets now available;  video on how to customize 2015 Excel crop budgets
Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Update for December
Market Journal: Segments on December crop report, farm bill choices, 2014 Soybean Day, crop sensing technology for soybeans, and the weather
Crop Report: Dry edible bean production up 38% from 2013
Ag News Links: Nutrient balance and integrated management are keys to optimal corn yields; UNL water for food seminar to explore sensing for crop-water productivity
Programs and Resources: Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo Dec. 18; Crop Production Clinics Slated for January; UNL-USDA FSA Farm Bill Meetings; Free Farm Finance and Legal Aid Clinics in December

Dec. 5

On-Farm Research: Using crop canopy sensors to direct variable-rate, in-season nitrogen application in corn 
Forage Production: Selecting corn hybrids for silage
Market Journal: Soybean prices, effects of crude oil supply, 2015 crop budgets, and the forecast for next week
Programs & Resources:  Nebraska Extension Seminars at Farm Power Show; free Farm Finance and Legal Aid Clinics in December; Nebraska Soybean Day Dec. 18 in Wahoo; UNL Crop Production Clinics 

Nov. 21-28

Farm Management: Tightening Your Belt: A Look at Family Living Costs; Commodity Market Analysis: Combining Fundamentals and Technicals
Grain Storage: Producer Q&A on Grain Storage Affected by Sudden Temperature Drop Pesticide Safety: Ag Agencies Address Label Restrictions for Crop Rotation and Cover Crops.
Soybean Production: Tightening Your Belt - SCN and Soybean Seed Selection
Market Journal: Segments on reducing input costs, corn and soybean markets, research on a link between SCN and soybean aphids, the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus in Nebraska, and the weather for the coming week.
Extension Programs & Resources: UNL and FSA Farm bill meetings; western Nebraska Farm-Ranch Tax Strategy Workshops Dec. 1-2; New Crop Technology Conference Dec. 4 at Sidney; Western Sustainable Ag Conference Dec. 6 in Ogallala; Ag Financial Health Check-Ups in Bridgeport and Scottsbluff; UNL Crop Production Clinics Slated for January

Nov. 7-14, 2014

Farm Management: Tightening your belt: refocusing on profitability; two perspectives on setting a cash rent; harvest prices for crop insurance announced
Soybean Production: EPA asks for comments on neonicotinoid use on soybeans
Wheat Production: Warmer fall temperatures can favor aphids in winter wheat
Soil Health: Soil Health Partnership Field Day Nov. 12 at Shelby; treating gully erosion in crop fields
Weather: Winter 2014-2015 Forecast
Irrigation Management: Online irrigation cost calculator released
Machinery: Ethanol and water contamination — comparing water removal additives
Market Journal: Fall soil sampling, GMO labeling, market analysis after the USDA November crop report, rebuilding the cowherd, and the weather
Crop Report: USDA forecasts slight drop in final 2014 corn harvest; soybean harvest up 13%; Nebraska corn harvest 79% complete;  Nebraska corn harvest 60% complete. Winter wheat condition rated 79% good to excellent with 96% of the crop emerged.
Events & Resources: Heuermann lecture on role and responsibilities of today's agricultural communicators; UNL and FSA Host Farm Bill Meetings; UNL Climate Agriculture Workshop Nov. 19

Oct. 31, 2014

Soybean Production: Why you'll want to sample for SCN This Fall; SCN sampling is part science, part art
Wheat Production: Leaf and stripe rust in fall-planted wheat
Research: On-farm research helps growers generate results
Market Journal: View this week's segments 
Programs & Resources: Nov. 6 Heuermann Lecture to focus on importance of ag communications; UNL-FSA farm bill meetings; Panhandle Farm Bill Workshops; Cornhusker Economics Outlook meetings; Ag Finance and Legal Assistance Clinics; Farmers and Ranchers College Programs
Field Reports: Corn harvest 40% complete, soybeans at 85%

