2013 CropWatch News Archive

December 2013

Research: UNL research raises concerns about global crop yield projections
Pesticide Applicator Training: Who needs it and where to go for it
Cover Crop Production: Webinar to detail new USDA Cover Crop Termination Policy
Dry Bean Production: 2013 Nebraska variety trial results posted to CropWatch
Climate Reviews: Drought ebbs in 2013, but it's not over yet; what are the odds for a snowy Christmas?
Farm Management: Post-harvest market signals, basis and carrying charges; USDA reports Nebraska ag prices
Irrigation: Nebraska's irrigated acreage continues to grow
AgNews: USDA soil health webinars cover range of ag production; Weeks Named National Academy of Inventors Fellow for his biotech work; USDA: Nebraska's dry edible bean production down 14% in 2013; Nebraska county-level wheat estimates
IANR & Extension Programs: Market Journal — selling strategies for old, new grain; Dec. 18 cover crops workshop; Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo Dec. 19; Farm Beginnings® Program  Jan. 4 in Syracuse; Jan. 9 Fremont Corn Expo; Crop Production Clinics
Resources: Free farm finance clinics; New "Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska"; new pest management publications from UNL Extension


Soils Nutrient Management: Nitrogen fertilizer — weighing the value of fall vs. spring applications
Weed Management: Tips for identifying fall emerging weeds
Farm Management: Relatives and farm leasing — finding a fair rate
Weather Update: US CPC and climatologist's winter forecasts; UNL Nebraska Ag Climate Update; as winter sets in, keep your snow shovels handy
Alternative Crops: Disease-resistant Peas Developed by USDA
Grain Storage: See information resources in the Grain Storage Management section of CropWatch
Crop Reports: Nebraska corn crop forecast at 25% above last year; Nebraska corn harvest slowed, but still slightly ahead of average
IANR & Extension AgNews: Market Journal Looks at Being Bearish or Bullish in the Grain Market video; Omaha Ag Outlook Dec. 6-7; Free farm finance clinics in December; Panhandle Ag Summit Dec. 12-13; No-Till Organic Crop Rotation Workshop Jan. 11 in Columbus; Western Sustainable Ag Crops and Livestock Conference Dec. 7 at Ogallala; Vilsack: Rural America has much to gain but must tell its story better; director of Rural Futures Institute: Transfer of leadership to challenge rural America; new publications from UNL Extension

Nov. 1

IANR: Vilsack to present next Heuermann lecture Nov. 5
Corn Production: Hybrid-maize adds new features, improves water stress component
Dry Bean Production: Panhandle dry bean plots support cooperative, international research efforts
Farm Management: Property tax assessment trends and tax implications; free farm finance clinics
Pest Management: USDA seeks input on use of dimethoate insecticide
Crop Reports: Dry, cool conditions a mixed bag for harvest
Market Journal: View segments on the grain market, winter wheat, and China's ag demand

October 25

Farm Management: Adjusting cash rents for 2014; checklist of points to consider for a farmland lease; Landlord/Tenant Lease Workshops at 26 Nebraska sites this fall
Conservation Practices: UNL research offers clues to successful tree establishment in western Nebraska
Weather: Soil moisture levels recovering and with normal snows, likely to reach field capacity by spring
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Recommendations for growing forage sorghum
Crop Reports: 80% of soybeans, 32% of corn harvested
Extension Programs: 2013-14 Farmers & Ranchers College Programs.
Ag Research & AgNews: UNL partners with African scientists on fertilizer research; China's changing diet and its impact on Nebraska ag production; gifts create modern agricultural commodities trading room at UNL

