December 15, 2017

Weed Management: Results of 2017 survey on Nebraska soybean farmers’ adoption of Xtend Technology and off-target dicamba movement
Soil Nutrition: From Nebraska Soil Scientist Charles Shapiro: It is time to hang up the soil probe ― reflections on a career
Nebraska Extension Winter Crop Meetings:

  • Nebraska Crop Management Conference Jan. 24-25
  • Learn how to get started with drones at the NCMC this January
  • Crop Production Clinics at five sites this January
  • Fremont Corn Expo Jan 4
  • Farm Beginnings Program 
  • Nebraska Sorghum Symposium Jan. 18 in Curtis
  • Successful Farmer Series offers six workshops for 2018
  • Private Pesticide Applicator Training
  • Private Pesticide Applicator Training for commercial, noncommercial pesticide applicators

Farm Management: McClure joins extension as farm management analytics educator; things to consider before co-signing a loan; Nebraska Farm Custom Rate survey participants requested; McClure joins extension as farm management analytics educator
Sugar Beet Production: Creating a soil disease index for Nebraska sugar beet
AgNews: Changes to bridge posting signs require truckers attention; 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture is underway
Climate News: Dry/drought areas worsen in Nebraska, now at 81%; High Plains Climate Center a hub of weather data for 30 years USDA NASS: County level wheat estimates now available 

December 8, 2017

Climate: Nebraska entering a dry phase for next 6-7 years; dry November leads to major shift in drought monitor
Corn Production: Competition allows ag producers to try new technologies, methods; corn stover removal: nutrient value of stover and impacts on soil properties; crop residue removal: impacts on yield; amelioration strategies after corn residue removal
Farm Management: Nebraska crop production budgets updated for 2018; December Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics; Workshops on ag liens, loans and leases at 2 sites this month; Who is Trading in the Future Markets and Why It Matters - Part 2; Extension training for farm record-keeping software
Diversified Agriculture: Western Sustainable Ag Crops and Livestock Conference Dec. 16
Soil Fertility: What is the economic value of manure
Crop Reports: Market Journal looks at long-run crop price cycles; NASS reports winter wheat condition 59% good to excellent
Research: Modeling pollen-mediated gene flow from glyphosate-resistant to glyphosate-susceptible giant ragweed under field conditions; husker researcher explores incentives for coordinated land use

November 17, 2017

Research: University studies sugarbeets as a livestock feed for weaned calves; could Sub-Saharan Africa be the world's next breadbasket? Nebraska study says it's unlikely
Field Studies: Blowing the whistle on marketing claims
Nebraska Extension Programs: Farmers and Ranchers College opens with David Kohl Dec. 7; Nebraska Soybean Day and Machinery Expo Dec. 14
Market Journal & Crop Reports: Corn harvest makes good progress in last week; Market Journal looks at market response to USDA crop report; number of farm workers increases, farm wages decrease

November 10, 2017

Corn Production: Grower experiences with picking up downed corn; Nebraska Corn Board supports free corn nematode testing
Soybean Production: Nitrogen on Soybeans — the hope never dies; quality SCN samples are part science, part art
Weed Management: Low temperature and frost may affect efficacy of burndown herbicides;university and sprayer company experts to address dicamba and Enlist application
Grain Management: Why grain test weights matter
Crop Reports & Market Journal: Season: Nebraska soybean production up 4% from '16, corn down 2%; current week: corn harvest at 68%; soybean at 95%; Market Journal: November crops report and more
AgNews: Bryce Doeschot comes full circle with KRVN radio gig; season-ending freeze later than normal; Cornhusker Economics: Livestock Air Emission Requirements

November 3, 2017

Corn Production: Potential reasons for weakened ear shanks and ear loss
Weather: Growing season officially over for Nebraska; how windy was it? a look at Nebraska gusts Oct. 23-27
Pesticide safety: Winter pesticide storage
Research: Engineering research focusing on next generation of ag technologies
Crop Reports: Corn harvest at 45% lags average; soybeans 89% done; harvest progress in the Panhandle
Weed Management: University and sprayer company experts to address dicamba and Enlist application
Corn Production Archive: Combine adjustments for downed corn; assessing and harvesting downed corn
Program Updates: Site added to November Ag Law and Ag Finance Clinic schedule; 2 Grain Marketing Workshops to be rescheduled

October 27, 2017

Corn Production: Combine adjustments for downed corn
Soybean Production: Check for Dectes Stem Borer damage in soybeans
Farm Management: Farm program payments and projections for Nebraska; Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference Feb. 22-23; 4 Ag Land Lease Workshops Scheduled; November Ag Law and Ag Finance Clinics
Weather: What will a La Nina winter mean for the Midwest?
Integrated Farming Systems: Studies show minimal soil compaction with winter grazing; online crop residue exchange links growers and grazers; farm evolution to focus on integrating crop/livestock systems
Weed Management: Dicamba changes for 2018
Research: USDA Funds Nebraska research on chick peas and dry beans
Crop Reports & Market Journal: With above normal temps, soybean and corn harvests progress

