2015 CropWatch News Archive

Dec. 18, 2015 - Jan. 2, 2016

Cover Crops: Nebraska cover crops: what, where, and how: a brief summary of survey results; report on survey of cover crop use with Nebraska Farmers
Forage & Pasture Management: Preparing CRP acres for pasture and hay use; planning for winter work to improve pastures
Farm Management: 5 resolutions for your farm finances in 2016; contributors needed for UNL custom rate survey; Free Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics in January
Weather: Current El Nino runs counter to the norm
Pesticide Education: 2016 dates announced for private pesticide applicator training; training dates for commercial, noncommercial pesticide applicators
Potato Production: Potato stocks as of Dec. 1
IANR & Extension Programs: Dry Edible Bean Day Jan. 12 at Gering; Jan. 12 Heuermann Lecture to Focus on International Trade; Fremont Corn Expo Jan. 7: Finding Profit in 2016; Market Journal to be Aired on RFD-TV; 2016 Precision Ag Workshops; UNL Farm Beginnings Program; Southeast Nebraska Successful Farmer Series; Nebraska Discount for No-Till Conference; Farm Succession Workshops Continue in January; Human Resource Workshops for Farm, Ranch, and Main Street

Nov. 25

Farm Management: Caution urged on farm equipment leases; Monday webinars to tackle critical farm finance issues; free Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics in December; Farm Succession and Estate Planning Workshop Dec. 2
Corn Production: Corn rootworm resistance to Bt corn in Nebraska, resistance management webinar series; how much nutrition is in those baled corn stalks? 
Resource Management: Renovating windbreaks focus of Dec. 4 workshop
Crop Reports: From National Agricultural Statistics Service
IANR & Extension Programs: Crop Production Clinics; Post-Harvest Grain Marketing Workshops; Field to Market Assessments to Improve Efficiency; Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo Dec. 17; "The Value of Livestock on the Land" Theme of Dec. 5 Conference at Ogallala; 2015-16 Farmers & Ranchers College Starts Dec. 15 

Oct. 30-Nov. 13

Climate: El Nino effect on Nebraska and the Plains; Nebraska Ag Climate Update
Farm Management: Monday webinars to tackle critical farm finance issues; Cornhusker Economics: A Brief Overview of How Technology has Changed Futures Markets (Part 1); Cornhusker Economics: A Brief Overview of How Technology has Changed Futures Markets (Part 2); Cornhusker Economics:Profitability vs. Feasibility and the Paradox of Purchasing Farmland
Wheat Production: Rust detected in Panhandle wheat 
Cover Crop Production: Cover Crops and Ecosystem Services: Insights from Studies in Temperate Soils
Corn Production: UNL Research on Grazing Corn Residue, an Oct. 28 Extension blog; Control of Sudden Death Syndrome begins the previous fall in corn residue, an Oct. 27 Extension blog; Forage, Feed, and Grazing Restrictions for Row Crop Herbicides, an Oct. 26 Extension blog
Grain Storage: Why stored grain management is vital now; in-field grain bagging may increase harvest efficiency
Pasture and Forage Management: Dormant planting legumes and grasses this fall
Sugar Beet Production: Sugar beet harvest in the Panhandle
Weed Management: Winter weeds: when is fall control warranted
Pesticide Education: Feedback Needed for Proposed NDA Pesticide Applicator Test Option
Crop Reports: Corn Harvest 57% Done; Soybean at 90% Monday
Extension & IANR Programs: Post-Harvest Grain Marketing Workshops start Nov. 5; Nov. 11 State Crop Insurance Workshop Targets Risk Management; Cornhusker Economics Meetings in November; Field to Market Assessments to Improve Efficiency; Market Journal: Analysis of the grain markets, South American crops, and cattle health when grazing corn stalks and soybean stubble

Oct. 16-23

Soybean Production: Considerations of reconditioning too-dry soybeans and other grain
Nutrient Management: Fall nitrogen applications
Sugar Beet Production: Photo story on harvesting sugar beet research plots in the Panhandle
Pesticide Safety: EPA proposes changes in pesticide applicator training requirements, seeks comments
Harvest: Steps to Avoid Harvest Fire Hazards.
Research: Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Helps Growers Generate Results
Farm Management: Cornhusker Economics:  Tips for working with your banker; Farm Finance and Legal Aid Clinics in October, November
Field Report: Statewide soil moisture report