October 4-11

Crop Reports: Extension Crop Reports from Across the State (10/7-10/18)
Weed Management: management of winter annual weeds starts this fall; palmer amaranth resistant to atrazine and HPPD inhibitors confirmed in Nebraska; pre-order the 2014 UNL Weed Guide
Farm Management: Managing risk with Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) Insurance for 2014 Weather: October could be one for the records video
Post-Storm Recommendations: Prioritize fields to avoid further losses at harvest; testing and feeding damaged corn to livestock; grain storage management
Corn Production: Selecting corn hybrids to minimize diseases in 2014
Cover Crops: Regulations for cover crop seed sales
Irrigation Management: pulling soil moisture sensors; wrapping up NAWMN season IANR Heuermann Lectures: UNL scientist on genetic modification as a key tool for feeding a growing population; Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to speak in Lincoln Nov. 5
Market Journal: Why Fall SCN Sampling is Recommended; video Buy or Sell at Harvest? — Analyst Looks at Options video (two episodes)
Ag News & Programs: NCR-SARE announces 2014 Farmer Rancher Grant Call for Proposals; spotted wing drosophila fruit fly now in Nebraska; Nov. 13 Crop Insurance Workshop can aid in risk management decisions; 2014 North American Invasive Plant Ecology and Management Web Course; free Farm Finance Clinics in October; soil health advocate Gabe Brown to speak on increasing profits while regenerating resources; poll: rural Nebraskans rethinking water priorities in wake of 2012 drought

September 27

Wheat Production: Recommended adjustments for delayed planting of winter wheat
Soybean Production: Select resistant soybean varieties to manage disease threat; manage soybean harvest timing and moisture to improve yield
Corn Production: Bt corn hybrid traits and refuge requirements
Dry Bean Production: Why direct harvest dry edible beans?
Farm Management: Should you be thinking differently about your farm taxes?
Market Journal: Grain markets; economic outlook from the federal reserve in Kansas City video
USDA Crop Reports: 36% of Nebraska corn mature; 67% of soybeans drop leaves
IANR & Extension Programs: Stumpf family gift to support UNL ag research; UNL Water Symposium and Conference Oct. 15-16; UNL's Ag Almanac on windrow grazing, preventing the spread of weeds in imported hay, and preparing sites for conservation tree plantings

September 20

Grain Storage: Clean bins, equipment to reduce storage losses
Weather: UNL climatologist: Nebraska impacts from Colorado flooding; fall frost dates profiled; CPC October forecast indicates below normal precipitation for Nebraska
Corn Production: Conduct a corn stalk nitrate test to assess nitrogen use
Disease Management: Disease reports by district in corn and soybean
Ag Safety: Protect your health with the right mask for the right job
Alfalfa & Pastures: Early cutting recommended for alfalfa with rust; treat thistles in pastures this fall
USDA Crop Reports: 36% of Nebraska corn mature; 67% of soybeans drop leaves (9/23/13); corn maturity advances; dry bean and millet harvests underway (9/16/13)
Extension Programs & Resources: Stumpf Family Gift Supports Ag Research at University of Nebraska; October Water Symposium and Water Conference Oct. 15-16 in Lincoln; Market Journal looks at features of the farm bill, markets, and next week's forecast; extension videos and audios video

September 13

Harvest: Yield monitor checks for quality data collection
Market Journal: Market response to latest USDA harvest projections; corn diseases; is increased nitrogen critical for high yields, yield monitor preparations for harvest, and the forecast for next week. video
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Planning for the last cutting of alfalfa; early corn harvest to provide stalks, relieve pastures
Health & Safety: Make farming with arthritis easier
USDA Crop Reports for Nebraska: Estimated crop production based on Sept. 1 conditions; weekly crop and condition report

September 6

Corn Production: A guide to late season corn stalk and ear rot diseases; sprouting corn kernels on hail-damaged ears; September 2 evaluation of simulated corn yields across Nebraska
Soybean Production: Sudden death syndrome reports increasing in soybean
Disease Management: Disease reports by district in corn and soybean
Wheat Production: KSU team identifies method to identify aphids infected with barley yellow dwarf
Crop Reports: Dryland crops feeling stress of higher temps, spotty rain; drought holds mostly steady in Nebraska, but worsens across the Corn Belt, according to this week's Drought Monitor. See DroughtResources.unl.edu for information for farm, home, and ranch
Farm Management: Free farm finance clinics set for September
IANR & Extension Programs: Market Journal looks at corn disease, Iowa crop condition, weekly forecast; video UNL "Raising Our H2O IQ" at Husker Harvest Days; Heuermann Lectures to open Sept. 30
Research: UNL developing water-collecting drones for tests, remote locales

