Precision Agriculture

Students from the Site Specific Crop Management course visit with ARDC Director Mark Schroeder about Precision Ag Technology use at that facility.

Precision Agriculture (PA) information found throughout this site is designed for crop producers, agricultural consultants, extension educators and other agricultural professionals. 

Numerous economic and environmental benefits may be realized by strategically applying PA management principles including:

  • Enhanced product quality
  • Increased agricultural profitability and sustainability
  • Protecting the environment
  • Optimized use of agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, water, energy and other crop amendments
  • Improving the well-being of those who depend upon Nebraska agriculture

SSCM Components:

Satellite-Based Auto-Guidance - Satellite-based auto-guidance systems can provide significant benefits for the crop production industry. Improved equipment make it possible to use satellite-based auto guidance in diverse growing environments.

Yield Monitoring and Mapping - Yield mapping refers to the process of collecting georeferenced data on crop yield and characteristics, such as moisture content, while the crop is being harvested. Various methods, using a range of sensors, have been developed for mapping crop yields.

On-the-Go Vehicle-Based Soil Sensors  - Sensors can measure a variety of soil properties. These sensors are used in conjunction with GPS to develop field maps or to control variable rate application equipment in real-time.

Site-Specific Management of Soil pH - A series of freqently asked questions (FAQs) are addressed.

Soil Sampling for Precision Agriculture - Soil sampling is an important component of a site-specific management system. Sampling principles and recommendations are discussed.

Site-Specific Nitrogen Management for Irrigated Corn - Recent research in site-specific nitrogen management and recommendations for how irrigated corn producers in Nebraska might implement this technology on their farms

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