2010 CropWatch News Archive


Corn Production: What's new for Bt corn in 2011; new National Corn Growers corn refuge tool
Weed Management: Herbicide update for 2011
Soil Management: 10 tips for getting the most value from your fertilizer investment; higher fertilizer costs in 2011; winter application of manure and potential nutrient loss; why manure use on cropland is a good investment
Alfalfa & Forage Production: What's wrong with my corn stalks?
Irrigation Management: Water optimizer updated
Crop Research: Scientists develop new approaches to fighting bacterial diseases in corn, dry beans
Extension programs: Fremont Corn Expo Jan. 5; Crop Production Clinics; Jan. 8 Extension workshop on organic weed control; Panhandle No-till Partnership offers 9 workshops; private pesticide applicator workshops; no-till conference discount; Nebraska Soybean Expo Dec. 16; Extension programs focus on empowering farm women; training on land application of manure
Market Journal: Wheat markets strong; advantages of sprinkler application of feedlot runoff; tax law changes; market changes
Ag & Rural News: Crop condition; Bayer Cropscience, University of Nebraska-Lincoln to partner on wheat-breeding research; statewide meetings to address broadband needs


Weather:  Monitor soil moisture now
Soybean Production:  Sample for SCN; order 2011 seed accordingly
Alfalfa and Forage Management:  Dormant planting grasses
Dry Bean Production:  University bean breeding specialist part of effort to address drought, climate change
Farm Management:  Intensive ag business program; Cornhusker Economics on Farm Succession; Market Journal -- risk management and insurance updates; tax law changes
IANR Programs & Resources:  Farmers and Ranchers College speakers; Western Nebraska Sustainable Ag Crops and Livestock Convergence Dec. 4; seminar on North Platte River irrigation, hydropower
AgNews: USDA reports on Nebraska harvest, crop condition, cattle on feed; Lyon receives Crop Science Society aware; poll on rural Nebraska's outlook


Corn Production: Bt corn benefits both transgenic and nontransgenic growers; corn test weights: a volumetric perspective
Soil Management:  Commercial soil and plant analytical labs in Nebraska; resources for soil testing, management, and calculating fertilizer recommendations; daily and weekly soil temperature reports
Climate and Agriculture: Understanding common climate technologies; climate research seminars Nov. 9
Crop Production: Post Hail Clean-up:  Consider volunteer corn issues after severe hail events
Farm Management: Upcoming tax changes; 2010 federal estate tax issues; program on extending family farm operations
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Profit opportunities for high quality hay; winter annual weed control in alfalfa; rust in alfalfa; revitalizing warm-season pastures
Market Journal Videocasts: Fall weed control with Lowell Sandell; ag land prices with Bruce Johnson; fall tax planning with Tina Barrett
USDA Reports: Nebraska crop condition
Programs & Resources: Market Journal: 2011 wheat market; Nov. 4 Ag at the Crossroads: Developing Nebraska's Ag Workforce; LEAD fellowship applications; federal funding for alternative energy research, outreach; Farmers and Ranchers College Speakers; Crop Insurance Workshop; Agronomy seminar series
AgNews: NRCS extends sign-up for Conservation Stewardship Program; Nebraska Wind Power Conference Nov. 9-10; Lincoln students learning about university soybean research

September 18

Grain Drying & Storage: Tips for managing grain drying in high moisture conditions
Nutrient Management: Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEFs)
Wheat Production: Compensating for late wheat seeding to improve yield potential
Soybean Production:  Sudden death syndrome in Nebraska
2010-2011 Forecasts:  La Nina Conditions and Effects; Fall 2010; Winter 2010-2011; Spring 2011
Irrigation Management: A year in review; online survey on irrigation webinars; options for reducing irrigation
Market Journal Videocasts:  Ronnie Green, new Harlan Vice Chancellor for University's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, visits with host Doug Jose about the direction of agriculture; Keith Small, commercial safety lead with Monsanto, discusses how to stay safe during harvest and when handling and storing grain
Crop Reports:  Nebraska crop conditions; camelina as a biofuel
Extension Programs & Resources:  Farm Beginnings offers training and support for new farmers

September 10

Corn Production: Ear rots
Harvest & Grain Storage: Harvest corn early and store well to avoid losses from stalk rot
Farm Management: Q&A on VeraSun Bankruptcy; Cornhusker Economics on the thin real estate market
Grain Marketing: Market looks good for selling 2011 wheat now
Organic Production: NDA to facilitate USDA Cost-Share for organic certification
Crop Reports: Early freeze causes spotty damage in the Panhandle; temperature and precipitation record for Sept. 5-9; USDA lowers corn harvest; USDA offers cash rent reports; USDA crop condition report
Irrigation Management:  Weekly insights into data analysis and irrigation scheduling
Extension Programs & Resources: Bob Klein recognized for 50 years at the university; Market Journal to be at Husker Harvest Days; two cover crop field days Sept. 24; exhibit to focus on "Shaping the Future of Food" at HHD