August 30

Correction: To August 9 Article
Soybean Production: Check soybean nodulation to determine inoculant efficacy; Bayer CropScience and UNL to collaborate on developing new soybean varieties
Wheat Production: Common bunt of wheat
Farm Management: Updated ACRE Analysis for 2012 and 2013
Crop Reports: Irrigated corn condition above average, but growth still lags
UNL Ag Research: UNL Research: Grain sorghum lipids can lower cholesterol, intestinal inflammation
Extension Events: Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour September 6; Nebraska LEAD announces 2013-15 fellows

August 23

Corn Production: Effects of cool late July/early August on corn yield and maturity; research update: winter cover crop soil nitrate-n conservation following seed corn production.
Soybean Production: Setting yield in soybean and avoiding end-of-season plant stress; Are your soybean plants showing symptoms of water stress?; more reports of stem and root rots of soybean: identifying sclerotinia.
Insect Management: Stink bugs reported in Nebraska corn and soybeans; soybean aphid alert
Market Journal: Potential Impacts from Frost in Corn and Disease in Soybean (and More) video
Sorghum Production: Learn about hybrids, production and new markets at Sorghum Field Days Sept. 16-19
Wheat Production: 2013 Fall Seed Guide now available
Irrigation Management: Scheduling the last irrigation
Forage Production: Harvest timing critical to silage success; rye, triticale, or wheat — which best fits your spring forage need?
Weather: Looking at forecasts, solar radiation, and GDD deficits video
Pest Management: Disease reports by district in corn and soybean; new bee advisory box to be added to pesticide labels video
Farm Management: Narrowing farm profit margins: A story of rising costs and falling prices
Crop Reports: Field Reports from UNL Extension; USDA: Corn growth continues to lag, soybeans near average
IANR & Extension News: Renowned naturalist Chris Helzer is Young Lecture speaker Sept. 27; UNL IANR hiring initiative reaches 1/3 of goal

August 16

Corn Production: Evaluation of simulated corn yields across Nebraska.; southern rust now confirmed in 20 counties; severity increasing rapidly.
Focus on Wheat Seeding, Production and Protection: What's new in winter wheat varieties; reviewing wheat variety data and selecting seed for 2014; seed treatments strongly recommended; how seeding date affects yield; planting too early can affect disease development; what wheat seeding rate is recommended for your area?; how to read a certified analysis seed tag; winter wheat production costs; tips for ensuring successful wheat seeding; scouting of grasshopper hot spots to protect emergent wheat; weed control essential to protecting wheat yield; compensating for delayed winter wheat seeding.
Soybean Production: Soybean aphid numbers low, but vigilance recommended
Forage Production: Extension to offer nitrate testing of forages at husker harvest days
USDA: August 1 USDA yield forecasts.
Ag Policy: How can empathy contribute to better water conservation policies
IANR & Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal examines impact of herbicide-resistant weeds video; SCN Field Days start next week; Nebraska Dry Bean Field Tour Aug. 27; Soil and Water Field Training Aug. 28 at UNL's ARDC at Mead; UNL Cover Crops Bus Tour Sept. 4-5; Ag Almanac: Gudmundsen Open House; Aphids in Soybeans; Pesticide Labels

August 9

After the Storm — Options for Corn and Soybean: Planting cover crops into storm-damaged fields; tips for planting fall forages and other salvage uses; southern rust and the dilemma of managing storm-damaged corn; forage options with damaged corn; flying turnips or rye into corn and beans.
Soybean Production: Stem and Root Rots Earlier Than Normal in Soybeans.
Disease Management: Disease reports by district for corn and soybean.
Crop Reports: Field reports from extension educators; USDA NASS reports some Nebraska corn just entering the dough stage
Apps: New insecticide mode of action phone app.
IANR & Extension Programs: Market Journal: Sandell tackles management of glyphosate-resistant weeds video; West Central Crops and Water Field Day Aug. 22

