2011 CropWatch News Archive


Weather: What's ahead for winter/spring 2012
Flood Recovery: Farming after the Flood—view webinar segments; access federal/state factsheets
Weed Management: New weed resistance hits Nebraska—waterhemp to HPPD-inhibiting herbicides; 2012 Crop Production Clinic Schedule
Extension Programs: Jan. 5 Corn Expo at Fremont; Dec. 3 Sustainable Ag Crops and Livestock Conference at Ogallala; Dec. 14 webinar to outline government resources to aid flood recovery; Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo Dec. 15 in Wahoo


Wheat Production: Nebraska wheat condition above average going into winter
Corn Production: End of season yields — what did Hybrid-Maize Predict?
Soybean Production: Aids to selecting soybean varieties to manage SCN
Farm Management: Changing farm policies for changing times; compensating a working heir — options to consider
Grain Storage: Q & A with K-State scientist on grain explosion causes, precautions
Flooding: Repairing flood-damaged fields; management considerations for post flooding soils; NWS hydrologist to explain causes of Missouri River Flood
Crop Reports: USDA: Crop condition and harvest progress report (November 4, 2011); USDA: Corn harvest 10 days ahead of normal
IANR and Extension: Entomologists, ECB team receive national award; Dec. 5 workshop to explore the p-index; dry bean breeding specialist wins international award
Vegetable Crop Production: On-line weed control survey for vegetable crops

October 21-28

Weed Management: 2,4-D resistant waterhemp found in Nebraska; envisioning tomorrow's weed control and how to get there
Corn Production: Handy Bt trait table updated
Grain Storage: Larger grain bins may need added fan power
Alfalfa Production: Reduce spring pressure; manage winter annuals in alfalfa this fall
Soil Management: Soil temps near 50°f, the tipping point for anhydrous application
Flood Recovery: From devastation to recovery — it's a long road for flooded farmers
Crop Reports: USDA: corn harvest 10 days ahead of normal (Oct. 31, 2011); Freeze stops season; corn harvest nearly half done (Oct. 24, 2011); Field updates from extension educators; corn harvest 30% complete; soybeans at 84% done (Oct. 18)
IANR & Extension Programs: Agricultural careers abound — share your passion for ag with youth; Market Journal looks at land prices for the last 5-10 years; November Heuermann Lecture: Stephen Baenziger on food security and the future of agriculture

October 10-14

Weed Management: Glyphosate resistant giant ragweed confirmed In Nebraska; getting a jump on invasive plant management
Farm Management: Gains in Nebraska land values and cash rents for 2006-2011
Soil Management: Take fall soil samples to aid fertilizer decisions for 2012; soils video receives top national honor — view it and other winners
Flood Recovery: Photo Profile: As flood waters recede in southeast Nebraska
Sugarbeet Production: Photo Profile: Harvesting sugar beet research plots
Sustainable Agriculture: Farmer/rancher grant funds available for sustainable agriculture; today's farmers challenged to shift from Green to Evergreen Revolution
Crop Reports: Corn harvest 30% complete; soybeans at 84% done; wheat seeding 92% complete; corn and soybean harvests continue on track
Extension Programs & Resources: Kohl to speak to Farmers and Ranchers College Nov. 30; Workshops to cover landlord/tenant cash leases, market volatility; 2011 Ag SMARTS program offered in Scottsbluff

September 30-October 3

Safety Alert: Risk of combine fires high; take precautionary measures
Corn Production: Developing and selecting drought tolerant corn hybrids
Weed Management: What to watch for from the combine to improve weed management; weed science society launches program on herbicide resistance in weeds
Extension Programs: Market Journal host Doug Jose retires; Reimers-Hild joins the team
Wheat Production: Scientists developing new technique to speed up wheat breeding
Proso Millet Production: Fund drive seeks to boost proso millet breeding program
Dry Bean Production: University dry bean research part of global improvement effort
Alfalfa Production: What constitutes a killing freeze for alfalfa?
Organic Production: NDA to facilitate USDA cost-share for organic industry
Soil and Fertilizer Management: USDA report examines ag nitrogen use, implications for federal policy
Pesticide Safety: Play it safe: How to maintain and fit test your cartridge respirators (video too)
Crop Production and Condition Reports: USDA — harvests fully underway with corn 11% done; soybean, 20% (Oct. 3); 2011 Nebraska wheat harvest at 65.3 million bushels, up from 2010; Nebraska stored grain report: Corn down 44%, soybeans up 67% from 2010: corn and soybean condition lagging behind last year and normal (Sept. 26)
AgNews: NDA reminds producers of cattle import requirements; steps up enforcement

