2012 CropWatch News Archive

December 20, 2012 - January 4, 2013

Drought: Expect more impacts as Nebraska drought rolls into second year; national perspective: historic "flash drought" to continue into 2013
Wheat Production: Drought affecting much of Panhandle winter wheat crop
Corn Production: Corn populations and deficit irrigation in Western Nebraska
Crop Research: Plant scientists hope to use epigenetics to improve crops
Weather & Climate: Growing degree day accumulations for corn under spring and fall freeze risks; rains moisten topsoil, do little at greater depths
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Is Roundup Ready alfalfa the right choice for your operation?; in this year's alfalfa the more snow, the better
Market Journal: What to expect with the upcoming plantings report from USDA
IANR News & Events: Crop Production Clinics to cover research and product updates, resistance management; Dry Edible Bean Day Jan. 8 at Gering; marketing recommendations among topics at Jan. 10 Corn Expo in Fremont; Nebraska scholarships offered for No-till Conference; livestock handling Expert Temple Grandin is Heuermann Lecturer Jan. 15; Sorghum Productivity Seminars Jan. 22-23; Soybean Field Day results to be shared at January Programs; Ag Research Division's "Big Idea Seminars" continue in January and February; Lecture series to cover timely water topics; DuPont honors university professor for work on genomic selection; Governor's Ag Conference to examine big picture issues, long-term outlook

December 1 - 20

Drought: Herbicide carryover concerns — challenges from the drought will keep on coming
Farm Management: Watch for Ag Census form by mail in late December; Market Journal looks at how economic tensions could flex the grain markets; updated cash lease considerations; Cornhusker Economics: Farm bill options, impacts, and outlooks
Irrigation: Crop Water App for Nebraska Soils Now Available
Wheat Production: USDA scientists and cooperators sequence the wheat genome in breakthrough for global food security
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Don't wait to see what happens. plan now for forage production in a drought; January NET Shows look at producer options for forage and grazing this summer
AgNews: Nebraska Cattle on Feed Up Slightly; National Number Down; USDA Plant geneticist and researcher Ken Vogel of Lincoln inducted into ARS Science Hall of Fame
Extension Programs & Resources: Deficit irrigation management topic of Dec. 7 workshop at Gothenburg; Dec. 10 Speaker: Agriculture — What's Around the Corner and Down the Road?; northeast Nebraska Ag Progress Show to focus on current farm topics; Dec. 14 Nebraska Soybean Day Offers 2013 growing season information; marketing recommendations among topics at Jan. 10 Corn Expo; Crop Production Clinics to cover research and product updates, resistance management; Master Conservationist Program seeks nominations

November 2012

Wheat Production: Market Journal — state's winter wheat crop may need more than 9 lives this year
Weed Management: Managing palmer amaranth to manage resistance
Grain Storage: Tips for monitoring stored grain this fall and winter to maintain quality
Insect Management: USDA releases 2 new phone apps for insecticide spray equipment
Soils Management: Fall fertilizing and on-farm research options to evaluate it
Crop Reports: November USDA crop report for Nebraska; winter wheat condition and emergence lags
IANR & Extension Activities: Dec. 10 speaker: Agriculture — what's around the corner and down the road?; Northeast Nebraska Ag Progress Show; Deficit Irrigation Management topic of Dec. 7 workshop at Gothenburg; Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo offers 2013 growing season information; Heuermann lecturer: empowering women key to feeding the world; Western Sustainable Ag Crops and Livestock Conference Dec. 1 at Ogallala; Crop Production Clinics to cover research and product updates, resistance management; Market Journal on grain sales and year-end tax planning; banquet to recognize youth in innovative corn challenge