July 26-August 3

Insect Management: Managing spider mites in corn and soybean; wheat stem sawfly and alfalfa weevil numbers up this year
Corn Production: Drought, heat, and potential effects on corn pollination
Soybean Production: Soybean Management Field Days August 13-16
Pesticide Safety: bee kill reaffirms need to follow pesticide label warnings
CRP Management: FSA-approved counties for CRP emergency haying and grazing; utilizing CRP for grazing in drought conditions
Pest Management: PPDC reports Goss's, rusts, pythium in corn; brown stem rot, pythium and phytophthora in soybean
Crop Updates: Edible yellow peas yield "good" despite Panhandle drought; NASS reports 70% of topsoil and 75% of subsoil moisture short to very short
Market Journal: Market analysis and market shifts, fungicide research, and UNL's Diagnostic Clinic video
IANR/Extension Programs: Herbicide-Resistant Weed Field Days August 6-7; Cover Crop, Organic Farm Tour Aug. 17; UNL public policy specialist: farm bill path still murky

July 19

Irrigation Management: Using your irrigation flow meter for better decision making
Pest Management: Avoid insurance applications of insecticides in corn and soybeans; hail and fungicides update
Weather: State Climatologist - Nebraskans may have to prepare for dry rest of the summer
Alfalfa & Hay Production: Why did some first cutting alfalfa test so low this year?; tips for harvesting summer annual grasses for hay
Market Journal: Speakers, field visits examine soybean aphids, Goss's Wilt, and gray leaf spot video
IANR & Extension Programs: Herbicide-Resistant Weed Field Days August 6-7; August field days on identifying and managing soybean cyst nematode
Field Reports: USDA NASS: 70% of topsoil and 75% of subsoil moisture short to very short (July 22, 2013); USDA NASS: soybean progress near average; corn silking lags (July 15, 2013); FSA-approved counties for CRP emergency haying and grazing

July 12

Corn Production: Begin scouting for western bean cutworm eggs; Goss's wilt in scattered areas across southern Nebraska
Wheat Production: Controlling volunteer winter wheat soon after harvest is critical to next year's yield
Soybean Production: Soybean aphid season begins; scouting for and managing soybean aphids; using Soywater.unl.edu to schedule timely irrigations
Insect Management: Japanese beetles or false Japanese beetles?
UNL Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic: Goss's wilt in corn; fusarium and rhizoctonia in soybean
Irrigation Management: Irrigation meter calculator
Farm Management: Farmland values in Nebraska Panhandle up 13% from last year
Market Journal: Market Journal examines market response to USDA forecast video
Crop Reports: Extension field updates—aphids in alfalfa; dryland corn curling; NASS rates corn and soybean as 76% good to excellent
IANR & Extension Programs: High Plains Ag Lab to break ground for new headquarters at Aug. 6 field day

June 29 – July 3

Corn Production: How corn and soybean yields fared in 2012 in Nebraska; scouting for and treating corn rootworm; stalk borer scouting in corn; watching for armyworms in eastern Nebraska
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Alfalfa Production: Start scouting for potato leafhoppers in alfalfa
Weed Management: Control of glyphosate-resistant volunteer soybeans in corn; controlling cheatgrass to manage wildfire risk
UNL Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic Report: Goss's bacterial wilt and blight in corn, fusarium in soybean
Crop Reports: Goss's wilt and sulfur deficiency in corn; hail damage photos; subsoil moisture 54% short to very short with very dry areas; USDA NASS—Nebraska corn acres largest since 1933
Market Journal: Wheat condition update and how drought may affect wheat seed availability; market analysis following recent USDA yield projections for 2013 video
Farm Management: Free Farm Finance Clinics for July