October 20, 2017

Farm Management: Effects of proposed 2017 tax reform on farmers
Keeping your equipment and fields fire safe at harvest
IANR & Nebraska Extension:
Growing Nebraska Summit Nov. 8; Nebraska Crop Insurance Workshop Nov. 1
Field Pea Production:
2017 field pea variety trial results
University Research:
Drones buzzing toward increased crop production; Minnesota research on nitrogen inhibitors; perceptions of crop consultants and crop producers on grazing corn residue in Nebraska
Crop Reports & Market Journal:
Just 17% of corn and 33% of beans harvested; crop update from the Panhandle; sugar beet chopping demonstration Oct. 25 at Panhandle Research Feedlot; Market Journal segments on selling strategies for corn and soybeans; ARC and PLC payments
Wheat Production: Revised USDA Risk Management Agency Nebraska Wheat Fact Sheet for 2018; RMA map of 2018 wheat final planting dates by county

October 13, 2017

Seed Selection: Which Bt traits do you need to purchase?; large check, small seed, significant impact
Harvest: Avoiding compaction at harvest; end of season flooding effects on soybeans, harvest
Weed Management: EPA and states' collective efforts lead to regulatory action on dicamba; sprayer clinic on new dicamba and Enlist products Nov. 15
Farm Management: Developing a grain marketing plan in 5 easy steps; two types of grain marketing workshops this fall; Q&A: Syngenta settlement
Grain Storage: Long-term grain storage requires good management
Crop Reports: USDA NASS forecasts record/top yields for most crops; Extension crop & field reports
AgNews: Restoring an 'american treasure' — a 1945 Allis Chalmers

October 6, 2017

Research Updates: SARE grant aids farmer in using drones to test nitrogen applications; establishing a western bean cutworm colony in the laboratory; researchers to study increased land use efficiencies of integrating cattle and crops
Alfalfa & Forages: How freezes affect forages; recommendations for harvesting alfalfa in October
Soil Health: The water-soil health connection
Farm Management: So you’ve inherited a farm, now what?; Annie’s Project Retreat Nov. 3-4 in Scottsbluff
Crop Reports & Market Journal: Precipitation slows and complicates dry bean harvest; crop diseases confirmed by PPDC Sept. 27-Oct. 5; Market Journal: grain market analysis and Syngenta lawsuit update

September 29, 2017

Corn Production: Ear rot diseases developing in Nebraska corn; managing nitrogen to reduce losses as nitrous oxide
Soybean Production: Study unearths benefits, limits of fertilizing soybeans
Sorghum Production: Sugarcane aphid reported in Nebraska
Farm Management: Tips for pre-tax planning using Quicken Deluxe; October Ag Law and Farm Finance Clinics
Weed Management: Managing common mullein and thistles
Crop Reports & Market Journal: Market Journal on farm real estate values, pasture and range insurance; USDA NASS: Wheat planting and corn harvest lag; USDA reports wheat crop at 46.9 million bushels; Nebraska organic production up 33% from previous year
Research: USDA researchers create soft durum wheat
AgNews: KRVN, Rural Radio Network add Lincoln news bureau at NIC; Registration open for Nebraska Hops Grower, Brewer Conference
IANR & Nebraska Extension: Heuermann Lecture to focus on impact of Nebraska immigrants

September 22, 2017

Corn & Soybean Production: 2017 corn yield forecasts as of September 20; stalk rot diseases in Nebraska cornfields; ISU studies on rate of soybean and corn dry down in the field; natural air drying of binned soybeans
Weather: Forecast for precipitation and end-of-season freeze risk
Market Journal & Crop Reports: Market Journal: preparations for corn harvest, grain market analysis; crop diseases confirmed by PPDC Sept. 1-20; Extension crop reports Sept. 18-22; dry bean harvest continues as some corn, soybean harvests start

September 15, 2017

Soybean Production: Plan harvest to deliver soybeans at the optimum moisture; equipment adjustments for harvesting soybeans at 13%-15% moisture
Farm Management: By the numbers: who's paying how much in cash rent?
Crop Reports & Market Journal: Market Journal on grain marketing, soybean harvest, benefits of grazing cornstalks; record high harvests forecast for Nebraska Corn and Soybean
USDA: Corn maturity lags slightly; soybeans on track
Farm Safety: Look up! Avoid power line deaths this harvest season
Cover Crops: Cover Crop Field Day and Tour Sept. 19 in southeast Nebraska; Cover Crop Field Day Monday, Sept. 25 near Lincoln
Weed Management: New Nebraska resource on identifying grass weeds in crops
Research: Brazilian-UNL collaboration studying what could be tomorrow’s new corn ear pest

September 8, 2017

Weather: Forecast of end-of-season weather and freeze risk
Cover Crop Production: Nebraska farmers share cover crop why's and how's; cover crop productivity in corn and soybean systems; review herbicide restrictions before planting forage cover crops
Farm Management: Propane availability forecast; ag producers encouraged to take succession survey
On-Farm Research: Field studies: what do you mean 5 bushels per acre is not significant?
Crop Reports: Market Journal on cover crops and weed control, drones, and making silage; USDA-NASS: Progress toward crop maturity near normal
Alfalfa Management: Safely harvesting alfalfa during the winterizing period
IANR & Nebraska Extension: University's HHD displays focus on strengthening the farm/ranch bottom line; Agronomy offers great line-up of fall seminars; Nebraska LEAD names newest class of 30 fellows