Oct. 17-24

Corn Production: 2014 end-of-season corn yield potential based on hybrid-maize simulations for the corn belt; corn stalk nitrate test
On-Farm Research: Harvest is ideal time to consider on-farm research
Weed Management: Tips for identifying fall-emerging weeds; identification of winter annual weeds
Harvest: Accumulated GDDs Oct. 1-23, 2014
Water Management: Nebraska Agriculture Water Management Network receives national USDA honor; US Bureau of Reclamation North Platte River Water update   .
Market Journal: View video segments from the Oct. 17 and Oct. 24 broadcasts
USDA Crop Reports: Corn harvest 40% complete, soybeans at 85% (10/27); Harvest continues with soybean at 69%, corn at 28% (10/20); Soybean harvest 45% complete; corn at 19% (10/13)
Extension Resources & Events: Panhandle Farm Bill Workshops Start Oct. 21; AgriFuture 2014 Conference Oct. 28-30 in Kearney; Small Scale Farming Workshop Nov. 8; Cornhusker Economics Outlook Meetings Cross State in November; New UNL Extension crop production and irrigation publications
AgNews: EPA reports that neonicotinoid seed treatments offer little or no benefit to US soybean production; Farmland, a film

Oct. 3-10

Harvest: Accumulated GDDs Oct. 1-13;  avoiding compaction at harvest; harvesting, drying, storing late-maturing, high-moisture corn (NDSU); UNL grain storage management resources; quality and handling of the 2014 Iowa crop, updated Oct. 2. (ISU); information on grain drying and storage (NDSU); insect management recommendations for on-farm stored grain (MU)
Corn Production: Grazing corn residue: a win-win for crop and cattle producers; how herbicide labels restrict using cover crops as forage
Ag Safety: Steps to avoid grain bin entrapment
Weather: Nebraska weather update; Nebraska's weather outlook through mid-October
Farm Management: Five myths of ag landlord rights;  beginning farmer numbers grow in Nebraska; Ag Finance and Legal Assistance Clinics in October
Alfalfa Production: Controlling winter annuals in alfalfa this fall
Market Journal: UNL cover crop research, drying and storing grain, Nebraska's dairy industry, a market analysis, and forecast, USDA grain stocks report, current cattle and hog inventories, and how climate change is going to affect ag production in Nebraska
Resources: SARE grants for farmer research and youth education; new UNL class on soybean breeding for disease resistance
Crop Reports: UNL Extension crop reports from across the state; USDA Crop Forecast for Nebraska and US; USDA NASS: Crop Progress and Condition reports;  Nebraska Winter Wheat Production forecast; Nebraska grain stocks report

Sept. 19-26

Events: Climate change focus of Sept. 25 Heuermann Lecture; agronomy lecture on development of the seed corn industry
Wheat Production: Factors to consider on adding SCO coverage to crop insurance coverage; Sept. 30 insurance deadline and the 2015 projected price
Corn Production: Stalk and crown rot diseases likely in many fields; 2014 forecasted corn yields based on Sept. 12 Hybrid-Maize model simulations
Weed Management: Multiple herbicide-resistant weeds and challenges ahead
Irrigation Management: Removing, cleaning, and storing soil moisture sensors
Weather: Weather review: much variance from norms, but good soil moisture;  Nebraska temperature/precipitation summary for Sept. 12-15; 30- and 90-day forecasts from the Climate Prediction Center
Farm Safety: Who's at Risk on the Farm?, a series by the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health
Market Journal: Segments on soybean cyst nematode; harvest safety; corn stalk rots; livestock production, and the forecast
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports and photos; Nebraska crop conditions

Sept. 12

Corn and Soybean Production: Soybean variety selection; frost/freeze effects on plants; ensuring accurate yield monitor data
Weather/Crop Updates: Forecast; a check of weekend low temperatures
Alfalfa Production: Guidelines for harvesting alfalfa during winterization
Wheat Production: Supplemental Coverage Insurance Option (SCO)
Dry Edible Bean Production: potential gains from storing dry edible beans this winter
Market Journal: September crops report, soybean harvest recommendations, and near-term and harvest weather forecasts
Crop Reports: USDA September Crop Production Report; USDA Weekly Crop Report
Events: Release of climate change report kicks off Heuermann Lectures; Agronomy Seminars feature range of current topics