September 9-23

CropWatch: Resources for teaching about crops — new youth section in CropWatch
Corn Production: Corn rootworm management update; does your current corn nitrogen strategy deserve an A or a D?
Wheat Production: Planting wheat into dry soils
Weather Forecasts: Western Nebraska sees pockets of freeze and frost; GDDs behind, expected to catch up some in late September; early frost forecast for the northern Corn Belt; updated Sept. 13
Weed Management: Toothed spurge — a growing problem in western Nebraska
Irrigation Management: Recent rains meet final crop water needs at monitoring sites; University looks at NE irrigated land, people's willingness to buy it
Flood Recovery: Sept. 12 webinar addresses flood recovery for cropland; ISU and UNL release fact sheets on post-flood cropland recovery
Extension Programs & Resources: Cover Crops Field Day Sept. 28 at ARDC
Crop Reports: USDA: Corn and soybean maturity lagging behind last year and normal (Sept. 26, 2011); USDA: Nebraska corn, soybean near or above long-term averages (Sept. 20, 2011)

August 15-26

Wheat Production: When selecting seed, evaluate varieties across sites and years; wheat following CRP will need extra fertilizer; NU releases two new wheat varieties with USDA ARS; a look back at 2011 and selecting seed for 2012; controlling weeds and volunteer wheat in wheat stubble after harvest; managing grasshoppers to protect emergent winter wheat
Soybean Production: Is treatment of soybean aphids warranted at R5 or early R6?; soybean insecticide preharvest intervals; late season treatment not advised for frogeye leaf spot in soybeans; what's new in soybean production — podcasts tell the story; new iPad app aids scouting for soybean aphids; soybean stem borers reported in south central Nebraska; gall midge larvae found in soybeans
Corn Production: Why are corn ears outgrowing their husks?; timing critical to making the best silage
Alfalfa Production: Planning that last cutting of alfalfa
Irrigation Management: Recent rains meet final crop water needs at monitoring sites (Sept. 7 report and podcast); field check shows one final irrigation may still be needed (Aug. 30 report and podcast); SoyWater website — how to schedule the last soybean irrigation of the season; irrigation update: soil moisture levels in eastern Nebraska good (Aug. 22 report and podcast); soil monitors indicate irrigation can be delayed (Aug. 16 report and podcast)
Crop Reports: field reports from extension educators; photos document impact of recent hail damage; crop updates from western Nebraska; USDA: 79% of irrigated corn, 78% of soybeans good to excellent
Pesticide Safety: Tips for washing pesticide contaminated clothing
Weather: GDD deficits decreasing, but it may not be enough for northern Nebraska; 1-month and 3-month precipitation and temperature forecasts
IANR & Extension Programs and Resources: Panhandle No-Till Field Days Aug. 30 and Sept. 7; Sorghum Field Day Set for Sept. 7 at Lawrence; No-Till on the Plains Whirlwind Expo Sept. 8 near Minden; Legal Fences in Nebraska — Understanding the Changes; Grassland Studies Seminars feature range of topics; Nebraska Dry Bean Field Tour August 23 near Scottsbluff; Nebraska representatives host dry bean nutrition seminar in China; Gudmundsen Sandhills Lab holds open house Aug. 24; York County Farm Tour August 25; Organic Production Field Day August 25 near Beemer; New website walks ranchers through drought planning; new satellite image crop maps available for Nebraska
Research & AgNews: Research looks at integrating dryland crop and livestock operation; new ARD dean to combine industry, academic perspectives

