December 8, 2017

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Chopped sugarbeets mixed with wheat

Modeling Pollen-Mediated Gene Flow from Glyphosate-Resistant to Glyphosate-Susceptible Giant Ragweed under Field Conditions. How does wind affect the spread of glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed, which now infects over 1.1 million acres of Nebraska corn and soybeans? See new research from UNL weed scientists Zahoor Ganie and Amit Jhala, published in this week's Nature.

Husker Researcher Explores Incentives for Coordinated Land Use.  A three-year study by an assistant professor of agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers insights about how producers can be incentivized to implement pro-environmental land use practices. These might include programs such as Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) or practices such as riparian buffers or windbreaks for foraging patches for pollinators.