October 26 – November 2

Wheat Production: Recommendations for seeding winter wheat late and thickening stands
Corn Production: Stalk rot diseases creating harvest problems in corn; assessing and harvesting downed corn; photo story on harvesting downed corn
Alfalfa Production & Pasture Management: Irrigating alfalfa in late fall; Pasture Rangeland Forage (PRF) insurance as a risk management tool for 2013
Soil Management: Factors to consider with fall fertilization in a dry year.
Weather: New weather systems likely to bring moisture — just not enough
Crop Reports: Harvests winding down ahead of normal; winter wheat lags
Farm Management: Farm Beginnings helps farmers with value-added enterprises; Farm Finance Clinics; Historical Crop Price report for Panhandle crops; points to consider with retiring from ag operations
Crop Research: Youth and producer SARE grant proposals due in November; USDA ARS explores how beneficial mold may help battle aflatoxin
Related News: Nebraska cattle on feed; Risk Management Education Center continues grant program
IANR & Extension Programs: Ag entrepreneur to speak; Market Journal looks at grain markets, beef rally, and land prices; new Nebraska Extension publications; ag economist looks at long-term impacts on corn prices; Farmers and Ranchers College to address current ag issues; World Food Prize Laureate to speak Nov. 15; Pesticide Drift Seminar for grape growers

October 12 – 19

Drought: Models of various dryland corn seeding rates after a season of severe drought
Climate: State's first fall freeze dates fall both above and below average
Farm Management: Farm finance clinics scheduled for October; landlord/tenant cash lease workshops in November and December; Market Journal on the crop report and its market effects
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports and weather update; Nebraska's corn crop forecast at 1.3 billion bu, down 15% from 2011
Safety: Forest Service urges extra precautions against wildfires this fall; wildland fire training to be held in Valentine and LaVista; Nebraska pilots group funds Extension tower-safety project
IANR & Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal looks at manure application changes due to the drought; recent webinar on value of grazing corn stalks now available online

September 28 - October 5

Corn Production: How much should you charge for cornstalk grazing? Oct. 2 webinar on grazing cornstalks
Drought: Cover crop options after corn or soybean harvest; preventing the spread of noxious and invasive weeds in imported hay; University to host drought forum in Lincoln October 2
Wheat Production: Assessing winter wheat stands and estimating yield potential
Agriculture's Future: Land-grant universities a great success over 150 years, but face new challenges
Grain Storage: Estimating the tonnage of silage in a bunker silo
Weed Management: October is prime time for thistle control
IANR & Extension Programs and Resources: Market Journal looks at outcomes of farm bill delay 

September 21

Soil Management: Soil testing critical after a drought year; Nebraska commercial soil testing laboratories
Soybean Production: Root rot caused by rhizoctonia solani on soybean
Drought: Grazing corn stalks in no-till fields; Cornhusker Economics: The value of irrigation in a drought regime — the case of 2012
Field & Crop Reports: Field updates, including wheat planting underway in western Nebraska
Weather Updates: Dry conditions to persist in western Corn Belt for early fall
IANR & Extension Programs: Market Journal: unrest overseas could affect grain export; four U.S. ex-secretaries of agriculture to be featured at Sept. 28 Heuermann lecture; Modern Manure Management to be featured on NET2

September 14

Corn Production: Final 2012 predictions of dryland and irrigated corn yield potential; diminished corn production and ethanol policy — should the RFS be waived?
Soybean Production: Alternaria leaf spot of soybean
Harvest & Storage: Managing large grain bins for potential mycotoxin contamination; how to estimate how much grain is in a bin
Drought: Diversification and sustainable practices may offer long-term gain after drought; Sept. 27 webinar on mental/behavioral health resources
IANR & Extension Resources: Market Journal market analysts look at impact of latest USDA reports
Crop Reports: Nebraska corn harvest predicted to be lowest since 2006

September 7

Wheat Production: Recommendations to compensate for delayed winter wheat seeding
Corn Production: identifying wildlife damage to corn; no-till could help maintain crop yields despite climate change.
Grain Storage: Grain storage management to minimize mold and mycotoxins (PDF).
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Extension to offer nitrate testing of forages at Husker Harvest Days; determining when to rotate alfalfa
Dry Bean Production: Bean breeders converge on Scottsbluff research plots
Research: ARS researching biofuel prospects with Nebraska prairie perennials; immature switchgrass could help cellulosic ethanol industry
IANR & Extension Programs and Resources: Market Journal on measures to support reliable soybean transportation; "Strengthening the State of Beef" at Husker Harvest Days; Panhandle REC Expo Sept. 15-16; ARDC celebrates 50 years with Sept. 23 open house; four U.S. ex-secretaries of agriculture to be featured at Sept. 28 Heuermann Lecture.