September 3

Wheat Production: Select wheat varieties for best yield; table of top wheat performers; plant fungicide-treated wheat seed; recommended seeding dates; suggestions to compensate for late seeding of winter wheat
Corn Production:  Stalk rots in corn; legal counsel recommended in bioenergy suit
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Making silage from dry corn; sod-seeding pastures to legumes
Irrigation Management: Weekly insights -- planning for the last irrigation
Crop Report from the Panhandle
IANR Programs: Market Journal; USDA SARE listening session; Agronomy and Horticulture celebrates 100th anniversary; Nebraska LEAD Fellows named; Seminar on prioritizing water use
AgNews:  Poll -- Rural Nebraskans still tied to agriculture; USDA reports cattle on feed up 2%

August 27

Wheat Production:  Wheat Virtual Tour and other tools to aid in selecting wheat varieties
Harvest & Grain Storage: Guide to cleaning harvest equipment and bins; harvest safety reminders
Alfalfa & Forage Production:  Cropping options for spring forage
Irrigation Management:  Weekly Insights into irrigation management
Crop Reports:  Field reports
Extension Programs:  Market Journal -- growers cautioned about planting wheat after wheat; Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour; Web seminar -- contract Issues for biomass production, harvesting and storage

August 20

Insect Management:  Late-season grasshoppers in western Nebraska; soybean stem borers; yellow woolly bear caterpillars
Wheat Production: Wheat varieties virtual tour; planting wheat after wheat may increase pest risk
Irrigation Management: Weekly insights into data analysis; looking at end-of-season irrigation decisions
Climate Updates:  South central and southeast Nebraska abnormally dry; temperature swings forecast for winter
Alfalfa & Forage Production:  Protect freshly cut silage
Crop Reports: Crop condition
Extension Resources:  Cornhusker Economics Looks at the ACRE program; new Extension publications, including the custom farm rate schedules; September Market Journal to focus on market potential in China
Extension Programs: North Platte Invasive Species Tour; Sorghum Hybrid Field Day; Soil Health and No-till Benefits; Center for Grassland Studies fall seminar series

August 6-13

Corn Production:  Southern rust confirmed and Goss's wIlt continues
Insect Management:  Stink bugs in corn and soybeans
Wheat Production:  Grasshopper potential in new winter wheat and alfalfa; storm damage and increased risk for disease; wheat prices volatile, opportunity for wheat profit
Soybean Production:  Soybean defoliator identification and thresholds; stem and root rots in soybeans
Irrigation Management:  Weekly insights into soil moisture data analysis and irrigation scheduling
Alfalfa Production: Alfalfa aphid update with identification, thresholds, and treatment; protecting new alfalfa from grasshoppers; spreading manure in alfalfa
Ag and Crop Reports: Nebraska Crop Report (Aug. 8); Nebraska farm real estate at record high; 2009 farm and ranch expenses -- seed costs up 13%
Extension Programs and Resources: Precision Ag Practicum; Dry Bean Field Tour Aug. 17; Late Season Crop Diagnostic Clinic Aug. 19; Fall Plant Breeding Class Aug. 24; Gudmundsen Sandhills Lab Open House Aug. 25; Irrigation and Energy Conservation Field Day Aug. 30; Soybean Cyst Nematode Field Days

July 23

Soybean Production: USB Soybean Quality Toolbox offers variety trial data for analysis
Corn Production: Evaluate corn rootworm control in late July
Irrigation Management: Weekly insights into data analysis and irrigation scheduling
Alfalfa Production: Controlling summer weeds in alfalfa
Crop Production: Corn Maturity Generally Ahead or On Schedule
Crop Condition: Field reports from across the state
AgNews: Ag Economist recommends selling some harvest wheat; forecasts indicate Nebraska economy still on pace for growth; current trends in Nebraska farm business averages; hazelnut could be Nebraska's next high value, dryland crop