Sept. 5

Corn Production: 2014 forecasted corn yields based on Aug. 30 Hybrid-Maize model simulations; flooded fields and diseases to expect in corn; 2014 corn harvest marketing decisions 
Soybean Production: Managing soybean harvest timing, moisture to improve yield
Wheat Production: Winter wheat varieties for the Nebraska Panhandle
Market Journal: Grain markets, soybean disease and seed selection, farm income and weather forecast
Farm Management: Sales tax exemption for ag repair parts
Crop Reports: NASS: Nebraska crop progress and condition report 
Events: Husker Harvest Days Sept. 9-11 near Grand Island; stored grain webinar Sept. 12

August 22-29

Special Focus: Wheat Planting & Production: Winter wheat planting decisions and break-even yields; fertilizer management for the 2015 winter wheat crop; new winter wheat varieties; wheat varieties virtual tour; emergent winter wheat and grasshoppers; seeding rates; seeding dates; seed bed preparations and seeder adjustments; compensating for delayed seeding; weed management;
Soybean Production: Stem and root rots in soybeans
Corn Production: Late-season flooding effects on corn; 2014 forecasted corn yields based on Hybrid Maize Model Simulation; protecting silage for long-term quality; Stored Grain Webinar Sept. 12.
Irrigation: Scheduling the Last Irrigation of the Season
UNL Extension: Plant Pathologist Tony Adesemoye Joins West Central REC
Ag Climate: Models show above normal precipitation for this fall; Nebraska Ag Climate Update for August 2014
Farm Management: Farm Lease Resource: AgLease101.org,
Crop Reports: Extension Crop Reports from Across the State; USDA Crop Reports for Aug. 18, 25
Market Journal: View segments on marketing grain, marketing calves, storing distillers grains and new research on weed control and the potential for aphid-resistant soybeans; Raising Nebraska exhibit at the State Fair, soybean diseases, farm program decisions, and the forecast for next week.
Youth: Tomorrow's crop scouts compete — learning and winning prizes
Field Days/Educational Events: Precision Ag and Soil-Water In-Field Training opportunities; No-till/Cover Crop Field Day Aug. 27; • Sorghum Field Days; Genetic Engineering: The Journey of a Gene app; AgNews: Nebraska LEAD announces 2014-2016 fellows

August 8-15

Corn Production: UNL Releases cornwater irrigation management tool; 2014 forecasted corn yields based on Aug. 1 Hybrid-Maize Model simulations; corn GDDs suggest freeze vulnerabilities; do corn roots grow after VT (tasseling)?; correct timing makes the best silage
Soybean Production: Silver spotted skipper on soybeans 
Insect Management: Lannate label restrictions; late season insects on late planted corn and soybeans 
Wheat Production: Wheat seed treatments; 2014 UNL Fall Seed Guide released; experts offer advice for variety of wheat production issues
Disease Management: Crop diseases reported by UNL PPDC Clinic
Crop Reports: Extension Crop Report (Sept. 8 and 15); NASS state and national crop report as of Aug. 1 conditions; Extension crop reports from across the state (8/8/14); NASS crop reports for Aug. 4 and Aug. 11.
Farm Management: August Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics; early propane purchase may help limit risk
Market Journal: Aug. 1, 8 programs: Insights to the Aug. 1 crop report, scheduling your last irrigation
IANR & Extension Events: UNL Extension provides precision ag and soil-water in-field training;  Haskell Ag Lab Open House Aug. 13; UNL Flame Weeding Workshop Aug. 14 at Concord; August Field Days Focus on Switchgrass as Bioenergy Feedstock; State Fair's "Raising Nebraska" highlights food and families who grow it