June 21

Soybean Production: Postemergence control of emerged waterhemp in soybeans; complexities of diagnosing early soybean stand issues
Corn Production: Updated recommendations for nematodes in corn; Foliar Disease Management in Corn webinar June 27; stalk borer predictor map
Wheat Production: Strategies for handling scabby wheat grain wheat disease update for central and eastern Nebraska; harvest aids for winter wheat
Pest Management: PPDC Clinic update
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Alfalfa weevils attacking alfalfa regrowth in the Panhandle; herbicide challenges when replanting to forages; controlling summer grasses in alfalfa; growers and feeders urged to use NDA Hay Hotline
Extension: Tom Dorn farewell June 26
Weather: 90-Day forecast shows above normal temperatures for Nebraska
Market Journal: Grain market analysis, international trade, short-term and long-term forecasts, and the value of irrigation video
Crop Reports: Field updates and photos from extension educators; USDA crop progress and condition

June 14

Wheat Production: Wheat disease update; bacterial streak and black chaff in wheat; Great Plains wheat breeders discuss new lines, current trials
Soybean Production: Wet, cool weather favoring early season soybean diseases
Corn Production: Seedling diseases appearing in corn
Alfalfa Production: Watch for alfalfa weevil adults on regrowth
Forage Production: Planting forages after wheat — consider new options
Crop Reports: Extension crop and field reports; USDA: soybean planting nearly done; 50% of state's wheat very poor to poor
Market Journal: Plant pathologist discusses SCN research; experts look at factors affecting feed supplies video
Mobile Apps: New UNL Climate app offers key maps, data from your smartphone
IANR & Extension Programs & Resources: UNL Weed Science Field Day June 20 at Scottsbluff; Southeast Nebraska Wheat Tour June 27 near Wilber; South Central Weed Management Field Day July 2; Midsummer Crop Diagnostic Clinics July 17-18 at UNL ARDC

June 7

Corn Production: Scouting for common stalk borers; USDA Research: Encapsulating nematodes to battle corn pests
Wheat Production: Disease update; UNL Plot Tour June 11 in Furnas County
Weed Management: Tips for applying residual herbicides after soybean emergence
Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic: Pythium identified in samples from central, east, and northeast districts
Pasture and Range Management: Continued good news for grasshopper risk on rangeland
Alfalfa Production: Managing temptations and avoiding shortcuts; preservatives allow for wetter hay harvest; maximizing alfalfa tonnage
Market Journal: Wheat markets; potential nitrogen leaching; sampling for corn nematodes; potential Pythium development; pasture production; weather forecast video
Crop Reports: Western Nebraska crop reports; planters press to get 81% of the soybean crop in the ground

May 31

Soybean Production: Considerations for delayed soybean planting; soybean inoculants
Corn Production: Precautions when applying UAN and residual herbicides on emerged corn; forecasting stalk borer growth stage; effects of flooding or ponding on young corn
Wheat Production: Disease update—conditions elevate risk of wheat scab; wheat condition reports and photos from across the state; adult wheat stem sawflies have begun to emerge; five UNL wheat plot tours set for June
Crop Reports: Crop reports and field photos
Weather: 90-day forecast: above normal temperatures, below normal rain
Soil Nutrient Management: With heavy rains, how likely is N leaching?
Water Management: Tools to help optimize limited water supplies for crop production
Farm Management: Irrigation key difference between high and low ag incomes in 2012; free farm finance clinics for June; Market Journal: How planting delays may shift grain markets video
Ag Apps: Android version added for UNL Crop Water app
Extension & Other Ag Programs: Register now for 2013 High Plains Cropping School on sugarbeets; NRCS conservation stewardship sign-up underway

May 24

Wheat Production: Alternative crops for failed winter wheat in the Panhandle; wheat disease update
Corn Production: Forecasting stalk borer growth stage
Pest Management: UNL releases new pesticide record-keeping app; submitting quality plant and pest diagnostic samples; diagnostic clinic fee changes
Irrigation Management: Cost effective tools to improve water use efficiency; using the atmometer or Etgage; using the Watermark sensor
Insect Management: Black light insect monitoring reports at 3 UNL sites
Crop Condition: With better conditions, Nebraska planting forges ahead
Market Journal: Updates on the farm bill video
Programs & Resources: Panhandle No-till Field Days June 24-27; new crop publications from UNL Extension; June 10 conference looks at sustainable use of crop residues in livestock operations