July 16

Wheat Production: Major benefits of controlling volunteer winter wheat and of raising cutting height at harvest
Insect Management: Alfalfa insect update; grasshopper populations in crops may warrant treatment; scout for western bean cutworms; corn blotch leafminers in central Nebraska corn
Corn Production: Allow crops to root down for stronger plants and better nutrient and moisture uptake; monitor corn disease development; meeting the nitrogen challenge in corn
Irrigation Management: Weekly insights into data analysis and irrigation scheduling
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Planting turnips after wheat or oat harvest
Crop Reports: Field updates; USDA NASS Nebraska field and crop report
IANR and Extension Programs: Panhandle Research and Extension Center Centennial July 24; a brief historical perspective of the Panhandle REC; Market Journal focuses on current corn diseases

July 9

Wheat Production: Ramifications of not controlling volunteer wheat; reasons why standing wheat stubble adds value to your crops
Insect Management: Controlling grasshoppers in crops; scouting for western bean cutworms; corn blotch leafminers in corn
Corn Production:  Monitor fields for disease development
Irrigation Management: Weekly insights into data analysis and irrigation scheduling
Alfalfa and Forage Production:  Planting turnips after wheat or oat harvest
Crop Reports:  Field Updates
Extension Program:  Market Journal focuses on current corn diseases

June 28 - July 2

Management:  Addressing post-storm crop and emotional loss; assistance resources
Corn Production: Volunteer corn presents challenges to insect management; damaged corn vulnerable to diseases; fungicide use in corn after hail and prior to tasseling; Nebraska's virtual corn suitability rating
Wheat Production: Protein likely to affect value of 2010 winter wheat crop; wheat disease update and tips for harvesting scabby wheat
Alfalfa & Hay Production: Potential heat damage to moist hay; managing windrowed alfalfa in wet conditions; tips for adjusting harvesting plans due to moisture; importance of timely bale removal to reducing wheel traffic damage
Insect Management: 2nd hatch of grasshoppers in western Nebraska; longhorned weevils; potato leafhoppers in alfalfa
Pesticide Application: Managing spray drift
Agri Weather: June precip record and July forecast
Crop Reports: USDA crop condition
Extension Programs: Market Journal on volunteer wheat control; Midsummer Crop Diagnostic Clinics; July farm mediation clinics; registrations open for AgSMART program

June 18

Flood & Storm Damage Information: Potential soil nitrogen losses; crop impacts of flooding; weed control and nitrogen loss; Market Journal programs on agronomic issues of flood-damaged crops, crop insurance, and potential damage benefits under the SURE program; links to other University, state, and federal resources on storm-damage information; also links to water quality and treatment information
Soybean Production:  Caterpillars damaging seedling soybeans; early season soybean seedling diseases
Weed Management: Risks of later herbicide applications in corn; scouringrush -- herbicide trials and management recommendations
Alfalfa Production: Variegated cutworms in alfalfa
Crop Reports: USDA crop condition estimates
AgNews: New university website publishes status of tractor permits

June 11

Flood Damage Information: Crop insurance impacts of recent flooding; links to other University, state, and federal resources on storm-damage information
Corn Production: Sampling for nematodes in corn (how, when, and why); Postemergence control of glyphosate-resistant marestail/horseweed in corn and soybeans
Soil Nutrition: High rainfall levels may lead to nitrogen deficiency in corn
Extension Programs: High Plains Ag Lab celebrates 40th year with tour, celebration June 17; organic wheat tours June 23-24; Panhandle weed science tour June 24.

June 4

Wheat Production: Disease update from western Nebraska; winter wheat field tours start June 9; June 15 tour near Wilbur
Irrigation Management: Research tests how to get more yield from less water
Weed Management: Recommendations for buckbrush and eastern redcedar; benefits of flaming for weed control in organic production
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Consider annual forages when replanting
Extension Resources: Panhandle offers 2 no-till bus tours; new publications
Crop Reports: Extension field reports; USDA report

May 28

Wheat Production: Stripe and leaf rust and fusarium head blight in wheat; be alert to stripe rust in the southern Panhandle
Corn Production: Refuge-in-a-Bag for resistance management
Insect Management: Weather, beneficials may help thwart grassland grasshoppers
Sunflower Production: Initial signs of sunflower rust appear in Panhandle
Irrigation Management: Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Demonstration Network up to 500 sites; tips for using Watermark Sensors and ETgages for irrigation management
Weather: GDDs catching up from early season fluctuations
Weed Management: Know your weeds and control options (velvetleaf in soybean; western ragweed, hoary vervain and common mullein in pastures)
University Resources: Market Journal: High yields with less water; professional development opportunities in plant breeding; tour to examine sharing of limited Platte River basin water supplies
AgNews: Ronnie Green selected as new IANR Vice Chancellor, VP