August 1

Corn Production: UNL releases CornWater irrigation management tool; 2014 forecasted corn yields based on Aug. 1 Hybrid-Maize model simulations; corn GDDs suggest freeze vulnerabilities; do corn roots grow after VT (tasseling)? correct timing makes the best silage
Soybean Production: Silver spotted skipper on soybeans
Insect Management: Watch for late season insects on late planted corn and soybeans
Wheat Production: Seed treatments
Disease Management: UNL PPDC Clinic Report
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports; NASS report Farm Management: August farm finance and ag law clinics; propane availability
Market Journal: Analyzing the grain market, aphid and pest update, managing weed resistance, third-party beef quality audits, and the forecast for the coming week
IANR & Extension Events: Haskell Ag Lab Open House Aug. 13. UNL Flame Weeding Workshop Aug. 14 at Concord; August Field Days Focus on Switchgrass as Bioenergy Feedstock; State Fair's "Raising Nebraska" highlights food and families who grow it ;

July 25

Corn Production: 2014 forecasted corn yields based on July 20 Hybrid Maize Model simulations; Southern rust confirmed on corn in southeast Nebraska
Insect Management: Monitor grasshopper levels in field borders
Wheat Production: Common bunt (stinking smut) in wheat
Farm Management: Resilient Ag Conference now open to crop advisors and farmers; the great balancing act -- negotiating a cash rental rate;  frequently asked questions - farmland leases
Crop Reports: Crop Reports from Extension
Alfalfa Production: Seedbeds for Late Summer Grass and Alfalfa Planting
Market Journal: Segments on the grain markets, foliar fungicide applications in soybean, wheat stem sawfly, and the weather.

July 18

Soybean Production: Cool conditions may lead to white mold in soybeans; it's time to begin scouting for soybean aphid; managing soybean aphids. CropWatch SCN poll: what you said
Wheat Production: Control volunteer winter wheat now for higher yields next year; controlling weeds post-harvest in winter wheat; wheat production workshop Aug. 4 at the UNL Panhandle Center; soybeans and sunflowers as forage after wheat
Storm Damage: Mid-summer storm damage response information (2013); more storm damage articles (2014)
Insect and Disease Management: The economic injury level and the economic threshold in IPM; plant disease reports by district for corn and soybean; light trap reports
Crop Reports: Field reports from Extension
Market Journal: Timely weed control after wheat harvest, managing spray drift, planting forages into wheat stubble, and the current grain market
IANR & Extension Program: view diversified cropping and cover crops on organic tours Aug. 16

July 1

Corn Production: Begin scouting for western bean cutworm eggs in corn; nitrogen uptake in corn; Japanese beetles emerging in corn and soybeans
Soybean Production: Dectes stem borer emerging in soybeans; check fields for soybean cyst nematodes
Storm Damage: Differentiating superficial and deeper hail damage; NRD Emergency Crop Damage Disaster meetings July 17;  USDA-NRCS funding to help producers plant cover crops
Irrigation Management: UNL sources of crop water use information
Forage Production: Soybeans and sunflowers as forage after wheat
Farm Management: 2014 cropland lease arrangements in Nebraska
Weather Report: June Precipitation 200%-400% Above Normal
Market Journal: Videos of UNL specialists on controlling volunteer corn; rotating weed management strategies; forecast for the week
Crop Reports: Field reports from Extension; Nebraska's winter wheat harvest estimate up 42% from 2013; USDA crops report: wheat harvest starts
IANR & Extension/AgNews: Register now for July 17 Midsummer Crop Diagnostic Clinic at ARDC; Nebraska Grazing Conference