September 1, 2017

Focus on Wheat Production

  • 5 Pre-Planting Steps to Reduce Disease Problems in Wheat
  • How Winter Wheat Seeding Date Affects Yields
  • Making the Case for Certified Wheat Seed
  • Risk Factors and Management Recommendations for Wheat Diseases in Nebraska
  • Recap of 2017 Western and Eastern Nebraska Wheat Crops and Implications for 2018
  • 2017 Nebraska Winter Wheat Variety Testing and Top Performers by Region
  • Fertilizer Management
  • Why Grow Winter Wheat in Eastern Nebraska and Recommended Practices
  • Q&A - Any Tips for Setting my Drill for Seeding Wheat?
  • On-Farm Storage Could Lead to Higher Returns for Farmers with Wheat in the Bin Plus On-line Calculator
  • By the Numbers: Nebraska Wheat Production
  • Wheat Update from the Henry J. Stumpf International Wheat Center

Corn Production: 2017 corn yield forecasts as of August 30; Is your corn worth more as grain or silage?
Soybean Production: Why are yields from some soybean fields much higher than others?
Farm Management: September Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics
Sorghum Production: Sugarcane aphids in northern Kansas
IANR & Nebraska Extension: University's HHD displays to focus on strengthening the farm/ranch bottom line; Bradshaw named to leadership role in National Entomology Society

August 25, 2017

Cover Crops: Research update on cover crops after winter wheat harvest
Soybean Production: New dicamba injury survey; white mold more common this year
Corn Production: Estimating potential corn yield; bacterial leaf streak of corn; event: corn plots and irrigation scheduling equipment; evaluating N management with the corn stalk nitrate test
Weather: Nebraska drought decreases; forecast for cooler, wetter conditions

August 18, 2017

Corn Production: Corn disease update: are we out of the woods yet?; August corn and soybean production clinics; online crop residue exchange links growers and grazers; correct timing makes the best silage
Soybean Production: Dicamba injury survey; sudden death syndrome starting to show up in soybeans; thoughts on the August 2017 USDA WASDE: Soybeans
Wheat Production: Nebraska Wheat Variety Trial Data and Fall Seed Guide
Farm Management: Tracking grain price basis to identify trends
Irrigation Management: Evaluating your irrigation system for winter fixes
Crop Reports: Market Journal features segments on soybean diseases, wbc, cover crops and no-till; most crop conditions hold steady; dry edibles improve; Nebraska farm and ranch expenditures down from 2016; USDA: Nebraska farm real estate prices down 2%; cropland down 6%
Eclipse Recap: Will the Eclipse Affect Soybean?; Q&A on 2017 Solar Eclipse and Nebraska Agritourism Liability; Nebraska Extension Seeks Citizen Scientists for Eclipse; Nebraska Mesonet: Total Eclipse. 
Nebraska Extension & IANR: Western Nebraska Landlord/Tenant Cash Lease Workshop; new Extension crop publications; biodegradable biomulch; new 4-H and Raising Nebraska Exhibits at Nebraska State Fair 

August 11, 2017

Corn and Soybean Production: 2017 corn yield forecasts as of Aug. 9; soybean stem borer; painted lady butterflies and caterpillars; Corn and Soybean Production Clinics at ENREC; estimating the full value of crop residue; Q&A - Will the eclipse affect soybean growth?; soybean stem canker in southeast Nebraska
Water Management: Speaker slate at West Cental REC Water and Crops Field includes growers, researchers from 5 universities
Soil Nutrition: Soil organic matter and its benefits
Farm Management: Who Needs a 1099?
Crop Reports: Extension Crop Reports August 7-11; Nebraska corn, soybean and dry bean production forecast to hit record highs; NASS crop conditions: cooler conditions lower corn, soybean stress
Dry Bean Production: Annual Nebraska Dry Bean Field Tour set for Aug. 22
Grain Storage: Account for automation, safety with grain drying and storage systems
Nebraska Extension & IANR: Pollinator Field Day Aug. 18 at Tekamah; Nebraska crop scouting youth winners to advance to regionals; Nebraska's unique doctor of plant health program; professional society recognizes work in resource conservation
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Timing right to interseed grass in thinning alfalfa; planting cover crops after silage offers several benefits

August 4, 2017

Wheat Production: Protect future wheat yields by controling the volunteer green bridge; the importance of certified, fungicide-treated wheat seed; research suggests changes in two wheat practices could lead to increased yield
Corn Production: Continued scouting urged for southern rust, now in 26 counties; scout corn fields for kernel set; high humidity and temperature and corn pollination
Irrigation Management: Predicting late-season irrigation needs
Soil Nutrient Management: Using Manure as an Aid in Reducing Erosion and Runoff
Farm Management: Terminating a verbal farm land lease; August Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics
Forage and Pasture Production: Drying sorghums and millets for baling; adjusting pasture leases during drought
Research: University Leads Research into Heat-Tolerant Crops
Crop Reports: PPDC Clinic Crop Disease Reports July 20-August 3; Extension Crop Report August 4
Extension & IANR: New Publications from Nebraska Extension