May 21

Wheat Production: Responding to stripe rust (May 21); stripe rust widespread in south central and southeast Nebraska (May 19, 2010); table of fungicide efficacy for wheat; nitrogen deficiencies in wheat due to high yields, bad weather
Soybean Production: Pillbugs damage seedling soybeans in Jefferson County
Weed Management: Know your spray additives
Alfalfa Production: Alfalfa weevil feeding predicted; grazing may be your best option for pasture weed control; raise cutting height with delayed alfalfa harvest; plan grass harvest to capture the most nutrient value
Crop Reports: Crop Condition Report
Producer Questions: Weed control in corn; hail damage in wheat; CropWatch features social media, sharing features
IANR & Extension Programs: Panhandle Zone Tillage Demonstration rescheduled; register now for tractor safety and machinery operation classes; 100 years of soil fertility research at the Panhandle REC; Market Journal on cover crops, grasshoppers, markets

May 14

Wheat Production: Panhandle wheat expected to survive freeze, snow; diseases and aphids in eastern Nebraska Wheat; wheat scab alerts available by text, email, RSS Feed; USDA: Nebraska wheat forecast down 10% from last year
Corn Production: Scouting for and treating early soil insect problems in corn
Alfalfa & Forage Management: Alfalfa weevil feeding predicted; fertilizing pastures for extended growth this wet season; controlling ragweed in spring pastures; tips for making haylage
Crop Reports: Nebraska crop conditions
Pesticide Management: Recordkeeping required for pesticide applications
IANR/Extension Programs and Resources: Panhandle Zone-Tillage Demonstrations May 19-20; LEAD deadline June 15: step up to become an ag leader
AgNews: Five counties receive ag disaster designation

May 7

Wheat Production: Checking winter wheat for freeze damage; diagnostic key to nutrient deficiencies in wheat
Corn Production: Scouting for and treating sink bugs on seedling corn evaluating corn stands
Alfalfa Production: Early cutting; leaf spot diseases; postemergence weeds; alfalfa weevil predictor map
Dry Bean Production: Wireworms posing minimal threat
Crop Reports: Field updates; sugarbeet damage; USDA report
Extension Resources & Programs: Market Journal on sprayer nozzles; No-till Field Day June 9 near Thayer; No-till Bus Tour to South Dakota June 22-23

April 30

Soybean Production: SoyWater – an irrigation decision aid for Nebraska soybean producers; using SoyWater to schedule irrigations
Wheat Production: Wheat diseases at low levels; rusts moving up from the south
Pesticides: 40 sites offer pesticide container recycling; voluntary cancellation of methyl parathion requested
Youth Ag Safety: Extension Tractor/Farm Safety Courses tailored to teens; Youth Ag Safety Day May 25 in Geneva; Ag Safety Days scheduled across the state this summer
USDA: Sign-up underway for Conservation Reserve Program

April 23

Alfalfa & Forage Production: Scout for alfalfa and clover leaf weevils; inoculants and preservatives for wet hay; managing early season pastures.
Soybean Production: Plans for soybean rust monitoring in 2010
Sugarbeet Production: Management to avoid cutworm damage in sugarbeets after winter wheat
Extension Programs & Personnel: Schedule of 2010 Nebraska winter wheat variety tours; extension tractor/farm safety courses tailored to teens; Drew Lyon receives Western Weed Society Award
USDA Reports & AgNews: Grower training required for Senior Farmer Market Program

April 16

Soybean Planting & Production: Three reasons why soybean planting date matters; Nebraska farm research shows benefits of planting soybeans early; risks and caveats of early planted soybeans; when to inoculate soybeans; recommended soybean planting populations
Insect Management: Scout early emerging soybeans for bean leaf beetles
Wheat Production: Western Nebraska wheat greens up quickly
Alternative Crops: Panhandle crop breeder seeks new options for western Nebraska
Equipment: Recommendations for avoiding sidewall compaction at planting
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Shortcuts for planting alfalfa; spring musk thistle control in pastures
Weather: Historical trends suggest 2010 growing season patterns
Field Updates from Across the State
Extension Programs: Market Journal on wheat condition, wheat market, and sprayer adjustments; May 11 Field Crop Scout Training