May 17

Soybean Production: Tracking air and soil temperatures in soybeans
Wheat Disease: Update on rusts, leaf spots, powdery mildew, viruses, and management; differentiating the 3 rust diseases of wheat.
Corn Production: Scout corn for early season insects
Alfalfa Production: Assess condition of alfalfa fields at first harvest.
Farm Management: Late planting provisions for multiple peril crop insurance; implications of the Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Requirements for Ag Operations
Pesticide Safety: Use DriftWatch to stay informed about nearby pesticide-sensitive crops
Market Journal: Market responses to planting delays, rangeland outlook, and more video
Crop Reports: Planting "fast and furious" once rains stopped
Extension Programs: Nebraska No-till Bus Tour to North and South Dakota; apply now to next LEAD class.

May 10

Wheat Production: Stripe rust confirmed in wheat in southeast Nebraska; Nebraska winter wheat crop smallest since 1944
Corn Production: Imbibitional chilling injury of corn
Alternative Crops: Developing yellow peas as a new alternative crop
Dry Beans: Planting for direct harvest
Pesticide Safety: Tips for pesticide application and safety (featuring how-to videos); dates and sites for pesticide container recycling
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Scout for alfalfa and clover leaf weevils in alfalfa; assessing freeze damage to alfalfa; consider recommendations based on conditions in your area; pre-season irrigation may be warranted in some alfalfa
Water Management: Early season soil moisture measurements in central Nebraska
Mobile APPs: National Corn Growers Association offers IRM app
AgNews: Predicting groundwater trading in the Upper Republican NRD
Market Journal: Farm management expert analyzes bottom line differences for a drought year video
IANR & Extension Resources: UNL Wind and Solar Energy Field Day May 18 near Concord; Farm Beginnings® Program offers training and support; 2013 High Plains Cropping School to focus on sugarbeets; new ag publications from UNL Extension
Water for Food Conference: Ray and Neale Bring Expertise to Robert B. Daughtery Water for Food Institute; transforming scientific knowledge into ag practices, policy is essential; climate change being felt worldwide; Water for Food speaker calls for action, sharing solutions; conference website

May 3

Soybean Production: How cold stress affects soybean
Wheat Production: Scout wheat fields for early detection of diseases
Planting: Take comfort that planting delays don't signal "game over;" soil temperature comparisons for York
Weather: Warmer, drier conditions forecast for next week
Insect Management: The miller moth returns
Alfalfa, Pastures & Forage: Pastures weakened by drought require time to recover
Farm Management: Update: UNL farm bill webinar on ACRE and DCP now available online
AgNews: New yeast strain could lower costs for cellulosic ethanol production

April 26

Weed Management: Glyphosate-resistant common waterhemp confirmed in Nebraska
Wheat Production: Wheat soilborne mosaic in southeast Nebraska wheat
Field Reports: Freezes stress, injure wheat; rains bolster soil moisture, but subsoil still lacking Weather/Climate: Drought outlook improves for eastern Nebraska; record-setting cold, wet April about to improve
Farm Management: ACRE or DCP? UNL webinar examines features and future of each
Soybean Production: Bean leaf beetle numbers down, but hot spots still possible
Insect Management: Western Nebraska likely to see fewer grasshoppers again in 2013
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Your next options after rain delays alfalfa planting; forage and pasture plants still weak despite rains
App Review:
Vector spray app can help you reduce pesticide drift
Extension Programs & Resources: Market Journal looks at wheat condition, pasture leases, and more video; Annie's Project: building skills on the ranch and in the home; UNL Extension Tractor Safety Courses at 7 sites

