Assessing Hail Damage

Screen capture from Weed Scientist Chris Proctor's video on managing weeds after hail

New Late-Season Hail Videos Added to Hail Know August 24, 2018

This week four new videos were added to the Hail Know section in CropWatch to address crop assessment and management options after late-season hail, including weed management, cover crops, and forage options.

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Hailed corn

Mid-Season Hail Damage Assessments in Corn and Soybeans June 21, 2018

When severe storms and hail hit your corn and soybean fields, it's important to estimate yield losses to determine the need for future inputs and alternative management strategies. This guide offers steps to evaluate mid-season hail damage and estimate potential yield losses.

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Video: Hail Damage Evaluation and Management in Soybean

Estimating yield losses in soybeans from hail damage is a critical first step for determining the need to replant or to make adjustments on future inputs. As with any hail damage in row crops, it’s critical to wait 7-10 days to allow the crop to respond for proper evaluation. Production loss estimates by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation in soybean can be a combination of remaining plant stand, nodes cut or broken, and defoliation. Beginning maturity and full maturity stage soybeans are evaluated based on the seed count method. Be sure to contact your crop adjuster before making any management decision on a hail-damaged crop. Justin McMechan, University of Nebraska Crop Protection and Cropping System Specialist

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Infographic: Crop Damage Assessment

If your field was on the receiving end of a hail-producing storm, you may have a lot of questions. What should I do first? When should I scout my fields for damage? Who should I contact and when? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this infographic.

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In-Season Must-Do's

Evaluating and recording crop progress each week will be helpful in determining the extent of crop damage.

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Early Season Must-Do's

A number of factors should be considered when evaluating early season crop damage.

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Late Season Must-Do's

Use this time to evaluate production practices used and plan for next year’s crop.

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How To’s of Crop Damage Assessment

Identify the plant growth stage. If it’s difficult to determine, use planting date and growing degree days as a guide.

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