Oct. 9

Corn Production:  Stalk and ear rots; 2015 end-of-season corn yields based on hybrid maize model simulations; corn stalk nitrate tests
Soybean Production: Q&A: Soybean Seeding Rate Effect on Setting Lower Pods
Harvest: Avoiding compaction at harvest; 10 tips to avoid compaction on wet soils at harvest time; Protect Your Health with the Right Mask for the Right Job
Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Update
Organic Production: Funds for Nebraska producers, handlers seeking organic certification
Market Journal: Avoiding and repairing harvest compaction, stalk and ear rots in corn, Trans-Pacific Partnership impact for agriculture, and a Keystone XL Pipeline update
IANR & Extension: 2015-16 Heuermann Series to Open with Buffetts

Oct. 2

Wheat Production: Wheat seeding delayed? here’s how to compensate
Soybean Production: A new reason to sample for SCN this fall
Sorghum Production: UNL to lead $13.5 million project to improve sorghum as a biofuel resource
Market Journal: Grain market analysis post USDA stocks report, SCN testing, cutting alfalfa in October
Crop Reports: State and national stored grain as of Sept. 1; USDA NASS Nebraska crop condition & harvest report
IANR & Extension: Save the date: 2016 On-Farm Research Updates at 4 sites this year

Sept. 25

Soybean Production: With white mold more common this year in soybean:  what's your plan for 2016?
Weather: Nebraska precipitation Sept. 23-25; tutorial on getting more data from CPC temperature and precipitation maps
Forage and Pasture Management: Control thistles this fall
Market Journal: Segments on the grain markets, white mold in soybean, Nebraska ag trade with Japan, impact of oil price changes, and the weather forecast for the coming week
Crop & Field Reports: Extension field reports; USDA crop report; statewide soil moisture index
Extension Programs: Nebraska discount for No-Till Conference; Save the dates: Corn Expo, Crop Production Clinics
Research: New disease-resistant edible dry pea

Sept. 18

Corn Production: 2015 forecasted corn yields based on Sept. 16 hybrid maize model simulations; recommendations for harvesting downed corn; dark lesions on corn are purple leaf sheath; and new corn rootworm webcast

Wheat Production: Wheat stem sawfly infestations continue to impact western Nebraska
Grain Storage: Preparing Grain Bins and Equipment for Harvest
Market Journal: Segments on grain markets, farm succession, estimating corn yields, ARC & PLC enrollment, and the forecast for next week
AgNews: 2014/15 ARCPLC Enrollment Deadline is Sept. 30
Crop Reports: Seed corn, proso millet, dry bean harvests; statewide soil moisture report
IANR & Extension: Cover Crop Field Day Sept. 22 near Lincoln; Oct. 6 Field Day on soil attributes, weeds; Annie's Project — Farm Transition Planning to be offered this fall; in memoriam - Donald Sanders

Sept. 11

Corn Production: Stalk and crown rot diseases developing in corn; making silage from dry corn
Sorghum Production: Sugarcane aphid alert; KSU Sorghum Field Day to look at high-yield hybrids, production issues
Weather & Climate: Short-term Precipitation Forecast Split Between East & West
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports; statewide soil moisture report; Nebraska crop progress
Extension Program: Hail and Wind Damage Information Meeting Monday, Sept. 14; Cover Crop Field Day Sept. 22 near Lincoln; Market Journal: Estimating Soybean Yields, Stalk Rot Issues, Grain Bin Preparations

Sept. 4

Corn Production: 2015 Forecasted Corn Yields Based on Sept. 2 Hybrid-Maize Simulations
Wheat Production: Good soil moisture exists for 2016 wheat; fertilizer management for winter wheat; winter wheat varieties for the Nebraska Panhandle; wheat rust resistances shift in 2015; factors contributing to winter wheat winter injury/kill in 2014-15; fall strategies for managing wheat diseases; welcome Cody Creech
Soybean Production: Video on Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybean
Irrigation Management: Scheduling the last irrigation of the season
Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Update
Forage & Pasture Management: Fall weed management in pastures
Market Journal: View segments on selling options and production cost concerns
Crop Reports: Nebraska Extension field reports; USDA NASS Aug. 31 report
Nebraska Extension & IANR Programs: Cultivate Your Legacy Sessions at Husker Harvest Days; Cover Crop and Soil Health Tour Sept. 8 at Minden; Cover Crop Field Day Sept. 9 in Nemaha County; Annie's Project in Scottsbluff;  September Farm Finance and Legal Aid Clinics