August 1-5

Corn Production: Projected corn yields drop below average; how high heat disrupts corn pollination; southern rust confirmed and Goss's wilt continues; Q&A on planting cover crops into destroyed seed corn fields
Crop Reports: Crop and pest reports from extension educators; USDA crop condition report for Nebraska
Insect Management: Grasshopper levels may warrant treatment in field borders; stink bug populations develop in soybeans and corn
Dry Bean Production: Bacterial diseases prevalent in Panhandle dry beans
Irrigation Management: Eastern Nebraska irrigation update -- crop ET and rain equalize; irrigation update: lower temps, high humidity lead to ET drop
Pesticide Update: Supplemental label changed for milestone herbicides
IANR and Extension Resources: Market Journal: Economists Make Recommendations on Corn Crop; Soybean Cyst Nematode Field Days; Prairie Restoration and Organic Farm Tours; Farm to Families Program; Gudmundsen Sandhills Lab Open House; Late Season Crop Management Training
AgNews: Land-grant universities key to nation's future in biocentury; three more counties become eligible for USDA emergency loans; Nebraska producers reminded of animal import requirements

July 21-28

Grain Storage: Preparing bins and equipment for pest-free storage
Soybean Production: Japanese beetles reported for first time in Nebraska field crops; bacterial blight evident, but should pass with heat
Wheat Production: Soil sampling and testing for the 2012 winter wheat crop; wheat stem sawfly damage leads to downed wheat
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Oats as a forage option after irrigated wheat for the Nebraska Panhandle
Irrigation Management: Irrigation updates for July 19, July 26, and Aug. 2
Crop & Field Reports: Insect pest update from the Panhandle; 75% of Nebraska wheat ripe; 34% of corn at silking
Flood Response: Employing patience; USDA designates 15 Nebraska counties as natural disaster areas
Weather Reports: National Weather Service 30- and 90-day forecasts
Extension Programs & Resources: Water Saving Field Day; High Plains Ag Lab Field Day; Online Plant Breeding Mini-courses; Nebraska Soybean Management Field Days

July 8-15

Corn Production: Foliar diseases of corn developing across Nebraska
Soybean Production: Soybean aphid scouting goes digital; soybean aphid scouting recommended; soybean researcher asks for your help to advance irrigation efficiencies; optimize your irrigation application timing with SoyWater; effect of adding N at pod fill on yield; potential soybean benefits from applying foliar nutrients
Wheat Production: Free testing of wheat for ergot; ergot in wheat
Sugarbeet Production: Wet, humid conditions favor cercospora leaf spot development in the Panhandle
Crop and Field Reports: USDA forecast: Nebraska wheat crop down 4% from 2010; crop and field updates and photos from extension (updated July 13, 2011); USDA crop and field report for Nebraska (July 5)
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Scouting for and treating potato leafhoppers
Insect Management: Summer grasshopper hatch is underway
Disease Management: New crop disease profiles available
Irrigation Management: ET and soil water monitoring updates for July 6, July 12, and July 19
Weather: High winds sweep Corn Belt; heat wave likely to hit at pollination; Corn Belt weather patterns put projected yield at risk
Flooding: Adding cover crops in prevented planting acres; Nebraska counties are eligible for USDA emergency loans
Extension Programs and Resources: North American Manure Expo; Market Journal; Midsummer Crop Diagnostic Clinics
AgNews: College scholarship contest available to children of Nebraska farmers

June 24 – July 1

Soil Management: Farmers using nitrogen more efficiently for Nebraska corn production
Weed Management: Comparing glyphosate resistance in palmer amaranth and marestail
Disease Management: Pythium and other seedling diseases of crops
Irrigation Management: Irrigation podcasts (June 20 and June 28)
Wheat Production: 2011 wheat production forecast down 7% from last year
Crop & Field Reports: Nebraska corn and sugarbeet acres up from 2010; soybean acres down; corn stocks down 16%; soybean stocks up 8%; field updates; USDA weather and crops report (June 20 and June 27)
Extension Resources: Market Journal -- post-storm replanting and crop insurance; new publications
Flood Information: Flooding and stored grain