April 19

Soybean Production: early soybean planting can mean extra yield; data show Nebraskans planting soybeans earlier each year
Wheat Production: Nebraska winter wheat appreciates moisture, despite lows; assessing freeze injury to winter wheat
Corn Production: Don't till wet soils; shallow corn planting can hinder root development
Farm Management: ACRE or DCP? Resources to select your best option; free farm finance clinics for May
Weather: Forecast for warmer, drier planting weather soon
Nutrient Management: Biostimulants/biofertilizers: buyer beware
Weed Management: Weeds are emerging: recommendations for pre-plant and pre-emergence weed control
Alfalfa Production: Herbicides to control weeds in spring-seeded alfalfa
Market Journal: Planting delays, the market shift, and weed control video
Crop Report: Nebraska crop condition and soil moisture update

April 12

Corn Production: Finding success with water-limited corn following drought; reduced row spacing and yield; answering your questions with on-farm research through the On-Farm Research Network.
Wheat Production: Delayed wheat growth may have mitigated extensive damage from freeze
Weather: Widespread moisture lowers drought severity; Weather records for the week; soil temperatures updated daily
Precision Agriculture: Update and calibrate your precision ag systems
Alfalfa & Pasture Production: Shortcuts for planting alfalfa; continue managing pastures for drought
Market Journal: Market Analysis and Determining Which is the Best Fit: ACRE or DCP? video
Mobile Apps for Ag: University of Missouri Offers Weed ID App
Research: CT Scans Shed Light on Vascular Systems in Plants
UNL IANR & Extension Programs: UNL Larsen Museum to host Tractor Show April 13; Field Crop Scout Training May 7 at UNL ARDC; North American Invasive Plant Ecology and Management Course registration open; LEAD fellowship applications available for group 33

April 5

On-Farm Research: Results from sugar applications to corn and soybeans; corn growers sought for on-farm research network
Irrigation: How tillage and crop residue affect irrigation requirements
Tillage: Conserving soil and water with no-till and crop residue
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Reseeding patchy pasture areas; benefits of grass-alfalfa; Extension resources explore best practices for growing annual forages
Mobile Apps for Ag: Market Journal App includes videos, market updates, CropWatch articles
IANR Extension Resources & Programs: Market Journal looks at western Nebraska winter wheat, army cutworms, pre-season irrigation video; Climate Change Workshop offers information for ag, tools to help mitigate its effects; UNL Extension irrigation and soils courses available online; choosing the best income tax status for your cooperative
Ag Reports: NASS: subsoil moisture "adequate" for just 4%
Agribusiness: Choosing the best income tax status for your cooperative

March 29

Planting: No-till planting tips for a dry year; familiar cultural practices (no-till, crop rotation) battling climate change
Wheat Production: Will N applications be profitable in winter wheat in 2013?
Corn Production: Survey: Corn populations to be unchanged for 55% of respondents
Soybean Production: The value of residual herbicide in reduced soybean stands
Forage and Pasture Production: Planning for summer forage needs; managing pasture problem spots
Apps: UNL Ground Spray helps estimate droplet size
Weed Management: Sericea lespedeza becomes Nebraska's newest noxious weed
USDA Reports: Nebraska intended plantings drop slightly; corn still high
UNL Extension: Market Journal: Analyzing why this week's USDA reports hit the market video; NeATA Ag Technology presentations available online video; scholarship deadline April 1 for UNL Crop Science Camp

March 22

Farm Management: Nebraska agland values up again, by 25%; cover crops and crop insurance requirements for 2013
Wheat Production: Assessing damage and estimating winter wheat yields; controlling weeds in late emerging and thin stands of winter wheat
Corn Production: On-farm grower research on corn planting rates
Irrigation Management: Evaluating the use of preseason irrigation; early season pivot maintenance can help ensure application efficiency
Soybean Production: ‘Tode awards recognize results of SCN sampling
Weed Management: What's new with herbicides for 2013
Weather: Rain/snow forecasts and drought monitor offer hope for precipitation
App Review: Wisconsin Corn N Rate calculator
Market Journal: Global soybean shortage, public policy issues for cattle video
Research: New research could lead to more heat-tolerant crops
IANR & Extension Resources & Programs: Beginning farmer and rancher workshops scheduled for April; World Food Prize Laureate is Heuermann Lecturer April 9; NU Water for Food Conference to focus on building resilient agroecosystems