July 3

Storm Damage: Cover crops for storm-damaged fields; post-hail assessment: the benefits of patience; soybean storm damage and crop insurance options; counties designated as natural disaster areas; storm damage and storm recovery information
Corn Production: Corn foliar fungicide trial summaries; western corn rootworm beetles are emerging
Soybean Production: Importance of volunteer corn in soybean; bacterial blight; using UNL's SoyWater to schedule irrigation, guide decision-making.
Extension Field Reports: Photos and notes from across the state
Farm Management: Impact of June 30 Acreage Report; 2014 Nebraska Farmland Values and Rental Rates; June 30 USDA Report: Planted acres down for corn, up for soybeans
Research & AgNews: 68 high school teachers at UNL Extension Excellence in Ag Sciences Conference; unmanned aircraft offer ag potential; research finds new plant defense mechanism to insect feeding
Upcoming Events: Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Field Days July 9 (Fremont) and July 10 (Lincoln): Grain Engulfment Rescue Training Workshops July 7, 8; July & August UNL Crop Diagnostic Clinics Offer Unique Training Opportunities; Combustible Grain Dust Prevention Workshop July 31

June 27

Corn Production: Leaf and bacterial diseases are developing in corn
Soybean Production: Seedling soybean diseases continue in replant
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Market Journal: Nitrogen loss and iron chlorosis; soybean diseases; corn diseases; corn and soybean markets; June weather; week's forecast
Alfalfa Production: Start scouting for potato leafhoppers in alfalfa
Crop Reports: Extension field reports; disease reports by district for corn, soybean, and wheat
Farm Safety: Staying safe when a spray rig hits a power line
Websites & Apps: VegScape — an online satellite-based vegetation condition tool
Events: Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Field Days July 9 (Fremont) and July 10 (Lincoln); July & August UNL Crop Diagnostic Clinics; Combustible Grain Dust Prevention Workshop July 31

June 14 - 20

Post-Storm Updates: Diseases in storm-damaged corn; one-week later: observations of June 3 hailed corn; potential nitrogen loss in wet soils; Market Journal: post-storm crop management and marketing; few good forage options available for replant after storms
Weed Management: Glyphosate-resistant common ragweed confirmed in Nebraska; UNL Weed Research Tour June 26 near Concord; Weed Management Field Day June 27 near Clay Center; Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Field Days July 9 (Fremont) and July 10 (Lincoln)
Forecast: More rain predicted for eastern areas; temps may warm
Corn Production: Stalk borer scouting
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Irrigation Management: Improve irrigation performance with 2 new UNL apps
Climate: Nebraska ag climate update June 2014; El Nino likely by late summer; how can that affect ag decisions
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports; 2014 Nebraska wheat crop up 44% from 2013
Pesticide Safety: Nebraska Department of Agriculture Pesticide and Noxious Weed Newsletter
Extension: New UNL Youth Crop Scouting Contest Aug. 6; dedication June 19 for UNL High Plains Ag Lab Building

June 6

Post-Storm Updates: Assessing hail damage to corn and soybean; corn development staging systems with special emphasis on staging after early-season hail events; fungicide use in corn after hail or wind damage; replant options following corn pre-emergence herbicide applications; assessing hail damage in wheat; managing hail-damaged alfalfa; crop reports from extension; look for opportunities in midst of storm damage; conducting farm research on issues arising from storm damage; Market Journal goes to the field to assess crop damage; Hail information meetings in Bradshaw, Uehling, Marquette;  FSA phone scam alert
Related Extension Resources: Evaluating Hail Damage to Corn (EC 126); Evaluating Hail Damage to Soybeans (EC 128); Evaluating Hail Damage to Grain Sorghum (EC 129); When Runoff, Flooding Affect Private Drinking Water Wells (IANR News); How to Care for Storm-Damaged Trees (Nebraska Forest Service)
Corn Production: Check growth stage as you make cropping decisions; stalk borer scouting recommended; the critical period of weed control in corn
Wheat Production: Little wheat disease found in south central and southeast Nebraska
Climate Update: Above normal rainfall predicted for Nebraska for June
Alfalfa Production: Potential for alfalfa weevil damage in Panhandle
Extension: UNL releases PeRK 2.0 Pesticide Recordkeeping App; June 19 dedication of UNL High Plains Ag Lab
AgNews: USDA crop condition report; ag finance and legal assistance clinics in June