June 17

Corn Production: Sampling for nematodes in corn
Irrigation Management: Podcast Update: Irrigation Management in Eastern Nebraska (June 13 and June 21
Nutrient Management: Field Visit in Dixon County -- Yellow Corn Likely from a Nutrient Deficiency
Insect Management: Black Light Insect Monitoring Continues at 3 Sites
Potato Production: Scouting for and Managing Potato Psyllids and Psyllid Yellows
Weather Updates: Comparing your crop's growth stage to state average; calculating estimated date of maturity for your field; 1- and 3-month temperature and precipitation outlooks
Crop Reports: Extension field updates; USDA: crop conditions
Flood Resources: Cedar and Knox counties eligible for USDA emergency loans
Extension Programs: West Central Water and Crops Field Day June 30; Market Journal looks at federal ag budget negotiations; Webinar explores long-term comparison of organic and conventional cropping systems

June 3-10

Wheat Production: 2011 winter wheat survey for diseases and insects; fusarium head blight found in isolated fields; update on stripe rust in Nebraska; West Central Wheat Plot Tours June 15-17; Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming Winter Wheat Tours; Organic Winter Wheat Tours June 15-17, 21
Crop Production: New resources on hail damage to corn, grain sorghum, and soybeans
Flooding: flood.unl.edu -- Flood resources for Nebraska: crop, livestock, water safety, home and family; Market Journal looks at farm preparations for flooding; assessing flood/hail damage to crops and remedial actions; soybean survival in flood soils depends on many factors; Nebraska FSA extends prevented planting reporting date; Dixon, Dakota counties eligible for USDA emergency loans; FSA authorizes CRP grazing for flooded ranchers; FSA outlines emergency livestock use of CRP due to flooding; agricultural producers can prepare for flooding now; take precautions during flooding, home cleanup; flood recovery information available through extension network
Irrigation Management: Podcast update on irrigation decisions for eastern Nebraska (June 6 and June 13)
Alfalfa and Forage Management: Raise cutting height when first alfalfa harvest is delayed; using a sensor to test hay moisture for baling
Insect Management: Moth monitoring in east central Nebraska
Weed Management: Weed science launches online weed control tool
Crop Reports: Field updates from across the state (June 3 and June 10); weather limits field work, but crops catching up to slow start; USDA: Nebraska crop condition report (June 6)
Research: GPS system places agro/environmental data at your fingertips

May 26

Crop Production: How corn plants respond to flooding; evaluating and replanting flooded areas; nitrogen movement in saturated soils; unintended residue movement
Wheat Production: Low level of stripe rust in southeast Nebraska; risk of wheat scab increases
Soybean Production: Scout for soybean seedling diseases
Weed Management: Scout for early emergence of broadleaf weeds
Insect Management: Black cutworm treatment thresholds
Water Management: Time to install ET gages and water sensors
Field & Crop Updates: Educator reports; North Platte River Basin Reservoir capacity; USDA crop report
Organic Production: Organic Winter Wheat
Research: Long-term Tillage plots at Sidney
Ag Programs: State Soil and Water Conservation Society meeting; No-till Whirlwind Expo

May 20

Corn & Soybean Production: Frost and wet anaerobic soils affecting seedling establishment
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; barley yellow dwarf widespread in south central and southeast Nebraska
Crop Condition: Corn and soybean planting back on course; educator reports; average soil temps holding steady; a look at the 1- and 3-month forecasts
Weather & Climate: Planting progress and flood risks in the Corn Belt; drought risk lessens for much of Nebraska
AgNews: Two counties qualify for emergency loans

May 13

Corn Production: Consider all costs before replanting; options for killing corn stands; table of replant intervals for pre- and post-emergence corn herbicides
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; wheat crop down 12%
Insect Management: Rangeland grasshopper management update; grasshopper management extension programs
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Preservatives aid quality hay storage
Farm Safety: Rural road safety
Extension Publications: Evaluating Hail Damage to Corn among new pubs
AgNews: USDA funding for uncertified organic farms; USDA funding to restore wetlands; crop survey