July 28, 2017

Soybean Production: Phytophthora root and stem rot developing in soybeans; frogeye leaf spot in soybeans in eastern Nebraska; charcoal rot: a hidden threat to soybean yield; estimating soybean leaf defoliation; Soybean Management Field Days Aug. 8-11
Corn Production: Corn disease update — southern rust increasing; diplodia new to Nebraska; Nebraska counties where southern rust has been confirmed in corn; spider mite reports increasing
Managing in Drought: Test for feed value with CRP hay; emergency haying and grazing resources; making silage from dry corn; should you hay or cut silage from drought-damaged corn fields; crop management in drought
Weather: As drought worsens, hopes focus on moisture forecast; documenting climate data relative to pesticide injury
Cover Crops: Nebraska research to examine benefits of cover crop
Crop Reports: Crop Diseases Confirmed by PPDC July 10-26; Nebraska Extension Crop Reports July 24-28; Market Journal features crop insects, cover crop, and cattle market updates
Nebraska Extension & IANR: Precision Ag Training Aug. 2; Agronomy Youth Field Day August 9 at Curtis; view high-tech sensors in action at Project SENSE updates
AgNews: Nebraska Extension Specialist Responds to Dicamba Concerns; Q&A on 2017 Solar Eclipse and Nebraska Agritourism Liability; Nebraska Extension Precision Ag Engineer Joe Luck receives 2017 Educator/Researcher Award; Grain Drying, Handling, and Storage Handbook updated by ISU's Midwest Plan Service

July 20, 2017

Corn Production: Southern rust in eight eastern Nebraska counties; scout now for corn rootworm beetles to assess potential risk of future damage; 2017 corn yield forecasts as of July 18
Weed Management: Dicamba injury reports rise in Nebraska
Soybean Production:
Soybean aphids at low levels in northeast Nebraska; soybean aphid scouting and management; soybean marketing and preparing for the August WASDE report
Wheat Production: Is manure a fertility option for wheat?
Plant scientists aim to turn sorghum into jet fuel
IANR and Extension: Cover crop event to bring together farmers and cattle operators; view high-tech sensors in action at project SENSE updates; in-season use of the AgriTools app
Forage Production: Options for forage following wheat; adjusting forage management for summer heat
Crop Reports: USDA-NASS: Nebraska crop progress and condition (July 17); dry/drought area expands in Nebraska; crop management in drought
Nebraska Extension Program Reminders: Learn how to optimize your tech at Precision Ag Training Aug. 2

July 14, 2017

Wheat Production: Why control of volunteer wheat is critical to protecting 2018 yields; post-harvest weed control in winter wheat; post-harvest winter wheat marketing strategies; 2017 stripe rust ratings from eastern Nebraska Wheat Variety Trials
Corn & Soybean Production: Scouting and treatment recommendations for western bean cutworm; several corn diseases developing across Nebraska; Liberty label revision allows rate increase; CornSoyWater — real-time aid for corn and soybean irrigation decisions
Farm Management: Cornhusker Economics: Analyzing 2016 Net Farm Income
Crop Reports: USDA: corn silking lags; soybean blooming ahead of normal; crop diseases confirmed by Plant and Pest Lab June 27-July 13; follow insect light trap counts for 3 sites: Clay Center, Concord, and North Platte
Nebraska Extension People: Gary Zoubek receives National Hall of Fame Award; Jeff Bradshaw named associate director intern for Panhandle REC
Nebraska Extension Programs: Middle Niobrara Conservation Field Day (IANR News); Soil Health Clinic July 18; Hops Workshop July 19 in Scottsbluff; Hops Field Day and Scouting Workshop July 22; 4 Crop Management Diagnostic Clinics to cover timely topics

July 7, 2017

Corn Production: 2017 corn yield forecasts: approach and interpretation of results
Soybean Production:
Soil-residual herbicide options for “slow-to-canopy” soybeans
Soil Nutrient Management:
How manure impacts soil aggregation
Alfalfa Production: Determining When It's Time to Replace Thinning Alfalfa Stands
Research Updates: Detection and characterization of the causal agent for bacterial leaf streak in corn
Crop Reports: Market Journal on using dicamba, irrigation management, and the profitability of precision agriculture; USDA NASS Crop Condition & Progress Report
Mike Boosalis Passes July 4

June 30, 2017

Corn Production: Time to scout for western corn rootworm beetles
Weed Management: Dicamba injury symptoms on sensitive crops
Irrigation Management: Using SoyWater; tips for irrigation scheduling of corn in the late vegetative stage
Farm Management: 2017 Farm Real Estate Report details price decline
Weather: Forecast: Expect high heat indices after July 4
Grain Storage: Protecting your investment: keep stored grain cool, dry
Crop Reports: Market Journal: Insect scouting, corn grower's lawsuit and forecast; crop diseases confirmed by Plant & Pest Lab June 15-27; USDA Nebraska planted acres report; Nebraska crop conditions (NASS, 6/19/17); USDA NASS grain stocks report; Drought Monitor: abnormally dry area expands to 68% of Nebraska
Hop Production: Hops Workshop July 19 at Panhandle REC in Scottsbluff; Hops Field Day and Scouting Workshop July 22
Hay Production: Remove bales soon after harvest to avoid future yield loss
AgNews: Kansas Federal jury awards $218 million in Syngenta litigation
Programs & People: Memorial services for Dale Flowerday; Soil Health Field Day July 18; Brent Sampson retires from Nebraska Tractor Test Lab

June 23, 2017

Weed Management: Consider application restrictions of postemergence herbicides based on soybean growth stage; grower Q&A: is this herbicide-resistant palmer amaranth?
Insect Management: Japanese beetles emerging in corn and soybean; time to scout field borders for grasshoppers; adult emergence of suspected wheat stem maggot from infested corn plants; manage standing water to reduce mosquito disease threat
Research: Field studies: setting up a trial
Crop Reports & Market Journal: NASS crop conditions; Market Journal on testing aerial applications, wheat stem maggot in corn
IANR & Extension: 4 summer clinics to target timely crop production topics
Research Updates: ISU research looks at how fast corn roots grow; Cornhusker Economics: Precision Agriculture Adoption and Profitability
Alfalfa & Forage Production: Successfully seeding forages into wheat stubble; insects causing problems for alfalfa
Farm Management: Register now for July Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics

June 16, 2017

Corn Production: Using degree-day models to predict western bean cutworm flights; consider corn growth stage when applying postemergence herbicides; bacterial leaf streak confirmed on v4 corn in Nebraska; suspected wheat stem maggot damage in corn following cover crops
Soybean Production: Control of glyphosate-resistant volunteer corn in Liberty-Link soybean
Crop hail damage resources
Irrigation: How much irrigation is needed on corn in the vegetative growth stage?
Insect Management: Light trap data for 3 sites
Forage Production:
Forages may be the answer if replant options are limited; options for forage following wheat
Market Journal & Crop Reports: Nebraska Extension crop and damage reports June 12-16; Market Journal on grain markets, bacterial leaf streak, weather forecast and more Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic report (june 14); and Nebraska crop progress report.
Research: Cornhusker Economics: How accurate are crop forecasts?

June 9, 2017

Storm Recovery: Crop hail damage resources
Soybean Production: PPO-inhibiting herbicides and soybean seedling injuries; conditions favor early season soybean diseases again this year
Irrigation Management: Is Your Irrigation System Ready for the Season? Value of Using Sensors to Manage Irrigation and Tips for Proper Installation
Weather: Warmer Days Help GDD Levels Catch Up
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update: stripe rust, leaf rust, wheat streak mosaic at high levels; Kansas State University researchers identify new gene to resist wheat streak mosaic virus; Nebraska's winter wheat crop down 34% from 2016
Corn Production: Iowa releases new publication on use of the late spring soil nitrate test
Nebraska Extension Field Days & Events: New Eastern Nebraska Research & Extension Center Open House June 29; UNL High Plains Ag Lab to Host Field Day June 21; View Corn Contest Plots at UNL-TAPS Field Tour June 27; Cover Crop and Annual Forage Field Day June 29 near Sidney
Market Journal & Crop Reports: Market Journal on nitrate leaching, marestail control and more; Extension Crop Reports June 5-9, 2017; USDA planting update

May 26, 2017

Corn and Soybean Production: Yellow corn seedlings … a transition phase between heterotrophic and autotrophic growth? when weather delays planting; scouting and managing stalk borer in corn; soybean and corn yield and acreage trends through 2016
Fertilizer Management: Risk of nitrate leaching across Nebraska as of May 21, 2017
Weather: Evaluating early-season hail damage in corn; hail: pre- and post-event risk management considerations
Wheat Production: Stripe rust predominant disease in Nebraska wheat; cephalosporium leaf stripe developing in west central wheat
Weed Management: Postemergence (rescue) herbicide options for control of glyphosate-resistant marestail in corn and soybean; effect of excessive rainfall on efficacy of residual herbicides applied in corn and soybean; Weed Management, Cover Crops Field Day June 28
Farm Management Tech Tip:
Quicken tags for your farm or ranch; Extension Releases Grain Marketing Plan Ap
Field Pea Production:
Field Pea Field Days scheduled for June at 5 locations across Nebraska
Crop Reports:
Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic report May 15-24: Market Journal on scouting for insects, grain marketing, and more; Extension crop reports May 22-26; USDA NASS: Corn planting 87% done; soybean, 52%
Alfalfa and Pasture Management:
Hastening hay dry-down; fertilizing warm-season grasses; planning when to harvest grass hay; raising the cutting height when the first alfalfa harvest is delayed
IANR & Extension:
Cool-Season Grass Production Field Day June 1

May 19, 2017

Corn Production: Corn survival in ponded or flooded fields; cross-banding on corn leaves: one week later
Wheat Production: Eight Winter Wheat Field Days this June; wheat disease update: Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus; Interactive Animation: Wheat Curl Mite Time Machine; Video: Surviving the Green Bridge
Weather: More showers in May forecast
Dry Bean Production: Planning for direct harvest of dry edible beans
Weed Management: How to differentiate common waterhemp and palmer amaranth seedlings; new research quantifies the dispersal of the glyphosate resistance trait through pollen-mediated gene flow; absinth wormwood - new invasive species in Nebraska Panhandle
Soil Fertility: Manure and Soil Health Presentations related to manure and soil health testing; soil biology; soil erosion, runoff, and losses; and cover crops
IANR & Extension Resources: LEAD alumni on how the experience changed their lives; LEAD growth both personal and statewide; Kyle Broderick, new Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic Coordinator; June workshops on beginning farmer tax credit, loan programs; Nebraska researchers on multi-state team to study psychology of water use

May 12, 2017

Corn Production: "Cross-banding" on corn leaves due to pre-emergent, cold soil temperatures; assessing 2016 corn yield forecasts by the Yield Forecasting Center; scout emerging corn for early season insects
Soybean Production: Spraying the new phenoxy herbicide formulations in Xtend and Enlist Soybeans
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update from eastern Nebraska; leaf rust confirmed, stripe rust widespread but at low levels
Weed Management: Watch for Palmer amaranth in Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Fields
Research: Field studies: replicated comparisons vs side-by-side comparisons
Farm Management: On-Farm and Off-Farm Heirs: Family Feud Ends Up in Court (May 10 Cornhusker Economics)
Alfalfa and Forage Production: Time first alfalfa cutting to best fit your needs; harvesting small grain cereals for hay or silage
Market Journal: View segments on the May crop report, corn seedling diseases, winter wheat scouting, Nebraska LEAD program, and the forecast for the coming week
Climate: Temperatures continue above-average streak in April (Climate Update, Nebraska State Climate Office)
Disease Management: Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic Report
Youth Education in Crop Production: Youth Crop Scouting Contest
Crop Report: USDA NASS: Corn planting at 50%, soybean at 13%; 2017 winter wheat crop down 27% from 2016