August 28

Corn Production: Corn stalk and ear rot diseases developing early in some fields; Corn maturity forecasts move back
Grain Storage: Pros, cons of alternative grain storage methods; North Central Region stored grain management videos; how to estimate bushels in a round grain bin; how to estimate the bushels of grain in round or rectangular bin
Forage Production: Cover crop forages:  the nitrate dilemma; 3 keys to making good silage; planning that last cutting of alfalfa
Crop Reports: Extension crop report; USDA crop condition and progress report
IANR & Extension: Register soon for Annie's Project in Scottsbluff; Cover Crop Field Day Sept. 9 in Nemaha County

August 21

Soybean Production: Soybean diseases increasing; most not treatable this year
Corn Production: Corn disease update: recent cooler temperatures favor some corn diseases, not others
Wheat Production: Curbing potential problems for your 2016 wheat crop in hailed-out fields
Insect Management: Grasshoppers moving into crops
Cover Crops Resources: UNL cover crop resource page; tips and considerations for getting started with cover crops (ISU Extension)
Alfalfa & Forage Production: 3 keys to making quality silage
Crop Reports: Extension field reports; USDA crop report; soil moisture update
Market Journal: analysis of the corn and soybean markets; soybean disease update; Raising Nebraska at the Nebraska State Fair
Extension Crop Events this Week: Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties of Soil Clinic; Late Season Crop Diagnostic Clinic Aug. 27
IANR & Nebraska Extension: UNL Potato Expert Pavlista Recognized Nationally; Weathering Climate Extremes Focus of UNL Exhibits at Husker Harvest Days; UNL Youth Crop Scouting Winners

August 14

Corn Production: Corn yield forecasts based on Aug. 12 Hybrid Maize simulations; corn disease update and fungicide research review; Aug. 19 South Central Ag Lab Field Day; corn maturity and projected freeze dates
Wheat Production: Nebraska 2015 Fall Seed Guide now on-line; pluses and minuses of using scabby wheat as cover crop seed
Weather: Rains likely during next 10 days
On-Farm Research: Panhandle irrigators sought for on-farm research project
Farm Management: 2014 farm program payment estimates — July update
Crop Reports: USDA August harvest forecasts for Nebraska crops; USDA Aug. 9 Weekly Crop Condition and Progress Report
Upcoming Events: Nebraska Dry Bean Field Tour Aug. 18; South Central Ag Lab Field Day Aug. 19; Landlord/Tenant Lease Workshops continue
AgNews: EPA proposes stronger standards for people applying pesticides with the greatest risk; Nebraska Drought Monitor best since July 26, 2011.

August 7

Soybean Production: Soybean disease update: foliar diseases common; Nebraska Soybean Management Field Days Aug. 11-14
Corn Production: Southern rust moves into northeast Nebraska and gray leaf spot increasing
Sorghum Production: Be on guard for sugarcane aphids in sorghum; research on saving water with sorghum in Texas
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Preparing seedbeds for late summer alfalfa planting; thickening alfalfa stands
Weather & Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Update
Farm Management: SARE Sustainable Ag Grants for Producers, Ag Partnerships; Annie's Project to be Offered in Scottsbluff this Fall; Farm Program Payments and Protection Under ARC and PLC; Market Journal
Weed Management: Herbicide-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Field Day report
Storm Recovery: If you've been hit by recent storms, check out our storm recovery information
Crop & USDA Reports: Extension crop updates; USDA NASS crop condition & progress; statewide soil moisture; NASS cropland values and rental rates
Nebraska Extension & IANR Programs: High Plains Ag Lab Field Day Aug. 11; New HPAL building to be named for Charlie Fenster Aug. 11; Annual Nebraska Dry Bean Field Tour Aug. 18