August 31

Wheat Production: Fertilizer options for dryland wheat; grasshopper management considerations in emerging winter wheat; use of fungicide seed treatments to improve wheat health; guides to winter wheat variety selection
Corn Production: 2012 corn yield potential forecast based on Aug. 27 hybrid-maize simulation; extra "dusty" conditions in corn this year due to fungi; labs certified by GIPSA for aflatoxin testing; USDA Risk Management Agency updates aflatoxin resources
Harvest and Grain Storage: Steps to avoid fire hazards during harvest; recommendations for storing drought-stressed corn
Alfalfa Production: Tips for managing alfalfa after a rain
IANR & Extension Programs and Resources: Market Journal looks at drought effects and national forecasts for high farm income; Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag tour
Drought: Drought can create conservation plan compliance issues

August 24

Corn Production: Scout fields for aspergillus ear rot to avoid losses due to aflatoxin contamination; related resources: Understanding Fungal (Mold) Toxins (Mycotoxins), NebGuide (G1513); Sampling And Analyzing Feed For Fungal (Mold) Toxins (Mycotoxins), (G1515); Use of Feed Contaminated With Fungal (Mold Toxins (Mycotoxins), (G1514); Plant Disease Profiles No. 3: Ear Rot Diseases And Grain Molds (EC1901)
Wheat Production: Seedbed conditions and seeding equipment affect timing of wheat seeding; determining the seeding rate for winter wheat; how wheat seeding date affects yields
Soybean Production: Brown stem rot and sudden death syndrome in soybean
Weather: Early signs suggest potential for fall moisture
IANR and Extension Programs: Market Journal looks at drought influences on beef and grain production; West Central Water and Crops Field Day Sept. 13; secretary of ag panel to kick off Heuermann Lectures; University celebrates 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act Sept. 23-29; Ag Research Division's "Big Idea Seminars" start in September

August 17

Drought: Cornhusker Economics examines the many impacts of this year's drought; using irrigated winter wheat to balance crop water use in 2013
Corn Production: 2012 corn yield potential forecast based on Aug. 13 Hybrid-Maize simulation
Forage and Silage Production: Corn stover harvest: likely effects on soil productivity; NebGuide on harvesting crop residues newly revised; making silage out of dry corn
Irrigation Management: Take advantage of the dry year to assess irrigation system delivery
Crop Reports: Field update from Hall County Extension
IANR & Extension Programs & Resources: No-till on the Plains Programs at 3 Nebraska sites; Market Journal looks at improving irrigation; grants available for producers for value-added products; Sorghum Field Days Sept. 6, 7; Tractor Museum hires new director

August 10

Forage & Silage Production: Considerations for late summer-planted forage crops; soil water requirements forage double cropping; using a microwave to determine the moisture content of forage; label restrictions for corn and soybean insecticides; aphids in alfalfa
Drought: Early indicators signal some relief; combine settings for harvesting in a drought; Market Journal looks at federal drought discussions
Corn Production: Consider nutrient removal and ground cover costs when harvesting corn for silage
Wheat Production: Weed management in winter wheat stubble under drought conditions
Soybean Production: Scout for feeding injury by soybean stem borers; scouting SCN
Sugarbeet Production: New SLN Label Issued for Intrepid for Armyworms
Weed Management: flame weeding offers alternative weed control method; flame weeding workshop Aug. 15 at Concord
Potato Production: Scouting for and Managing Potato Psyllids and Psyllid Yellows (June 13, 2011)
Crop Reports: Nebraska irrigated corn, dry beans offer hope; field updates from Extension; USDA yield forecast -- Nebraska corn crop down 13%; similar national drop. 2011 Nebraska farm production expenditures up 10% from 2010
Extension Programs & Resources: Nebraska Soybean Management Field Days Aug. 14-17; High Plains Advanced Cropping School for Sunflowers Aug. 16-17; Dry Bean Field Tour Aug. 21 at Panhandle REC; South Central Ag Lab Field Day Aug. 22 near Clay Center; new and revised crop publications from Extension; Soybean Cyst Nematode Field Days August 27-30; Late Season Crop Management Clinic Aug. 30 near Mead