May 5, 2017

Corn Production: Conditions favorable for seedling diseases in early-planted corn; corn replant assessments
Wheat Production: Leaf rust confirmed, stripe rust widespread but at low levels; be patient when assessing winter wheat damage
Farm Management: Farm finance averages show some light, despite concerning ag debt; 5 things to improve your Quicken® record keeping
Weather: Good planting window, but more rains mid next week; new interactive CPC Outlook Maps offer more location detail
Field Peas: Yellow field peas fare well after recent lows
IANR & Extension: Registrations still being accepted for May home study course for drone pilots exam
Crop Reports: Extension reports May 1-5 with photos; USDA NASS reports corn planting at 34%, soybean at 8% (as of April 30)
Research Brief: A new stink bug IPM resource for Midwest corn and soybean growers

April 28, 2017

Wheat Production: Assessing freeze damage to wheat; wheat diseases increasing
Corn Production: Risk of freeze damage in early-planted, emerged corn; corn, soybean planting considerations for this week's cold snap
Soybean Production: Considerations for managing herbicide-resistant weeds in soybeans: spring burndown; timing is critical with pre-emergence fluxioxazin-based herbicides in soybean; new pocket field guide for Nebraska soybean and corn growers 
Weather: Weather data shows late April-May cold spells not that uncommon in Nebraska
Alfalfa Production: Assessing freeze injury to alfalfa
Farm Management: Fertilizer price changes from 1994-2017
Research: On-Farm research opportunities for this season; find nearby on-farm research results more quickly with new website; research brief: ecology and management of the alfalfa weevil
Crop Reports: Nebraska Extension Crop Reports -- alfalfa weevil survey; above normal temps lead to jump in corn planting progress
IANR & Extension: Extension home study course prepares drone pilots for exam

April 21, 2017

Corn Production: Planting interval of corn after previous year's soybean herbicides
Wheat Production: Stripe rust confirmed; wheat streak mosaic found (4/21); stripe rust identified in Panhandle wheat (4/18)
Alfalfa Production: Scouting advised for alfalfa and clover leaf weevils; postemergence weed control in alfalfa
Weather: Planting delays possible if forecasts for above normal precipitation hold true; Climate Prediction Center's seasonal forecast
Farm Management: Annual forages and windrow grazing as an alternative to cash grain crops; Q&A: property owners required to keep trees out of division fences
Pesticide Safety: NDA: Farmers, pesticide applicators encouraged to help protect sensitive crops; recycle sites for cleaned pesticide containers
Crop Reports: Nebraska Extension; USDA NASS - corn planting starts; winter wheat condition 53% good to excellent
IANR & Extension: Entry-Level Field Crop Scout Training May 10
AgNews: North Platte River Water update -- US Bureau of Reclamation; register now for farm finance and ag law clinics in May

April 14, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Planting soybean after soybean (parts 1 & 2): Planting considerations and in-season management; starter fertilizer: when is it warranted?
Farm Management: Post-harvest grain marketing: cleaning out corn and soybean bins; farm program payments and projections for the Nebraska Panhandle
Cover Crops: Terminating a cereal rye cover crop — things to consider
Climate: Nebraska springs becoming warmer and wetter; potential impact on crops from changes in spring climate trends
Insect Management: Japanese beetles migrating westward; NDA regulatory, inspection efforts to track Japanese beetle
Research: USDA ERS: Mergers and competition in seed and agricultural chemical markets
Alfalfa & Grass Production: Firm seedbeds for planting grasses and alfalfa; putting carryover hay to good use; wrapping hay to beat the weather
Crop Reports: USDA NASS -- wheat condition similar to last week
IANR & Extension: Beneficial Insects Symposium Saturday, April 15 in Lincoln; Market Journal on water and food security with A.G. Kawamura; marestail control, 2018 Farm Bill; market analysis; forecast; Kawamura: Successful Agriculture Sustains Civilization, a report from the April 12 Heuermann Lecture (IANR News Release); Water and Irrigation Specialist to Join Panhandle REC
AgNews: Grant Program for Hop Growers, Craft Brewers

April 7, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Making data-driven decisions on soybean inoculation; developing a joint ownership agreement for shared machinery; crop sequence: a long-term decision that impacts annual profitability and risk
Weed Management: Keys to managing herbicide resistance in soybeans; planting interval of corn and soybean after 2,4-d/dicamba burndown application; vententata, an invasive weed
Wheat Production: Wheat disease update
Weather: Continued rains in early April forecast; possible snow mid-month
Alfalfa Production: Applying manure before seeding alfalfa
Crop Reports: Nebraska Extension Reports; Nebraska Winter Wheat 47% Good to Excellent; US & Nebraska Prospective Plantings: Record Soybean Acreage; USDA: US and Nebraska Grain Stock Reports as of March 1
Market Journal: grain and hog markets, yield loss from weeds, research results from the 2016 Soybean Management Field Days, and the forecast for the coming week.
IANR & Extension: New Nebraska Extension publications: Planning the Transition to Organic Crop Production; Soil Management for Increased Organic Matter; Management of Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot of Soybean; and Observed Space and Time Changes in Air Temperatures and Daily Temperature Range for the Great Plans; Ecological Pest Management and Beneficial Insects Topics of April 14, 15 Programs
Research Updates: Crop Protection Contributions toward Agricultural Productivity, a CAST paper; KU on how "Weather Whiplash" will Degrade Midwest's Drinking Water
AgNews: Registration Open for National Irrigation Academy for Educators