May 6

Corn Production: Scout for early season insects in corn
Wheat Production: Assessing winter wheat damage; wheat disease update
Sugar Beet Production: Planting 95% complete
Alfalfa & Forage Production: New pasture seedings; first alfalfa cutting; spray early with Roundup Ready alfalfa
CropWatch: Ask an Expert feature added
Weather & Climate: central and southeast Nebraska abnormally dry; below freezing temp series
Crop Report: Nebraska crop conditions
Extension & IANR Programs: North American Manure Expo; Nebraska Extension Tractor Safety Courses; groundwater research seminar; Market Journal looks at water conservation
AgNews: June 1 deadline for FSA ACRE and direct and counter-cyclical programs

April 29

Crop Production:  Early corn growth slow; first steps to achieving uniform plants; avoid tilling wet soils; don't plant too shallow
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; university wheat scientist Baenziger recognized
Weed Management: Japanese knotweed and giant knotweed — biology and control
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Scout for alfalfa and clover leaf weevils in alfalfa; forage alternatives
Farm Management: Excel spreadsheets now available for Nebraska crop budgets
Irrigation Management: NRCS funding to retire irrigated acres in Upper Republication AWEP
Crop Condition: Corn planting at 15%; temperatures below average
Extension Programs: Youth Ag Safety Day; field crop scout training
Podcasts: Bt Corn Updates, soybean planting recommendations; how a corn kernel develops
AgNews: New device scouts grain by eavesdropping on insect pests

April 22

Wheat Production:  Early disease detection
Soybean Production: Early planting recommended; inoculant in flooded fields; scouting for bean leaf beetles
Corn Production: Bt updates
Dry Bean Production:  Research on effects of tilling before planting
Weed Management: Summer annuals emerging
Weather & Climate: Rains move areas out of drought designation; 30- and 90-day forecasts
Extension Programs: 2011 Crop Production Clinics online; new resources in CropWatch; funding to make farms more energy efficient
Field Updates: Crop condition reports
Podcasts:  Agricultural digging notification; planting tips for no-till; Survey on wheat stem sawflies

April 15

Crop Production:  Management options for cropping after CRP
Organic Production:  $1.5 million for organic farm conservation measures
Alfalfa & Forage Production:  Preseason irrigation may be warranted; prepare forage to beat drought conditions
Farm Management:  Resolving division fence disputes
Weather Updates: Photo review from hail storms
Extension Programs:  Field crop scout training May 10; KSU wheat diagnostic school May 11-12; Market Journal; new Extension publications
AgNews: NDA quarantines backyard flocks due to low path avian influenza

April 8

Weather & Climate: Drought conditions extend into southern Nebraska
Wheat Production: Researchers to survey for proof of wheat stem sawflies, western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming winter wheat tours
Corn Production: Planting tips for successful no-till
Farm Management: Agricultural digging notification clarified for crop consultants; open communication can lead to positive landlord/tenant relationship
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Assess alfalfa before turning to row crops, perennial rye grass best used in a mixture
IANR & Extension: Register now for High Plains Ranch Practicum; Candidate interviews set for IANR Ag research division dean
AgNews: 3,000 FFA'ers in Lincoln to Learn, Compete, and Focus on Tomorrow

April 4

Wheat Production: Winter wheat off to a slow start; Will it pay to fertilize wheat in 2011?
Farm Management: Adjusting farm custom and grain storage rental rates for 2011; How will energy price increases affect your costs? fertilizer prices updated in 2011 Nebraska crop budgets
Weather Report: Drought and floods possible for spring
Pesticide Safety: Secondary containment rules for pesticide containers
USDA Reports: Nebraska corn acres most since 1933; soybean acres drop just 2%; Nebraska corn and soybean stocks down; wheat stocks up
AgNews: OLLI plans May tour of Lower Platte River

March 25

Farm Management: Cash rental rates up 13-25%
Alfalfa & Forage Management: Roundup Ready alfalfa:  Is it the perfect plant for waterways?
Extension Programs: Market Journal looks at atrazine monitoring in Nebraska
AgNews: Agronomist discusses need for ag research to target food security; NDA issues importation order for cattle from 3 western states; Nebraska Hall of Ag Achievement recognitions; Higgins rewarded for work at High Plains Ag Lab
Feature Photo: Tornado damage at Bromm Cattle Company near Craig