August 3

Drought: Drought and residue harvest through grazing or baling; tips for grazing drought-stressed standing corn; utilization of weather-stressed feedstuffs in swine diets; NRCS initiative to aid drought recovery; new extension publications -- Harvesting Crop Residue (G1846) and Baling Corn Residue (EC711, publication and spreadsheet)
Corn Production: 2012 corn yield potential forecast as of July 30 based on hybrid-maize model simulations.
Soybean Production: If temperatures return to normal, soybean aphid populations could surge. 10 tips for managing soybean aphids
Irrigation Management: Scheduling the last irrigation
Sugarbeet Production: Beet armyworm invades western Nebraska
Crop Condition & Reports: Field updates and photos from extension; Nebraska farm real estate value and cropland rent up from last year
Extension Programs & Resources: Aug. 3 Market Journal looks at volatility in grain markets; Aug. 7 webinar on harvesting and utilizing drought-stressed crops for forage; Nebraska Soybean Management Field Days Aug. 14-17 at 4 locations; Diversified Agriculture Farm Tour Aug. 18 in Butler County; Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory Open House Aug. 22
AgNews: NDA adds Colorado to importation order related to vesicular stomatitis

July 27

Crop Production in Drought: Herbicide restrictions with drought-damaged corn or soybeans; salvaging soybeans as hay or silage; harvesting corn residue through grazing or baling; protecting your silage
Drought: Market Journal looks at crop insurance, grain prices, and the weather; frequently asked questions about crop insurance and drought-damaged crops (USDA RMA); drought intensifies; weather forecast; tax consequences to drought (FSA Nebraska); Nebraska approved statewide for haying and grazing of CRP
Sunflower Production: Sunflower head moth outbreak; managing rhizopus head rot
Field Updates: Field reports from Extension; crop conditions continue downward slide as drought worsens
Farm Management: Resolving division fence disputes in Nebraska
IANR & Extension Programs: Flame Weeding Workshop August 15 in northeast Nebraska

July 20

Corn Production: 2012 potential corn yields based on July 15 hybrid-maize model simulations -- predicted irrigated corn yields near normal, predicted dryland yields dropping; aphids in corn and sorghum ; forage options for drought-damaged corn; southern rust
Weather: Temperatures could top 100°F with winds over 20 mph
Forage and Hay Production: Feeding value and pricing of drought-stressed corn silage; Factors to consider when deciding whether to hay or cut silage from drought-damaged corn; Hay Hotline open for drought-damaged corn
Drought:  DroughtResources; six Nebraska counties and 12 contiguous counties declared disaster areas -- see map; CRP acreage released for emergency haying and grazing in 17 more counties; USDA Economic Research Service -- farm and food impacts of the 2012 drought; Midwest and Great Plains drought update webinar -- July 19; CropWatch drought information
Field Update: Field updates from Extension -- sunflower moth alert (7/23); field update and photos from the Panhandle
News from Extension & IANR: Hibberd named new Extension dean and director; dryland cropping systems specialist leaving PREC; Market Journal: Soybeans reaching critical stage for irrigation; also, insect scouting, Southern Rust

July 13

Drought: Drought worsens in Nebraska -- little relief in the next 2 weeks; Governor expands roadside and early haying;
CropWatch Drought Resources
Corn Production: Predicted 2012 corn yields for selected sites in 4 states; 2011 corn and soybean yields -- How did they look for Nebraska?; southern rust confirmed in southern and northeast Nebraska; common rust and Goss's Wilt; spider mites in eastern Nebraska field corn and soybeans; evaluating rootworm management; 2nd Generation ECB scouting spreadsheet online
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Using weather-damaged corn as forage; with high temps, adjust alfalfa cuttings to let plants recuperate
Wheat Production:  Wheat stem sawfly numbers high in Panhandle wheat; Nebraska wheat crop 15% below last year; oats lowest since 1868; ammoniating wheat straw can help fill feed gaps
Farm Management:  Monthly Panhandle REC report to feature local grain prices
Crop Reports:  Crop and field updates from Extension
AgNews: Nebraska ag production complex is key to state's economy
IANR & Extension Resources:  Recent Extension crop and rural publications; 2012 Nebraska Grazing Conference Aug. 14-15 in Kearney