April 9

Insect Management: Western Nebraska Rangeland at High Risk for Grasshopper Damage; Nebraska Corn at Low Risk for Stewart's Wilt and Flea Beetle Damage
Weed Management: Recommendations for Controlling Winter Annual Weeds; Practical and Economic Impacts of Not Controlling Winter Annuals; Calibrating a Handheld Sprayer
Research: Nebraska Farm Research Answers Producer Questions
Pesticide Safety: Tips for Avoiding Pesticide Poisoning
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Weed Control in Spring-Seeded Alfalfa; Adjust Alfalfa Management for this Season's Conditions; Replacing Alfalfa with Grass-Alfalfa Mixtures
Extension Resources & Programs: Crop Production Clinic Videos Now Available Online; Market Journal: Corn Seeding Dates & Rates
USDA & Ag Reports: Nebraska Weather & Crops, April 12, 2010 USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska Field Office

April 2

Corn Production: Proper corn planting depth; ISU corn planting date and population research
Insect Management: Bt corn, refuges, and insect resistance management
Equipment & Tillage: Pesticide label changes affect sprayer set-up and calibration; sprayer calibration; setting planting equipment for no-till; preseason planting equipment check; tips for limiting compaction in field operations and wheel traffic
Disease Management: Seedling diseases possible in cool, wet soil conditions
Alfalfa & Pasture Production: Use full soil moisture profile to boost pasture, alfalfa production
Extension Programs and Resources: Market Journal: Analyst recommends watching for grain sales opportunities

March 18-24

Disease Management: Soybean seed treatments recommended; "awards" recognize counties for SCN testing and problems
Weed Management: Glyphosate-resistant kochia confirmed in Kansas
Weather & Climate: Storms and snows
Extension Personnel: University soils specialist recognized; new WCREC nutrient management specialist
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Tips for making fertilizing pastures pay; early season alfalfa assessments; managing winter annuals this spring
Field Updates
Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal: Too much wheat, a no-till farmer profile, and irrigation research on no-till acres; High Plains Cover Crops Workshop

March 5-12

Farm Management: Ag land values up 4.4%; new factors in 2010 crop insurance
Weather: Predicted rains could lead to major runoff
Soil Nutrient Management: Caution urged with winter fertilizer and manure applications
Grain Storage: Monitor stored (and standing) corn for grain mold diseases; March grain storage: If you can't keep it cold, keep it dry
Corn ProductionDelayed Harvest Issues: Harvesting corn in snow; grazing corn; delayed harvest and crop insurance issues
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Applying manure before seeding alfalfa; moist conditions favorable for adding legumes to pastures; converting thin alfalfa to high producing pasture; spraying winter annuals; acid soils jeopardize alfalfa seedlings; preseason hay equipment maintenance; new fescue varieties
Insect Management: Field crop insecticide changes for 2010
New Extension Personnel: Panhandle Entomologist Jeff Bradshaw
Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal: Tax planning tips; cellulosic biofuels web seminars; chemigation training sites
AgNews: NDA seeks specialty crop grant proposals; Federal funding to fight invasive weeds


Grain Storage: Managing stored grain in February
Wheat Production: Root strength, pests, and other factors affecting winter wheat survival; determining whether wheat is dormant or dead; wheat variety development may go commercial
New Extension Personnel: Cropping Systems Specialist Greg Kruger and Weed Ecologist Steve Young join West Central REC
Weather & Climate: Rockies snowpack below normal; governor declares ice jam emergency 
Conservation: Countering early season wind-induced soil erosion
Crop Production: Use of cover crops in Western Nebraska questioned
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Replacing thin alfalfa provides twofold benefits
Research Updates: Research on algae as biofuel
IANR News & Extension Programs: University's Ag Research Division boasts a 36% rate of return; Farmers and Ranchers College; workshop on improving manure management; Organic Workshops; corn and soybean on-farm research meeting; Crop Scout Training; Nebraska No-Till Conferences; Market Journal February broadcasts; Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Exposition; Land Application Training Field Day; Crop Risk Management Workshop
Resources & AgNews: $1.5 million for Nebraska organic ag; NDA Hay And Forage Hotline; new USDA satellite land cover images; Nebraska Farm and ranch numbers down 200 in 2009


Grain Storage: Early spring grain drying and buying a new bin
Crop Production Budgets: Alfalfa; corn, dry bean, grain sorghum, grass, millet, oats, pasture, sorghum, sugarbeet, sunflower, and wheat
Farm Management: Quick tips for managing risk
Pesticide Safety: Check before you spray: NDA online pesticide-sensitive crop locater
Weather: Be alert to potential for spring flooding; above-average precipitation causes groundwater level increases over much of state
Forage Production: Testing and feeding tobacco-brown hay; planning for timely forage production
Extension Programs: Short course on plant breeding for drought tolerance; Women in Ag Conference; No-till on the Plains Conference; Agronomy Professional Development Courses; Sorghum Cropping Profitability Seminars