May 30

Soybean Production: Soil residual herbicide options after soybean emergence
Corn Production: Start scouting for common stalk borer in corn; UNL researchers among those identifying key pieces to corn yield puzzle
Wheat Production: Wheat Disease Update; Wheat Plot Tour June 12 near Wilber; Western Nebraska Wheat Variety Tours this June
Pesticides: 5 things to know to avoid herbicide drift
Crop & Farm Reports: extension crop reports and field visits plus photos; corn, soybean planting nearly done; winter wheat jointing; Nebraska farm numbers decline
Market Journal: Wheat disease problems; insect scouting in corn and soybeans; corn seedling diseases; the forecast for the coming week
Ag Almanac Audio: Unmanned Aircraft Systems
IANR & Extension Programs: Nebraska Manure Demonstration Day July 29 in Lexington; Czech water engineer to talk on water flow in soils June 2; UNL High Plains Ag Lab Field Day is June 19
Pasture Management: Spraying pastures may not be the answer; June 24 Field Day on developing the right pasture lease

May 23

Corn Production: Q&A on survival of frost-damaged corn;  UAN and residual herbicides in a tank mix at this time
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update — fungal and virus diseases
IANR & Extension: Market Journal examines soybean market surge and new crop seedling strategies; early June no-till expos on soil health; crops information survey; Range Short Course
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Scouting for clover and alfalfa leaf weevils; evaluating forage status
Crop Reports: Extension Crop Reports and Photos
Climate & Weather: Nebraska Ag Climate Update.
Farm Management: Accessing archived Farm Bill Details and Decisions Webinar
Research: Monsanto funds western corn rootworm research at UNL; biotechnology update — RNAi as a new technology for pest management
Wildlife Management: Controlling woodchucks through fumigation.

May 9-16

Weather Impacts: Flooding and corn survival; early season flooding and soybean survival; time to dig in and evaluate need for replanting; recommended resources on frost damage in corn and soybeans; assessing freeze injury to wheat; crop insurance and replant decisions; understanding and calculating farm casualty losses; extension storm, crop and field reports from across the state
UNL Extension: Crops Needs Assessment Survey
Corn Production: Tips for applying soil residual herbicides after corn emergence; scout corn: high insect numbers can overwhelm even the best defenses
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; scout fields for early disease detection; 2014 Nebraska wheat crop forecast to be up 40% from 2013
Soybean Production: Results of the CW Soybean Planting Survey
Irrigation Management: ET and soil moisture sensors
Cover Crops: UNL Researchers examine use of cover crops in semi-arid conditions
Farm Management: Market and financial outlook for production ag in Nebraska; 2014 farm custom rates
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Fertilizing cool-season grasses in May
Crop Reports: Nebraska crop progress and condition (may 5 and 12); extension crop reports & weather forecast (may 6)
IANR & Extension Resources: How Cooperative Extension was started; Market Journal: Ag Director Ibach on ag census results; Youth Tractor Safety Courses offered across Nebraska; UNL farm custom rate publications; on the road with new IANR faculty, staff

May 2

Soybean Production: Planting recommendations of 1.75 inches deep; 120,000 seeds/acre in 30-inch rows; soybean planting survey
Wheat Production: Statewide wheat yield estimated at 40 bu/ac
Cover Crops: Long-term UNL study examines impacts of cover crops on soil, water
Climate & Weather: Plant while the sun shines; introducing Ag Climate View Tool for the US Corn Belt; El Nino predicted, but likely to be weak
Alternative Crop Production: Dry edible pea production continues to expand
Market Journal: National wheat crop; Palmer amaranth; next week's weather
Alfalfa Production: Using herbicides in spring-seeded alfalfa
AgNews: Five-year USDA Ag Census released Friday
IANR & Extension: May 21 Farm Bill Webinar; apply by June 15 for next Nebraska LEAD Group

