Nebraska On-Farm Research Network

Makovicka family
(From left) Ron, Justin, Oliver and Brad Makovicka.

Farmer Focus: Growers Evaluate Xyway™ LFR® Fungicide as an Alternative to Aerial Applications

May 25, 2022
Results of eight Nebraska on-farm research trials on using Xyway™ LFR® as an alternative to mid-season foliar fungicide applications, particularly where aerial applications are restricted or infeasible.

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Farmer on machinery

Farmer Focus: Nebraska Producers Evaluate Practices to Increase Soybean Yield, Profit Through the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network

April 21, 2022
Nebraska farmers highlight their results from a three-year on-farm research study that evaluated a suite of management practices to increase soybean yield and profitability.

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Kudera in field
Photo courtesy Kevin Kudera

Farmer Focus: Nebraska Growers Put Pivot Bio to the Test Via On-Farm Research Studies

April 7, 2022
This first installment of Nebraska On-Farm Research's new series highlights research done by two Nebraska farm families and a crop consultant on Pivot Bio products.

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Soil seedbank trays

Expanding the Integrated Weed Management Toolbox: Winter Cover Crop Impacts on Weed Dynamics in Eastern and Central Nebraska

April 4, 2022
Results of a 2021 UNL study to determine cover crop impacts on weed suppression through analysis of the soil seedbank.

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Julie Batie-Louden and Don Batie
Julie Batie-Louden and her father, Don Batie.

Optimize Your Operation’s Efficiency with On-farm Research

March 31, 2022
There’s still time to sign up for a 2022 on-farm research study to learn the tools and techniques that will make your farm operation more efficient and profitable.

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On-farm research book

Nebraska On-Farm Research 2021 Results Available Now

March 24, 2022
This free, downloadable guide contains the results from more than 80 on-farm research studies conducted on Nebraska farms in 2021.

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Tractor planting field
The best time to use starter is when the field is deficient in one or more nutrients.

Starter Fertilizer — When is it Needed?

March 24, 2022
As planting season begins, farmers often question if starter fertilizer is providing yield and economic benefits. This article reviews the two main reasons to use a starter and recommendations for a successful application. 

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Batie family on the farm

From Data to Decisions: The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Helps Farmers Find Answers

February 4, 2022
In 2021, over 100 Nebraska On-Farm Research Network projects were conducted on cover crops, row spacing, planting population, starter fertilizer, drones, sensors and models for nitrogen management, and variable-rate seeding technology.

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