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Landlord-Tenant Workshops on Managing Land for the 21st Century October 15, 2018

Learn about current trends in cash rental rates, lease provisions, and crop and grazing land considerations at a series of workshops on "Managing Agricultural Land for the 21st Century." The Nebraska Extension landlord-tenant events will be held at nine sites in November and December.

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Standing in a field an employer shows a new employee the "lay of the land" and the operation
Standing in a field an employer shows a new employee the "lay of the land" and the operation.

Running Your Business: Employment-at-Will October 8, 2018

Nebraska is an "employment-at-will" state; however, there are instances when an employee's dismissal could be illegal. This article is one in a series on running your own business.

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Farm/Ranch Transition Workshops: When You're Not in Control September 28, 2018

A new series of Nebraska Extension farm/ranch transition workshops is designed for the "sandwich generation," the one falling between retiring parents and the grandchildren interested in returning to the operation. The workshops will cover family communication and financial and legal aspects.

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Silhouette of two people negotiating

Gold Star Negotiations: BANTA September 26, 2018

When negotiating, knowing when and under what conditions you should walk away is critical to your success. Here's how to use BANTA the next time you negotiate.

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Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics this October September 20, 2018

Openings are available for one-on-one, confidential farm finance and ag law consultations being conducted across the state.

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