April 25

Corn and Soybean Production: Imbibitional chilling and factors influencing cold stress in corn and soybean; reader Q&A: Are cutworms likely to be a big problem in corn in 2014?
Forage & Alfalfa Production: Winterkilled alfalfa more common this year; growers urged to assess stands; control musk thistle while you can; USDA research shows potential impact of climate change on rangeland
Market Journal: Countering rootworm resistance in corn; early vs. late planted soybeans — a climatological perspective; the forecast for next week
Pesticide Safety: Pesticide container recycling dates and locations
Crop Reports: Extension reports from across the state; USDA on crop condition, planting progress
IANR & Extension: Elmore returns to UNL; new publications from UNL Extension: Market and Financial Outlook for Production Agriculture in Nebraska (EC865); Agriculture in the Nebraska Panhandle (EC864); The Spotted Wing Drosophila, An Invasive, Small Fruit Fly in Nebraska
AgNews: USDA NRCS update on Conservation Compliance in new farm bill

April 18

Wheat Production: Did this week's low temperatures injure Nebraska's wheat?
Soybean Production: Climatological benefits for early planted soybeans — a case study
Dry Bean Production: Dry bean growers invited to take survey
Forecast: One-week forecast with State Climatologist Al Dutcher
Extension & IANR Programs: Market Journal: how will china's cancelled soybean order affect US markets; impacts from partnering with military serving in Afghanistan; Heuermann Lecture April 22 to focus on food security impact on children
Research: USDA researchers simplify pyrolysis processes for bio-oil production

April 11

Corn and Soybean Production: UNL documents shift in corn susceptibility to rootworms in Nebraska; comparing 2013 corn and soybean yields with previous yields. why planting soybean early improves yield potential; best pattern for planting soybeans into corn residue; pre-plant and pre-emergence weed control in corn and soybeans
Wheat Production: Cutworm activity increasing in western Nebraska; winter wheat delayed, but greening up
Cover Crops: 2014 cover crop FAQs: crop insurance, cover crops, and NRCS cover crop termination guidelines
Water Management: Preseason irrigation; North Platte River water forecast
Pesticide Safety: Handling pesticide containers after natural disasters
Climate: Comparing 2014 soil temperatures with the long-term trend; Nebraska Ag Climate Update; recap of Nebraska's winter climate data
IANR & UNL Extension: UNL to offer Field Crop Scout Training May 6 at ARDC; Market Journal: why delayed warm-up may aid weed control; UNL Larsen Tractor Museum unveils new exhibits, new mission April 12; measuring evapotranspiration effects on agricultural fields

April 4

Weather & Climate: Early spring temperatures 2-3 weeks behind normal; growing degree day (gdd) accumulations across Nebraska corresponding to low, medium, and high freeze risk
Precision Agriculture: Pre-season technology checks: gps offset settings for automatic section control (ASC) systems
Weed Management: New herbicides for 2014; agri-chemical guide for popcorn
Market Journal: Grain marketing and soybean planting recommendations
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Options for fertilizing pastures
Personnel: Introducing new UNL agronomist Patricio Grassini; beef specialist Jack Whittier to lead UNL Panhandle REC at Scottsbluff
Extension: Field Crop Scout Training May 6 at UNL's ARDC; Youth Tractor Safety Courses offered across Nebraska
AgNews: 2014 planting forecast: Nebraska corn acres drop 6%; soybean acres up 13%; ag finance and legal assistance clinics in April

March 28

Climate: Dates and probabilities for the last spring freeze across Nebraska; how dry and how cold was it this winter?
Wheat Production: Get a jump on army cutworms in alfalfa, wheat
IANR & Extension: Crop entomologist joins faculty at West Central REC; Market Journal looks at corn planting rate. Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement Honors Moeller, Taylor and inducts 12 members; Farmer's Gift Leads to New Facility, Stumpf Wheat Research Program

March 21

Irrigation Management: Cost-effective tools to improve irrigation efficiency; soil moisture sensor programs offered by Nebraska NRDs; Nebraska cost-share programs for irrigation management tools
Corn Production: Corn seeding rates for eastern and western Nebraska
Farm Management: Nebraska farmland values remain steady - UNL Cornhusker Economics
Research: On-farm research projects
Water: North Platte basins report above normal snowpack
Extension Programs: No-till Workshop & Planter Demo March 26 in Hastings; Women in Agriculture Conference April 4 in Sidney

