Dry Edible Beans

Mixed dry edible beans

The latest Extension information about dry bean production and management practices from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Nebraska's Dry Bean Industry

Nebraska dry edible bean producers plant anywhere from 140,000 to 200,000 acres of beans annually, producing approximately 1 billion servings. This production is concentrated in western Nebraska, where the climate is arid and the warm days and cool nights provide excellent growing conditions for dry edible beans.

In 2021, Nebraska ranked nationally in dry bean production:

  • 1st in production of Great Northern beans
  • 2nd in production of pinto beans and light red kidney beans
  • 4th in production of all dry edible beans

Hear from farmers in the Nebraska Panhandle and follow dry bean harvest from start to finish in this film by Joe Patterson with support from the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission.

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