March 31, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: 10 years of research shows benefit of reducing soybean seeding rates; reducing costs with high-speed, high-capacity dryers
Climate: View talks by UNL and ISU climatologists on how you can use climate data to manage risk; climatologist predicts a stormy spring
Insect Management: DuPont Pioneer researcher to speak on emerging technologies in insect pest management
Market Journal: Scouting winter wheat for disease; NRCS and controlling ephermeral erosion; weather updates on a regional and seasonal scale; the state weather forecast; and a cattle market analysis.
USDA Crop Reports: Wheat condition, soil moisture; Nebraska and US Prospective Plantings for 2017; US and Nebraska Grain Stock Report
IANR & Extension: UNL Potato Specialist Alex Pavlista retires after 50 years in research; water and global resources focus of April Heuermann Lecture; Small Scale Farming Workshop April 8; Quicken classes in April for Farm, Ranch Record Keeping

March 24, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Which Bt traits do you need to buy for your fields?; caution urged on farm leases; reducing the cost of planting roundup ready alfalfa; reducing on-farm drying costs; reducing drying time and energy cost by filling bins in layers
Wheat Production: Cutworm scouting urged in western Nebraska wheat and alfalfa; start scouting for wheat diseases now; cornhusker economics: costs of reducing potential nitrogen pollution in wheat production
Weed Management: Status of herbicide-resistant weeds in Nebraska
Alfalfa & Pasture Management: Pre-season alfalfa irrigation may be advisable; consider planting grass-alfalfa mixtures this year; use care with prescribed burns of CRP, pastures
IANR & Extension: Market Journal segments on drones in agriculture, grain markets; manure applications for crops; weed management for 2017, and the forecast; LEAD Fellowship Applications due June 15; program on drones in ag April 6 in Harrisburg

March 17, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Building resiliency when stressful times strain you and your family; a checklist for farm/ranch debt workout; a farmer's perspective: increase profitability with on-farm research; repair leaky gates/gaskets and eliminate a set; using cutoff ratio to fine-tune furrow irrigations
Farm Management: Agricultural land values decline an average of 10%; cash rental rates also drop
Field Pea Production: Field pea rotational costs and benefits; field pea seeding rates, seeding depth, and inoculant
Weed Management: Glyphosate-resistant palmer amaranth confirmed in south-central Nebraska; Video: UNL Weed scientists on Weed Resistance
Sorghum Production: 2016 Sorghum Variety Test Results
Alfalfa, Pasture & Forage Management: Pasture rental rates, converting cropland to pasture
Pesticide Safety: Chemical-resistant gloves may help prevent Parkinson's
Market Journal: segments on cover crops and the practice of "planting green"; farm financial tune-up; grain market analysis; the Rural Futures Institute; and the forecast for next week

March 10, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Maximizing soil quality benefits of manure applications; understanding Nebraska farm credit mediation
Nutrient Management: Nitrogen extenders and additives for field crops; understanding soil test reports (Ag Almanac)
Corn Production: UNL Crop Management Contest (UNL-TAPS)
Weed Management: Scouting for and controlling glyphosate-resistant marestail; new soybean herbicides; detecting invasive species: Medusahead
Alfalfa Management: Checking alfalfa for winter injury
Water Management: State groundwater levels still recovering from 2012 drought
Sorghum Production: View presentations from the 2017 Sorghum Symposium
Organic Production: Planning the transition to organic crop production
Extension & IANR: Rescheduled On-Farm Research Results Meeting in Alliance; "Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives" theme of Women in Agriculture Conference in Sidney; Grain Marketing Workshops; Ag Quicken Workshops; Market Journal on managing non-Bt corn, terminating cover crops, fertilizing pastures, the cattle market, and the forecast for next week; Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement; Nebraska LEAD director recognized

March 3, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Postponing phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur fertilizer applications; improving soybean profitability by managing SCN; finding win-win opportunities for manure; how skip-row corn provides improved drought tolerance in dryland corn; recommendations for implementing and fertilizing skip-row corn; giving your farm a financial tune-up; ag refinancing options
Farm Management: Projected corn and soybean prices for 2017 crop insurance plus volatility factors; Syngenta litigation update; Q&A on the IRS Portability Rule
Market Journal: Market analysis of corn and soybean prices; a look at Nebraska's leading economic indicator; soybean seed treatments; cow-calf management; and the weather forecast
Corn Production: New Hybrid-Maize improves corn yield predictions under drought stress
Nutrient Management: New NebGuide: Soil Management for Increased Soil Organic Matter
Forage, Alfalfa & Pasture Production: Frost seeding legumes into pastures
Nebraska Extension: Field Scout Training for Pest Managers March 14; Nebraska Extension Tractor Safety Classes; Course on Farming with Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