March 18

Farm Management: Ag land values up 22% from last year; strategies for coping with increasing input prices; calculating a rate when neighbors share irrigation costs
Nutrient Management: How nitrogen use efficiency can be compatible with high corn yield
Climate: Study finds soil temperature thresholds shifting earlier
Weed Management: Controlling winter annuals and related herbicide considerations
Pest Management:  Northern Plains IPM Guide available online
Wheat Production:  K-State to offer online seminar on wheat market analysis
Pesticide Safety: EPA web-distributed labeling pilot: Try it and share your feedback; the rules for non-refillable pesticide containers
Alfalfa & Forage Management:  Reducing the cost of RR alfalfa stand establishment
Sunflower Production: Sunflower production meetings March 21-22
Extension & IANR Programs:  Market Journal looks at steep increases in ag land values; Common Threads Conference focuses on growing more food with less water; farm food safety workshop in Alliance
AgNews:  NDA seeks specialty crop grant proposals

March 8-11

Pest Management:  New farm assessment process for insect resistance management
Soil Management: Soil CEC and nitrogen holding capacity not directly linked
Farm Management:  Cash leasing with integrity
Stored Grain Management:  Recommendations for spring grain drying with large bins
Alfalfa Production:  Three steps to improving pastures with legumes
Pesticide Safety:  Nebraska pesticide container and secondary containment:  The rules for refillable pesticide containers
Water Management:  Groundwater monitoring data paint a mixed picture for the state; public lecture series brings water experts in March and April
Crop and USDA Reports: Field Updates -- Wheat in western Nebraska
Extension Programs:  Market Journal from the Triumph of Ag Expo and on land leases for wind development
AgNews:  Caution urged regarding foreign outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease


Weed Management: NDA adds two knotweeds to its noxious weeds list
Soybean Production/Pest Management: SCN trial summaries available to aid management; update on SCN testing and expansion in state
Ag Climate: Soil temperature: a guide for planting agronomic crops in Nebraska
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Soil test new and established alfalfa; USDA deregulates Roundup Ready® alfalfa; Roundup Ready alfalfa: opportunities and risks for Nebraska growers; alfalfa stays cozy and well under this blanket of snow
Wheat Production: Spotty wheat stands stir concern for wind erosion in western Nebraska
Sorghum Production: National webcasts cover sorghum production topics
Farm Management: Farm lease types and options for renegotiation or termination; 2011 extension crop budgets feature 50 systems; reader question on budgets for subsurface drip irrigation; crop insurance changes for 2011
Plant Breeding: Plant breeding and genomics focus of new national web resource
Soil Management: Legislative hearing Feb. 7 for bill on notification of soil sampling
Crop Condition & USDA Reports: How rising commodity prices may affect CRP prices; weather and crop update; Nebraska farm numbers unchanged
AgNews: Kevin Hall receives Panhandle Outstanding Service to Ag Award
Upcoming Extension Programs: Market Journal: Grain markets likely to remain strong; North American Short Course on Invasive Plants; Agronomy and Horticulture Spring Seminar Series; Crop Scout Training; West Central Cropping System and Beef Practicum; Landowners Update; Crop Production Clinics on NET2; Irrigation and Energy Conservation Workshops; Center Pivot Water Conservation Meetings; Cornhusker Economics Conferences; Crop Insurance Update; farm food safety workshops
New Extension Crop Publications: Abiotic Diseases of Sugarbeets in Nebraska, G2045; Calibration of Sprayers (Also Seeders), G2044


Soil Management: Do Bt corn hybrids require more fertilizer?
Insect Management: USDA: Higher numbers of grasshoppers expected in western Nebraska
Extension Programs: Southeast Nebraska No-Tillage Conference; Nebraska No-Till Conference; Agricultural Technologies Conference (NeATA); Women in Ag Conference; Panhandle No-till Partnership workshops; Private Pesticide Applicator training; Crop Production Clinics; programs on empowering farm women; training on land application of manure
New Extension Publications: 2011 Guide to Weed Management in Nebraska with Insecticide and Fungicide Information, EC130; Spring Seed Guide 2011, EC101
USDA Reports: 2010 Production Report: Corn down 7%, soybean up 3%; 2011 winter wheat seedings; stored corn down, stored soybeans and wheat up