March 13

Corn Production: Is a population change warranted in irrigated corn due to water constraints?; maturity range effects on seasonal evapotranspiration
Insect Management: Spring-feeding cutworms active in western Nebraska
Weather: Spring showers welcome, not likely to eliminate deficit
Irrigation Management: Preseason irrigation check-up can mean fewer mid-season problems
Pesticide Safety: Get up-to-date pesticide labels, labeling, and material safety data sheets for 2013; DriftWatch identifies nearby pesticide-sensitive crops
IANR & Extension Resources: Market Journal looks at seasonal price trends; options for old crop sales
AgNews: Ronald Rosati named dean of Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture; Nebraska Ag Leadership Council elects new officers

March 6

Farm Management: Crop prices set for insurance; Farm Estate and Transition Workshop March 27 in York; free Farm Finance Clinics for March
Nutrient Management: Checking for residual nitrate this spring
Weed Management: March workshops to focus on weed resistance management; how musk thistle thrives in drought; UNL Extension offers Crop Scout Training March 13
UNL Extension Resources: Manure application publications among recent Extension releases; Nebraska LEAD fellowship applications now available


Crop Research: Cassman says yield potential predictions can help global food security
Farm Management: Adjusting pasture leases for drought; 53 Nebraska crop budgets updated for 2013 prices; building your agribusiness presence online; free farm finance clinics offered in February
Weed Management: March workshops tackle weed resistance management.
Grain Storage: Managing stored drought-stressed corn in early spring
Forage Production: Forage production with limited precipitation or irrigation (UNL Drought Resources)
Market Journal: Farm program benefits and ethanol production; wheat exports and farm program changes for 2013; ag land prices, export process, and grain markets
Research: USDA: Understanding soil microbes may help reduce erosion
Crops for Youth: Entry deadline March 1 for the Innovative Youth Corn Challenge
Extension Meetings and Resources: Sorghum U Feb. 19; Temple Grandin to Headline 2013 Women in Ag Conference Feb. 21-22; Regional Irrigation Conference in February; Economic Outlook Meetings; Crop Scout Training March 13; Wilber Crop Clinic Focuses on Water Issues, Timely Grower Info; corn and soybean growers share on-farm research results; Tuesday Heuermann Lecture to focus on future of food; Nebraska No-till Conferences at Hallam Feb. 12 and Holdrege Feb. 14; No-till Cover Crop Meeting Feb. 15 in Colorado


Farm Management: Land booms, bubbles, and busts: reflecting on land values at the start of 2013; what the American taxpayer relief act means for your ag operation; payroll tax holiday expires; 2013 Nebraska crop budgets now available
Wheat Production: Sharpen your grower skills at the Panhandle's Wheat Technology Conference (3 sites, Feb. 5, 6, 7)
Forage Production: Forages under water-limited conditions
Irrigation Management: Deficit irrigation presentations online; H2Optimization: dry year water management in the Republican River Basin; Center Pivot Irrigation Management short courses at 3 sites in February; deficit irrigation workshop
Nutrient Management: Uganda work positioned to make fertilizer use more profitable for poor farmers
USDA Crop & Research Reports: Nebraska corn harvest down 16%, soybeans down 21%; Nebraska 2013 winter wheat seedings up from last year; Nebraska grain and hay stocks on Dec. 1 drop from 2011 levels
Market Journal: Descriptions of two episodes including segments on importance of selecting corn seed to manage disease risk; interview with animal management expert Temple Grandin; and bullish year-end grain reports.
IANR & Extension Programs: Note: Wheat Technology Conference Feb. 7 at Sidney, Canceled at other 2 sites; Temple Grandin: livestock industry has improved handling, needs to tell its story better; monthly bioenergy web seminars; Women in Ag conference to focus on communicating on the farm; research updates to cover results from soybean management field day trials; manure land application training offered in February; 2013 invasive plant short course; West Central short course on corn stalk grazing and baling
NebGuides and ECs: Newly released UNL extension publications