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If you want to learn more about Nebraska Soybean Production in general, click here to view some charts of State Yield and Acreage Trends. 


Irrigation management made easier for Nebraska's soybean producers.  Answer a few questions about your field and a new online decision aid for irrigation management will provide you with field-specific daily updates of crop water use and soil water status.  Suggests irrigation dates based on your criteria.

SoyWater - CropWatch Article Explanation
How to Register and Use SoyWater
Optimize Your Irrigation Application Timing with SoyWater
Using SoyWater to Schedule Irrigations.

Deficit Irrigation Workshops ScreenshotDeficit Irrigation Presentations including Water Optimizer

A series of videos to help you to learn how to optimize available water for crop production.

Soybean Production Podcasts

Learn how you can grow your soybean yields and benefit from Soybean Checkoff investments in UNL Research and Extension programs. Through a partnership of the Nebraska Soybean Board, the Soybean Checkoff via the United Soybean Board, and UNL Extension, UNL faculty share information for today’s soybean producers in five podcasts.

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Corn harvest

Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Harvest Over 25% Complete

October 5, 2022
As of Oct. 2, corn harvested was 24% and soybeans were 29%. Crop and pasture conditions continue to deteriorate, with an increase in deficits across the board as drought holds firm in Nebraska.

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Soybean grain

Nebraska Sept. 30, 2022 Grain Stocks

October 5, 2022
Most Nebraska grain stocks were down from last year as of Sept. 1, with wheat stocks in the largest shortfall at 40% down, according to USDA NASS.

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SCN nematodes

Sample for Soybean Cyst Nematode This Fall

September 29, 2022
Soil testing is the only way to accurately identify and monitor soybean cyst nematode, which may be the cause of unidentifiable yield loss during fall harvest.

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Corn harvest

Crop Progress: Harvest Continues Near Average Pace, Slow Start for Winter Wheat Emergence

September 27, 2022
Harvest is progressing at average pace for all crops except dry edible beans, which continue to lag last year's harvest pace by 16%. Winter wheat emergence is also behind at 4% as of Sept. 25, compared to the average 15% for this time of year.

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Pasture in drought

Crop Progress: Half of Nebraska Pastures, Range Remain in ‘Very Poor’ Condition

September 21, 2022
With drought persisting across Nebraska, there has been no improvement to pasture and range conditions, which are currently 50% very poor. Crop conditions remained relatively stable as of Sept. 18. 

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