July 31

Corn Production: Disease update: Southern rust and gray leaf spot increasing; July 29 Hybrid-Maize yield forecast
Soil Fertility: Risk of high nitrogen leaching in eastern and south central Nebraska
Wheat Production: 2015 UNL Wheat Variety Trial results
Farm Management: Cash Rent Increases: When is the Right Time to Give Up a Lease? UNL Cornhusker Economics
Alfalfa Production: Grasshoppers in alfalfa
Crop Reports: Extension Educators, Soil Moisture, NASS crop condition and progress
Market Journal: Segments on southern rust in corn, rootworm damage in UNL trials, phosphorus benefits to corn, and soybean aphid research
Nebraska Extension Programs: High Plains Ag Lab (HPAL) Field Day Aug. 11; Nebraska Soybean Management Field Day Aug. 11-14; South Central Ag Lab Field Day Aug. 19; 2015 Sorghum Field Days Sept. 2, 10

July 24

Corn Production: Southern rust confirmed in 3 Nebraska counties; UNL Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic
Soybean Production: Determining when to treat soybean for defoliating insects
Wheat Production: Why wheat seed treatments will be especially important in 2015; control weeds post wheat harvest to reduce disease potential and weed seeds
Field Pea Production: Progress report on Nebraska Dry Pea Disease Survey
Climate: Strong El Nino now expected this fall
Market Journal: Segments on brown spot in soybean, hailed corn research, planting forages after winter wheat, and the grain markets
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports; soil moisture update; USDA NASS crop condition and progress
IANR & Extension: See high-tech N sensors in action at field demonstrations

July 17

Corn Production: 2015 forecasted corn yields based on July 15 Hybrid Maize model simulations. southern rust confirmed in Kansas; start scouting in Nebraska
Soybean Production: Soybean aphid scouting and management recommendations; soybean aphid life cycle and natural predators
Wheat & Oat Production: Marestail in oat and wheat fields
Irrigation Management: CornSoyWater: New free web and mobile app to aid irrigation management
Alfalfa & Forage Management: New organic seed coating for alfalfa helps prevent soilborne diseases
IANR & UNL: UNL Soil Scientist Gary Hergert reflects on 40 years of ground breaking work: Market Journal: ag meteorologists look at weekly and summer forecasts
Crop Reports: Extension crop updates; NASS crop condition; soil moisture update
AgNews: August 2015 Legal and Financial Clinics

July 10

Soybean Production: Conditions favorable for early to mid season soybean diseases
Corn Production: Northern corn leaf blight continues as gray leaf spot starts up; scout for emerging western corn rootworm beetles
Wheat Production: Post-harvest weed control in winter wheat; control volunteer wheat in wheat now to protect 2016 yields, income
Insect Management: Scout field borders for grasshoppers. 
Alfalfa Management: Replacing thinning alfalfa stands
Ag Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Update
Farm Management: 2015 Nebraska Cropland Rental Rates Declined
Crop Reports: Extension Updates; Market Journal reports; soil moisture update; NASS crop report, including wheat harvest predicted to drop 23% from 2014
IANR & Extension Programs: Deadline for 2015 Youth Crop Scouting Contest Extended to July 22.

July 3

Corn Production: Corn fungicide use and precaution; predicting western bean cutworm moth flights and scouting windows more precisely
Soybean Production: Caterpillars in soybeans
Cover Crops: Cover crops in prevented plantings
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Controlling potato leafhoppers in alfalfa; managing Bluegrass in alfalfa
Crop & Soil Moisture Reports: Extension crop reports from across the state; soil moisture update as of June 29; NASS crop progress and condition report
IANR & Extension: Precision Ag Clinic July 14 at ARDC; Herbicide-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Field Day Aug. 4

June 26

Corn Production: Introduction to Corn Yield Forecasting Center; corn disease update (Northern corn leaf blight and anthracnose leaf blight); tackling grower questions via on-farm research; stalk borer predictor map
Wheat Production: Strategies for handling scabby and vomitoxin-affected wheat grain; wheat disease update; wheat stem sawfly infestation growing in intensity and area.
Farm Management: 2015 final ag land values; Farm Finance and Legal Aid Clinics in July
Alfalfa & Forage Management: Seeding forages into wheat stubble
Market Journal: Segments on corn diseases, soybean diseases, ag trade with Japan and a forecast for the coming week
Crop & Soil Moisture Reports: USDA NASS crops report; Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic update; Nebraska soil moisture update
IANR & Extension: ARDC Crop Clinics on Precision ag, soils, crop diagnostics; Landlord/Tenant Ag Lease Workshops