June 29 - July 6

Corn Production: How extended high heat disrupts corn pollination; cause for short corn; begin scouting for western bean cutworm eggs
Crop Production: Q&A: an early flush of volunteer wheat
Insect Management: Western corn rootworm and Japanese beetle adults becoming active; stink bugs reported in corn and soybeans
Irrigation Management: Irrigating with limited capacity wells or water allocations; Tips for irrigating in extreme hot, humid conditions; maximizing pivot efficiency
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Seedling alfalfa management during drought; pastures short with early heat and early dormancy
Farm Management: Nebraska Farm Custom Rate Guides updated
Drought: CropWatch drought site; county-by-county comparison shows effects of July weather on yields; website, workshops help ranchers in time of drought
Water:  Call for proposals for Water:  Science, Practice, and Policy Conference
Crop Reports: July 6 crop and field updates; Nebraska corn acreage at almost 80-year high; Nebraska corn stocks down 18%; soybean stocks up 42%; USDA: All crops well ahead of normal, but conditions below normal
IANR & Extension: Market Journal takes a first-hand look at China's growing economy; Midsummer Crop Diagnostic Clinics July 17-18 at the ARDC; on-line mini-courses in crop breeding topics; new extension educator joins Panhandle cropping systems team

June 22

Corn Production: How does hot, dry, windy weather affect corn plants now?; Goss's wilt continues to develop across Nebraska|
Wheat Production: Controlling volunteer wheat now is critical to next year's yield
Sorghum Production: Newly converted sorghum lines now available to seed industry
Weather Forecast: Normal temperatures and below normal precipitation in July
Crop Production: Managing soil water with 2012 conditions
Crop Reports: All crops well ahead of normal, but conditions below normal; field updates IANR & Extension News: Western Nebraska No-till Field Days June 26-28; Market Journal looks at effects of heat on pastures, pests and irrigation; High Plains Ag lab seeks support to replace 70-year-old headquarters; Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Field Days July 11, 12

June 15

Weather: Rains welcomed, but likely not enough
Irrigation Management: Crop water use almost double what it was this time last year
Soybean Production: Twospotted spider mites early, already in southeast Nebraska soybeans
Insect Management: As the dry weather continues, so will insect problems in the Panhandle.
Crop Reports: Extension field reports; Nebraska wheat crop down 22% from 2011; national crop up 13%
Vertebrate Management—Protecting Your Harvest: potential impacts of rodents on stored grain; non-toxic ways to reduce rodent damage to stored grain; using toxicants to manage rodent damage to stored grain
IANR & Extension: New Panhandle extension educator to focus on ag economics; Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Field Days July 11, 12; Market Journal looks at effects of dry conditions on grain prices.
International opportunities: IANR opens office in China for joint research and faculty, student exchanges; University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Brazilian university sign new agreement for student, faculty exchanges

June 8

Corn Production: Goss's Wilt of corn confirmed in multiple locations across Nebraska; results of Goss's wilt management trial; why 'rootless' corn is so prevalent in drier areas this year; rapid corn syndrome leads to twisted whorls; USDA scientists, colleagues genetic analysis of corn
Crop Production: Application tips to avoid leaf burn
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Potato leafhoppers get an early start in alfalfa
Insect Management: Light trap data available online; False chinch bugs reported in southeast Nebraska
Farm Management: Report details soaring Nebraska farmland values.
Crop Reports: Nebraska corn and wheat conditions slip below average; crop and field updates from across the state; field survey of south central Nebraska crop and storm damage
Extension Programs and Resources: Wheat program and field tour June 13 near Arapahoe; High Plains Ag Lab Field Day June 21 at Sidney; western Nebraska wheat plot tours June 18-21; IANR offers video contest to promote agriculture and natural resources