March 7-14

Grain Storage: Checking stored grain a must to maintain quality. make safety a priority when entering grain bins
Farm Management: Interpreting 2014 crop insurance projected prices; western Nebraska break-even prices mostly lower in 2014
Corn Production: Innovative Youth Corn Challenge
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Soil test new and established alfalfa for nutrient need; acid soils jeopardize alfalfa seedlings
IANR & Extension Programs:  Ag Water Research and Policy update March 20; Market Journal: The Spring Forecast; UNL Plant Breeding and Genetics Symposium
USDA Reports: Crop condition and soil moisture report

February 24-28

Climate: Northern Plains likely to see below normal temps this spring; ocean temperatures offer clues to crop season weather
On-Farm Research: Interactive on-farm research guide now available; On-Farm Research Updates March 10, March 11
Corn Production: New corn rootworm management webinar archived online; USDA scientists find a surprising supply of deep soil carbon in Nebraska study
Wheat Production: Growing wheat? Participate in National Fusarium Head Blight Survey
Dry Bean Production: Dry edible bean acres to increase; UNL cultivar Coyne a top seed choice; take the Great Northern Bean Survey
Weed Management: UNL Invasive Weed Programs Extend from High Schoolers to Scientists
Pesticide Management:Changes in How Pesticide Information is Displayed
Farm Management: Nebraska grain sales updates; UNL releases Land Lease Calculator App; Cornhusker Economics: How Much Money Can We Lose in Grain Markets?  Free Farm Finance Clinics Scheduled for March
Events: UNL Heuermann Lecturer: Conventional Agriculture Winning Some, Losing Some in Culture War; Panhandle No-till Conference Feb. 26-27 in Gering; UNL Cornstalk Grazing Program Feb. 28 at Brule; Cornhusker Economics Outlook Meetings March 3-7 at 9 Sites
AgNews: Market Journal Looks at Soybean Markets, Commodity Coverage; UNL High Plains Ag Lab Building Progresses. Ag Census: Number of NE Farms Up 5%, Size Down 5%

February 7

Farm Management: With tight margins expected, it's time to tighten up your belt (again); 2014 crop budgets reflect changes in input, land, machinery prices; Panhandle crop report
Corn Production: How did 2013 corn yields fare in Nebraska?
Wheat Production: How late can you seed winter wheat and still produce grain?; status of winter wheat condition and educator reports; wheat injury and cold temperatures
Pesticide Safety: NDA Reminder on Use of Herbicides with Both Atrazine and Acetochlor
Weed Management: Dicamba-Resistant Kochia Confirmed in Nebraska
Insect Management: Feb. 20 Webinar: Corn Rootworm Management in the Transgenic Era
Extension Programs & Events: Nebraska No-till Conferences Feb. 11, Feb. 13; High Plains Ag Lab Annual Research Update; Center Pivot Irrigation Management Short Courses Feb. 11-13; Cover Crop Forums to be held at 9 Nebraska Sites Feb. 18; Precision Ag Featured at Nebraska Ag Technology Conference Feb. 5-6; Land Application [of Manure] Training; Women in Agriculture Conference Feb. 20-21; Cornhusker Economics Outlook Meetings March 3-7
Market Journal: First of three segments on soybean production in Brazil and Argentina; market analysis; U.S. cattle inventory; 2014 crop budgets; weather forecast
Extension Personnel: Dry bean breeding technician joins UNL Panhandle Program
New Publications: 2014 Spring Seed Guide; 2014 Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska with Insecticide and Fungicide Information


Extension Programs: Crop Production Clinics; Fremont Corn Expo; Dry Edible Bean Day; Farm and Ranch Estate and Transition Planning Workshops; Pesticide Applicator Training and Certification; Precision Ag Workshops; water lectures
Cover Crop Production: Webinar to Detail New USDA Cover Crop Termination Policy