February 24, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Rotation impact on irrigated corn and soybean yields in Nebraska; research on cutting fertilizer n rates in corn after alfalfa
Weed Management: Q&A on kochia control; downy brome control
Corn Production: New corn herbicides for 2017; update on bacterial leaf streak of corn in Nebraska
Farm Management: Stabilizing your farm's financial condition and profitability CropWatch: New Nebraska soil temperature resources
Precision Agriculture: Precision Ag Makes Farming more Sustainable, Profitable
Market Journal: Corn and soybean market analysis, the outlook for spring weather, alfalfa survival, managing resistant weeds, and next week's forecast
IANR & Extension: UNL High Plains Ag Lab Research Update March 2; March 2 speaker to explore using no-till in organic farming
New Nebraska Extension Ag Publications: Insecticide Mode of Action Classification for Nebraska Field Crops (G2066); Understanding Soil Water Sensors for Irrigation Management (EC3002); Common Grasses of Nebraska (EC 170); Estimated Costs of Producing Hops in Nebraska (EC3010)

February 17, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Losing your operating credit and using loan subordination
Dry Bean & Dry Pea Production: New chickpea cultivar New Hope
Disease Management: SCN now confirmed in 58 counties; announcing the 7th Annual SCN 'Tode Awards
Water Resources: Status of North Platte River basin and reservoirs
Forage & Alfalfa Production: Be alert to risk of alfalfa winter injury; dormant spraying weeds in alfalfa.
Market Journal: property tax reform, precision ag tools, an update from IANR Harlan Vice Chancellor Mike Boehm, the hog markets, and the forecast for next week.
Farm Management: Farm Succession/Estate Planning Workshops Set
Crop Report: Number of Nebraska farms decreases in 2016

February 10, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Comparing generic and name brand pesticides; what to consider before co-signing a loan
Corn Production: What to plan for if you’re planting non-Bt traited corn for 2017; Cornhusker Economics on distillers' dried grains export market
Soybean Production: A quick look at soybean production in Brazil; Nebraska Soybean Grower Survey
On-Farm Research: Growers statewide to share research results; meet Bryon Chvatal, a Nebraska on-farm researcher
Weather: As temperatures warm, spring conditions could turn wet
Market Journal: View segments on soybean production strategies in a tight-margin year; the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network result meetings; grazing cover crops; the farm income forecast and market analysis; and the forecast for the coming week.

February 3, 2017

Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy: Tools & strategies for ag producers; using the 2017 crop budgets to focus on costs; using herbicide prices and efficacy ratings to select for top value
Weed Management: 2017 chart for selection of herbicides based on site of action; Jhala receives early career Outstanding Weed Scientist Award
Farm Management: Women in Agriculture Conference Feb. 23-24; Grain Marketing Workshops continue next week in eastern Nebraska
Nebraska Extension Pest of the Month: Japanese Beetle
Wheat Production: USDA NASS reports wheat condition
Rural Solar Energy: Solar land leases: considerations in Nebraska; Extension workshop on adding solar electric systems for farms, ranches, and homes
IANR & Extension: Wilber Crop Clinic

January 27, 2017

Wheat Production: Growers urged to keep a watchful eye for wheat viruses this spring
Corn Production: Winners of Innovative Youth Corn Challenge; Handy Bt Trait Table revised for 2017
Cover Crops: Nebraska Cover Crop Conference Feb. 14
Precision Agriculture: NeATA Conference topics
Farm Management: Pre-harvest marketing strategies in years with high ending stocks; plan for drought when negotiating your pasture lease; register now for Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics in February
Dry Bean Production: Dry Bean Grower's Event Feb. 7 in Gering
Conservation: NDA funding available for buffer strips; windbreak renovation workshops in southeast Nebraska
IANR & Extension: Market Journal segments on recent grain market price movements, Brazilian soybeans, and the Keystone XL Pipeline; Southeast Nebraska Sprayer Clinic Feb. 8; Grain Marketing Workshops 

January 20, 2017

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources: University leaders to meet with public during 11-city Nebraska tour; Nebraska Extension readies people, resources to aid farmers facing stressful loan renewal season; new IANR Vice Chancellor Mike Boehm speaks to faculty, staff

January 13, 2017

Farm Management: Preparing for farm loan renewal time
Estate Planning: Nebraska's estate plan for your farm; estate planning workshops in January and February
Pesticide Education: Revisions to Worker Protection Standard effective January 2017
Nutrient Management: 2017 Nutrient Management Record-Keeping Calendars now available
Youth: Apply now for Innovative Youth Corn Challenge
Crop Reports: USDA final crop production report for 2016
IANR & Extension: Heuermann Lecturer and FFA CEO Mark Poeschl urges all to take responsibility in feeding the world

January 6, 2017

Weed Management: Nebraska Extension pest of the month: horseweed; management of ALS-resistant Palmer amaranth and waterhemp in the Panhandle
Insect Management: Western bean cutworm: pest status & ipm options webcast; biology and economics of recommendations for insecticide-based management of soybean aphid
Irrigation Technology: CornSoyWater: an online app to aid in irrigation management 
Soil Fertility & Management: The long view of nitrogen recommendations from Nebraska Extension, including a bibliography of associated research and publications.
Farm Management: Workshops on Using Quicken; Farm Business Succession and Estate Planning Workshops 
Sorghum Production: Sorghum Symposiums 
Organic Production: New financial assistance for organic producers 
Market Journal: Segments on cover crops, Enogen feed corn, the ag economy, and the forecast for next week