June 1

Corn Production: Sampling corn for nematodes. forecasting stalk borer growth stage
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Managing alfalfa irrigation to reduce weed competition; recommendations for seeding forages into wheat stubble
Weather: May stats show continuation of warm temperature trend; tool available to report drought impact in your area|
Pest Management: Use sprayer nozzle guide to reduce drift potential
Crop Reports: Crop reports from across the state; USDA: recent weather extremes hit crops
IANR Resources & Programs: Wheat Program and Plot Tour June 13 in South Central Nebraska; Online Plant Breeding and Genetics Certificate Program; Register for North American Invasive Plant Ecology and Management Short Course
Water for Food Conference: No One-size-fits-all Solutions to Water, Food Security; Collaboration Key to Water, Food Solutions; Water for Food Conference Ends with Call to "Think Big"

May 25

Corn Production: Whorl-feeding caterpillars in corn; corn rootworm larval scouting and postemergence treatments; seedling diseases developing in corn
Wheat Production: How the mild winter and warm spring affected wheat diseases; new tool for tracking the voracious Russian wheat aphid
Soybean Production: Millipede feeding damaging soybeans; Illinois IPM on bean leaf beetle thresholds — where do they come from?
Crop Production: Assessing hail damage; crop water use comparison of rainfed corn, sorghum, and soybean 2009-2011
Soil Management: Using the PSNT for spring testing of nitrogen availability.
Weed Management: North Dakota research on how dry, dusty conditions may reduce herbicide effectiveness
Field Updates: Field crop and condition reports
IANR Extension Programs & Resources: Korus Joins Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic; Market Journal looks at effects of recent grain price shift; 300 entomologists to meet in Lincoln June 3-6; Panhandle Weed Science Field Day June 21; Extension Irrigation and Soils short courses now online

May 18

Soybean Production: Soil crusting in soybean fields causing concerns
Corn Production: Rootworm egg hatch has begun in southeast Nebraska; stalk borer forecast: time for scouting and decision-making
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update: increased levels of leaf rust; freeze hits wheat just as heads emerging: assessing damage to your crop; tour on breeding and growing organic wheat for bread June 11
Dry Bean Production: Researcher breeding dry beans to be more drought tolerant
Crop Reports: Nebraska field updates; USDA to collect crop acreage data in early June; dry conditions add to wheat stress in western, central Kansas
IANR & Extension Programs: Southeast Nebraska Wheat Variety Tour May 29 near Wilber; Water for Food Conference to Feature Global Perspectives; applications for LEAD fellowships due by June 15

May 12

Corn Production: Timetable for common stalk borer scouting moves earlier; forecasting stalk borer growth stage
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; Nebraska winter wheat crop down 9% from 2011
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Wilt diseases identified in alfalfa
Crop Condition: Planting surges ahead with warm, dry conditions, little rain; USDA: planting progresses rapidly with good conditions
Research: University of Nebraska-Lincoln and UNESCO-IHE partnership brings international ag, water opportunities; biomass expansion could provide economic advantage for Nebraska producers
Weather: Freeze hits northern Panhandle; more expected Tuesday (May 8)
IANR & Extension Programs & Resources: Water for Food Conference to feature global perspective; for rural America, the future belongs to those who embrace new realities; Rural Futures Conference participants agree hard work, challenges are ahead

May 4

Wheat Production: Disease update; risk of scab increases with rain; list of wheat fungicides, efficacies, and preharvest intervals
Corn Production: Nebraska corn at elevated risk for Stewart's wilt and flea beetle damage; scout emerged corn for early season insects ; kill cereal rye early to avoid problems from its allelopathic effect|
Potato Production: Expect potato/tomato psyllids earlier than normal this year
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Delay planting summer annuals until warmer temperatures are the norm
Crop Updates: Photos and field reports from across the state; USDA: corn planting midway, soybean planting started
Weather Update: 2012 temperatures setting records
Farm Management: With prices like this, who needs to know the cost of production?
IANR & Extension Resources: Market Journal explores potential for wheat diseases and insects
Research: Mapping the Panhandle aquifer in search of uranium