June 19

Wheat Production: Wheat and small grain disease update
Corn Production: Wheat stem maggot and armyworms in corn; common stalk borer indicator
Soybean Production: Weed management
Weather & Climate: How solar radiation, GDDs compare with normals
Alfalfa & Forage Management: Armyworms in smooth brome; windrow disease in alfalfa; managing rained-on hay and 1st year alfalfa
Resistance Management: Biological and ecological factors affecting development of pesticide resistance
Crop & Soil Moisture Reports: NASS June 15 crop conditions; Nebraska Soil Moisture Update
IANR & Extension: Weed Management Field Day July 1 at South Central Ag Lab near Clay Center; Market Journal looks at markets, proposed trade agreement; youth groups invited to organize for crop contest; Panhandle No-till Field Days June 23-26

June 12

Corn Production: Working toward improved nitrogen use efficiency in corn in the Central Platte NRD; corn nematode sampling; tips for applying soil residual herbicides after corn emergence; scout for stalk borers in corn
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Assessing and Responding to Flood, Hail & Storm Damage: See June 5 and earlier issues of CropWatch
Resistance Management: Understanding Bt corn traits, events, proteins
Nutrient Management: Q&A: Sampling corn sap for nutrient analysis
Weather & Climate: Soil moisture report as of June 8, 2015
Crop Reports: Extension crops report June 8-12; UNL Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic Report; USDA: Soybean Planting 83% done; corn, 97%
Market Journal: Winter wheat issues

June 5

Wheat Production: Fusarium head blight (scab) confirmed in wheat at ARDC; Wheat Variety Tour June 11 at ARDC
Corn & Soybean Production: Links to previous articles and NebGuides on assessing hail and storm damage, planting and replanting options.
Resistance Management: Post-emergence herbicide options for glyphosate-resistant marestail in corn and soybean
Research: Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Projects Available
Alfalfa & Forage Production: grass control in alfalfa; preservatives and hay moisture
Crop Reports: Extension reports and photos from across the state; USDA crop reports
Weather: Precipitation and temperature outlooks; GDDs lagging; reservoirs filling; Nebraska Ag Climate Update for June; soil moisture update (June 1)
IANR & Extension: Nebraska No-Till Bus Tour June 18-19; Nebraska No-Till Expos at Stuart June 15 and Venango June 17; West Central Crops and Water Field Day June 23; Weed Management Field Day July 1 at Clay CenterNebraska On-Farm Research Network Projects Available

May 29

Wheat Management: Severe levels of stripe rust in wheat fields in southern Nebraska; harvesting infected wheat for hay
Soybean Management: Strategies for delayed planting of soybeans
Corn Production: Start scouting for common stalk borers in southern Nebraska
Crop Research: Sugar Application to crops — Nebraska On-Farm Research Network results; research review: sugar application to crops
Irrigation Management: Soil moisture update
Crop Reports: Nebraska Extension field reports; USDA crop report
Resistance Management: Why is Bt Corn refuge compliance so important?
Farm Management: Cornhusker Economics:  Precision agriculture usage and big agriculture data; June farm finance and legal aid clinics
IANR & Extension Programs: Register now for June 18-19 No-till Bus Tour; Managing Downy Brome Field Program Set for June 24 at Panhandle REC

May 22

Corn Production: Late planting provisions for crop insurance; assessing corn replant options; tips for applying soil residual herbicides after corn emergence; scouting, management of common stalk borer; cutworm moth counts
Wheat Production: Factors to consider when deciding whether to treat stripe rust in wheat; wheat disease update: leaf rust confirmed in eastern Nebraska; wheat plot tours set for June
Soybean Production: Soil residual herbicide options after soybean emergence
Resistance Management: Understanding Bt corn traits, events, proteins
Farm Management: Cornhusker Economics:  Production costs matter
Weed Management: Why weed management may falter this spring; don't let tree seedlings get established in no-till fields
Insect Management: Light trap data
Weather Update: Soil moisture update
IANR & Nebraska Extension: Market Journal: Early season soybean diseases, grazing wet pastures
Crop Reports: Extension crop reports; USDA crop report