April 27

Wheat Production: Timely fungicide application may be warranted in wheat; list of wheat fungicides, efficacy, and preharvest intervals
Soybean Production: Planting soybeans early results in increased yields; scout early emerging soybeans for bean leaf beetles
Farm Management: Don't forget the supply side of agricultural land markets
Crop Condition: Field updates from across the state; USDA: corn planting at 14% Monday; soybean planting underway
Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal speaker looks at current grain markets; grant awarded for North American Invasive Plant Short Course
Weather: Farmers, ranchers, water system managers urged to consider dry conditions; cattle producers urged to prepare for potential drought
AgNews: How the university is testing wind effects on sprayer efficacy; ethanol industry update; labor department release on withdrawal of proposed ag child labor change

April 20

Wheat Production: Stripe rust widespread in southeast and south central Nebraska; timing critical to treating stripe rust in wheat; winter wheat developing early, vulnerable to late freeze; springtime cereal aphids arrive early in winter wheat; dry weather and brown wheat mites go hand-in-hand
Corn Production: With limited moisture, adjust dryland corn seeding rates; cropping plans
Soybean Production: Drop soybean seeding rate and save $10-$18 an acre
Insect Management: Base insect decisions on scouting, not the calendar; millers pesky, but cause little damage
Alfalfa Production: Early spring, early cutting?
Crop Report: USDA — Wheat 2.5 weeks ahead of normal
Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal looks at soil erosion and how you can reduce it; Field Crop Scout Training May 8 at ARDC; Extension dates for pesticide container recycling

April 6-13, 2012

Wheat Production: Assessing winter wheat damage after an early spring freeze; findings from in-field wheat disease surveys; weighing the costs and benefits of spring nitrogen application in wheat; fertilizer-herbicide applications in dryland wheat causing leaf burns
Crop Reports: USDA — Wheat jointing ahead of normal, corn growers wait to plant
Forecast: Temperatures dropping; hard freeze likely in Panhandle and Sandhills early Sunday; Update — See map of April 8 low temperatures.
Corn Production: Research trial results and recommendations for skip row planting in western Nebraska
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Scout for alfalfa and clover leaf weevils in alfalfa; pea aphids reported in alfalfa; how alfalfa responds to frost; preparing CRP for pasture and hay use
Irrigation Management: Western Nebraska irrigators -- Save water when you have it to save.
Farm Management: Examining Nebraska's written contracts rule
Research: USDA identifies marker to distinguish disease-carrying aphids.
Market Journal Segments: Scouting for wheat disease; seven-day forecast; rising gasoline prices
AgNews: The challenge of feeding 9 billion people: Implications for Cooperative Extension; EPA denies petition on 2,4-D pesticide registration and tolerances
Rural Update: Dry conditions may lead to hopper problems for rural homeowners

March 30

Wheat Production: Leaf and stripe rusts reported in Kansas: scout Nebraska wheat
Irrigation Management: Two cost effective tools to improve irrigation efficiency
Soil Management: Identifying when micronutrients are warranted
Farm Management Technology: Agriculture apps for mobile devices
Weed Management: Q&A: Factors to consider in weed management strategies — Part II.
Grain Storage: Estimate bushels in a round grain bin
Crop Reports: Nebraska March 1 Prospective Planting Report
Ag Research: Gene helps with multiple leaf diseases in corn
Water: Groundwater levels generally higher

March 16

Insect Management: begin scouting for spring-feeding cutworms in western Nebraska
AgriClimate & Soil Moisture Updates: Winter temperatures 8 degrees above normal; trends point to drier than normal conditions; regional climate and soil moisture updates
Wheat Management: Nebraska Wheat Update (boxed)
Plant Research: Scientists find plants "remember" drought, change responses to survive
Alfalfa Production: Options lessening for winter annual control in alfalfa; when is cultivation warranted for established alfalfa; pasture fertilizer should pay this year, if you use the growth
Weed Management: Factors to Consider in Weed Management Strategies
IANR & Extension Programs: Weatherfest March 31
AgNews: NRCS conservation stewardship applications "high"