May 15

Wheat Production: Freeze-damaged winter wheat in the Panhandle; assessing freeze injury to wheat; differentiating symptoms of soilborne diseases from winter injury in wheat; severity of wheat diseases and risk of fusarium head blight increasing; UNL Wheat Tours in June
Corn Production: Growing degree units and corn emergence
Resistance Management: Modes of action and resistance action
Planting: Wait for better conditions before heading out on wet soils; avoid planting too shallow; central seed hopper planters may need more weight to achieve proper seeding depth
Soil Fertility Management: Potential N loss after heavy rains
Weed Management: DiFlexx™: A new dicamba-based corn herbicide
Stored Grain Management: How to keep stored grain cool, dry this summer
Irrigation Management: Irrigation management tools and cost-share programs; soil moisture update
Crop/Livestock Systems: Wet weather emergency holding pond management
Market Journal: Corn scouting for diseases and insects, how Japan utilizes Nebraska grains, market analysis, and the forecast for the next week.Plan, Track On-Farm Research With New UNL Mobile App
IANR & Extension: Annie's Project Course on Farm Transition Planning
Crop Reports: Corn, 76% planted; soybean, 25%; Nebraska wheat crop down 18% from 2014

May 8

Flood Damage: Corn and soybean survival in saturated and flooded soils
Corn Production: Growing degree units and corn emergence; scout emerging corn for insects; don't assume protection; variegated and black cutworm moth trap counts
Soybean Production: Recent rains favor early season soybean diseases
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Climate & Weather: May 6 Storms, Tornados Tracked; Nebraska Ag Climate Report for May Crop Reports: Nebraska's national ag rankings; Extension Field Reports (May 4-8); USDA NASS: Corn Planting 57% Complete; Soybeans, 11%
Market Journal: View segments on impact of flooded fields, grain and soybean market analysis, and role of Japan as our largest importer of beef and pork
IANR & Extension Programs: West Central Crops and Water Field Day June 23

May 1

Wheat Production: Stripe rust confirmed in Nebraska; harvesting small grain cereals for hay or silage
Weed Management: Why residual herbicides are important tools in battling hard-to-control weeds
Resistance Management: Glyphosate-resistant palmer amaranth confirmed; resisting resistance: understanding and slowing the further development of pesticide resistance
Corn Production: Variegated and black cutworm moth trap counts April 19-25
Soybean Production: Sudden death syndrome and brown stem rot infections start in spring
Climate: Spring freeze climatology update and forecast
Farm Management: Farm finance and legal aid clinics scheduled for May; importance of reference prices in decision making: an application to commodity marketing
Market Journal: View segments on corn and soybean price movements, a preview of Market Journal's report from Japan, wheat strip rust, and the weather forecast
Crop Reports: Extension reports from eastern Nebraska; USDA NASS Crop Report

April 24

Planting: Chilling injury in corn and soybeans; soybean planting tips for optimal yield
Corn Production: Watch for seedling diseases in early planted corn; cutworm monitoring network gears up; nitrogen slide rules back in stock
Wheat Production: Ag Almanac (audio) segment on potential insect problems in western Nebraska winter wheat
Weed Management: Understanding the Enlist™ Weed Control System
Alfalfa Production: Scout for alfalfa and clover leaf weevils; strategies for irrigating alfalfa when water is limited
Equipment: Sprayer performance: testing for consistent coverage
Weather: Weather recap and forecast
Pesticide Management: Before spraying, use DriftWatch to identify nearby specialty crops
IANR/Extension News & Programs: Heuermann Lecturer Robb Fraley: new innovations will be key to meeting ag challenges; entry level field crop scout training May 12; application deadline approaching for Nebraska LEAD Fellowships
Crop Reports: Soil moisture and planting progress from USDA NASS

April 17

Wheat Production: Winter wheat reports and post-damage management options Planting: Preseason field check of planting equipment; most profitable corn populations
On-Farm Research: Test seeding rate trials for yourself
Cover Crops: UNL initiates study of cover crops in corn and soybean systems
IANR & Extension:  Market Journal: economics of ethanol, plus corn and soybean markets; UNL Department of Agricultural Economics Report: the Economic Impacts of the Ethanol Industry in Nebraska.

April 10

Corn Production: Dryland corn seeding rates for western nebraska. skip-row corn planting
Soybean Production: New soybean herbicides for 2015
Insect Management: Cutworm scouting urged in western Nebraska
Fertilizer Management: WWII nitrogen production issues in age of modern fertilizers
Weather: April forecast; Nebraska ag climate update for April
Cover Crops: Nebraska farmers invited to contribute to National Cover Crop Survey
Market Journal: View segments on soil moisture conditions and planting recommendations to avoid early season corn seedling diseaes, a grain market update, and the forecast for the coming week.

April 3

Soybean Production: Soybean inoculation: when, where, and why
Corn Production: Nebraska on-farm research corn seeding rate studies 2010-2014; do you need to boost your corn seeding rate?; updated handy Bt trait table
Planting: Use forecasts and soil temps as planting guides; no-till planting tips to help ensure a successful stand
Weed Management: New corn herbicides for 2015.
Climate: April 1-2 storms offer little precipitation; drought areas expand
Alfalfa Management: No-till alfalfa offers soil water-saving benefits
Farm Management: Considerations for pasture leases
Market Journal: Wheat injury; USDA Prospective Plantings Report; news from the poultry and hog industries Fertilizer Management: In the history of fertilizer part 2 fertilizer moves from bones to chemistry
Extension & IANR: New irrigation specialist; Robert Fraley April 21 Heuermann Lecturer; chemigation training; Tractor Safety Courses for Teens; Pesticide Container Recycling
AgNews: USDA Crop and Livestock Report; free finance and ag law clinics in April

March 27

Wheat Production: Winter wheat injury and winterkill
Fertilizer Management: Spring Application of Fertilizer N for Corn
Planting: RMA 2015 Initial Planting Dates for Corn: April 10 or April 15 in Nebraska; assessing climate trends, soil temperatures, and planting risks.
Tillage and No-Till: New video segments on effects of tillage and traffic on soil structure and compaction.
Market Journal with segments on soybean and corn planting; soybean inoculation; Innovative Youth Corn Challenge
Forage Management: Controlling early spring weeds in native grass
IANR & Extension: Nebraska Extension offers Sensitive Issues Training April 7-8; Nebraska Ag Water Management Network meeting April 2

March 13-20

Farm Management: Base acre reallocation (YouTube video), 2015 crop insurance projected prices, 2015 farm program yield updates, agecon.unl.edu/farmbill
Wheat Production: 2015 winter wheat injury and winterkill; Settler CL most popular winter wheat for 2015 in Nebraska; Nebraska wheat crop report
Corn Production: Apply now for Innovative Youth Corn Challenge.
Weed Management: It's time to scout for marestail and other early emerging weeds
Forage Management: Stay safe and delay prescribed grass burns 
Soil Fertility: A historical overview of fertilizer use (part 1)
IANR: Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement Honors Johanns, 11 new members
Market Journal: Roy Smith on corn and soybean market trends (3/20); corn seeding rates, WASDE report, ARC and PLC selection (3/13)
IANR & Nebraska Extension Programs: Expert: Americans' acceptance of climate change increasing (Heuermann Lecturer Anthony Leiserowitz); applications available for IANR ag leadership program; Annie's Project to empower farm and ranch women in business

March 6

Farm Management: Nebraska farm real estate values and rental rates
Cover Crops: 5 On-Farm Cover Crop Studies in Clay, Franklin, Phelps, Saunders and Seward counties
Farm Bill Guides: 2014 ARC-CO corn payments expected for Nebraska Panhandle; PLC may benefit Banner, Dawes and Deuel dryland corn acres; 2014 farm bill yield update (video)
Ag Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Summary
Forage Production: 4 steps to ensuring forage stand success; dormant spray now for weeds in alfalfa; soil test new and established alfalfa
Soil Fertility Management: Research identifies attributes of industrial byproduct for soils
USDA Reports: Nebraska Crop, Livestock, Soil Moisture Reports

February 20-27

Cover Crops: Corn and soybean herbicide options for planting cover crops for forage in fall
Precision Agriculture: Q&A on responding to uninvited drones over livestock
Wheat Production: UNL study characterizes genetic resistance to wheat stem rust
Stored Grain Management: Regularly check stored grain temperature and moisture
Soybean Production: SCN Update: 6th Annual 'Tode Awards
Market Journal: View Feb. 20 segments on analyzing projected planted acres, corn hail damage research, winter wheat condition, calving and breeding, and the forecast and Feb. 27 segments on soybean seed treatments, the Supreme Court ruling on Republican River water use, the cattle market, and the weather forecast.
USDA Reports: Nebraska loses 500 farms/ranches from 2013
IANR & Extension Events: Crop Scout Training; Next Heuermann Lecture: Climate Change in the American Mind; Chemigation Certification Training in Western Nebraska; Nebraska No-till Conferences Feb. 23, 24; Ag Estate, Transition Planning Workshops; Precision Ag Data Management Workshops; Landlord Tenant Lease Workshops Continue