March 9

Farm Management: State ag land value jumps 31% in 2011; Cornhusker Economics on change in farm land values
Corn Production: Recommended seeding populations for western Nebraska dryland corn; resources on Bt hybrid traits, refuge requirements; join the new On-Farm Research Network
Insect Management: Western Nebraska likely to see reduced grasshopper numbers in 2012
Weed Management:  Poison hemlock thriving this spring; warrants caution
CropWatch Authors: Bo Liu new extension plant pathologist for West Central Nebraska
Extension Programs: Transitioning the Family Farm Workshop; new program to help veterans begin farming and ranching; organic grower meetings span the state in March; Crop Science Camp for High Schoolers
AgNews: Governor Heineman proclaims Nebraska Ag Week March 4-10; applications for NRCS Organic Initiative due March 30

March 2

Wheat Production: Proposed changes to the wheat checkoff (LB905)
Alfalfa & Forage Production: February snows good for alfalfa; five steps to successful forage and alfalfa establishment; dormant spray alfalfa for early season weed control
Insect Management: Research looks at biological control of western bean cutworm with a parasitoid formerly used in sweet corn.
Extension & IANR Programs: March 6 seminar outlines first steps to owning a farm or ranch; Crop Scout Training March 14; farn transition workshop; Lower Platte North NRD cost-share for irrigators; West Central Cropping System and Beef Production Practicum; chemigation recertification trainings scheduled across the state; Stanford expert to speak March 9 on challenges facing china
AgNews: Nebraska farm numbers show small decline


Weather: Northeast Nebraska and northern Corn Belt see fraction of normal precipitation this fall/winter
Farming after the Flood: Spring seed cover crops to help recover flooded fields
Insect Management: Results from consultant survey on Bt corn rootworm damage
Disease Management: 3rd Annual 'Tode Awards announced; SCN test results take center stage;3 new guides aid in wheat disease identification and management
Weed Management: CAST paper examines balance between conservation tillage and herbicide-resistant weed management
Research Updates: Nixing nitrate flow from the farm; research results from the 2011 Soybean Management Field Days research
Alfalfa and Forage Production: adding legumes to pastures provides weighty benefit
Crop Condition: USDA January Recap and Wheat Update
Farm Management: Nebraska leads the way to help beginning farmers and ranchers
Extension Programs: Corn and soybean growers to share on-farm research; Market Journal previews Ag Outlook Conference; Cornhusker Economics Conference; Feb. 10 Wilber Crop Clinic; Integrated Risk Management Plan at Feb. 15 Workshop; From Farms to Families Program Feb. 16 in Bruning; Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Expo Feb. 21-22; Crop Scout Training March 14; Invasive Plant Ecology and Management Short Course June 26-28
AgNews: NRCS provides $1.1 million to protect Nebraska Ag Land


Weed Management: Glyphosate-resistant kochia confirmed in Nebraska; treatment changes warranted
Climate & Weather: New climate education partnership surveys producers
Farm Management: Negotiating 2012 cash rents for cropland; 2012 Nebraska crop budgets up 15% from 2011 (51 budgets in excel & pdf formats); The how-to's of farm lease termination
Corn Production: Corn Yield Challenge open to youth; irrigated corn achieves high yields with high energy efficiency, little impact on climate change
Soybean Production: Research shows that under heavy insect pressure, CruiserMaxx protected yield; 2011 field research shows little yield effect from soybean seed treatments; Effect of Foliar Fungicides and Insecticides on Soybean Disease Severity and Yield
Stored Grain Management: Mid-winter to spring grain storage management; protecting your harvest from vertebrate pests: potential impacts of rodents
Soil Nutrition: Results from nutrient management trials at Soybean Management Field Days
Hybrid/Variety Selection: Spring seed guide includes trial results, lists certified seed dealers; Nebraska dry bean variety test results released
Extension Information & Programs: Sorghum Seminars Feb. 1-2; Market Journal looks at soil moisture; 2012 crop budgets, USDA reports; Nebraska No-Till Conferences; Center Pivot Irrigation Management Short Course Feb. 6; Land Application Training; Women in Ag Conference; NEATA Conference Feb. 1-2 in Grand Island; Department of Agronomy seminar series
AgNews: New director of Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program; Nebraska yield reports; Sign-up extended for Conservation Stewardship Program; Kansas drought conditions likely to ease in 2012