Feb. 6-13

Farm Management: UNL Ag Policy Specialist Dave Aiken discusses the syngenta GMO lawsuit (audio); Cornhusker Economics: The Economics of ARC vs PLC
Soybean Production: Researchers show climate change is suppressing soybean yields
Corn Production: Nebraska Extension Entomologist Julie Peterson discusses western corn rootworm resistance (audio).
Alfalfa Production: Is Roundup Ready Alfalfa a good match for your operation?
Sorghum Production: New K-State experimental grain sorghum lines show high yield potential; USDA research to improve sorghum production, yields
Climate: Nebraska Ag Climate Update for January 2015
Panhandle REC: High Plains Ag Lab Building to be named for Charles Fenster; UNL High Plains Ag Lab farm manager retires after 40 years
Market Journal: View segments (Feb. 13) on two research programs offering "real world," application-based research information, analyses of the grain and hog markets, and helpful information when selecting a bull and view segments (Feb. 6) on market strategies for February, the Argentine soybean harvest, on-farm research updates, and the forecast for the coming week. IANR & Extension Programs: "Consolidation, Merger, Market Domination and the Changing Face of Agriculture; Center Pivot Irrigation Management Short Courses; Nebraska On-Farm Research Updates; Feb. 13 Wilber Crop Clinic; Nebraska No-till Conferences

January 20

Farm Management: Farm Bill FAQs on Yield Update; base acre reallocation; price loss coverage program; county agriculture risk coverage program
Also: Cornhusker Economics: What to consider when fertilizing Nebraska Sandhills subirrigated meadows for hay production; February farm finance and legal aid clinics; dropping fuel prices; and Landlord/Tenant Lease Workshops
Links to related Blog Posts by Extension Educator Jenny Rees: Simplification and Accuracy in Texas A&M Farm Bill Decision Tool and Inputting Data into Texas A&M Farm Bill Decision Tool
Corn Production: Strategies and tactics for rootworm management in Bt corn
Soybean Production: Researchers show climate change is suppressing soybean yields
Pesticide Management: DriftWatch updated
Extension Programs: Weed and Insect Resistance Workshops; Precision Ag Data Management Workshops; Nebraska Ag Technology Conference Feb. 4-5; Center Pivot Irrigation Management Short Course; Nebraska On-Farm Research Updates; High Plains Ag Lab Research Update; Spring 2015 Agronomy-Horticulture Series; Women in Agriculture Conference; Crop Scout Training for Pest Managers March 5
IANR Heuermann Lecture: Genetically Engineered Animals Could Help Ease World Hunger
Weather: 30- and 90-day Weather Forecasts
Market Journal: Corn rootworm management, range and pasture management, cattle market analysis, genetically engineered animals, and the forecast for the coming week.
UNL_CropWatch on YouTube: UNL's Nitrogen Loss Assessment Tool (N-LAT) and Land Application of Novozyme Spent Biomass
Crop Reports: USDA Reports Ending Corn and Soybean Harvests; Nebraska Grain & Hay Stocks Up From 2013

January 9

Soybean Production: Identifying SCN resistance
Farm Management: Farm Bill Frequently Asked Questions: Yield Update; Ag Land Lease Considerations for 2015; January Farm Finance Clinics
Extension Programs: Fremont Corn Expo presentations; Crop Production Clinics; 2015 Dry Edible Bean Day; Heuermann Lecture: Animal Scientist on Genetically Modified Animals; Farm Bill Computer Decision Aid Workshop; Land Application (of Manure) Training; Private Pesticide Safety Training;Weed and Insect Resistance Workshops
AgNews: 2015 Sorghum Symposium; National Ag Library unveils user-friendly search tool
Market Journal: Segments on changing strategies for the corn market; herbicide-resistant waterhemp; hog market analysis, calving; and the forecast
USDA Reports: State and national 2014 harvest tally; state grain and hay stocks
Farm Safety: UNL researchers seek safer ways to unclog grain bins