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2023 Nebraska Crop Budgets: Estimating Costs, Margins, Yield and Price Breakeven Webinar

December 14, 2022
Glennis McClure highlights potential uses for the 2023 Nebraska Crop Budgets, and explains how producers and farm managers can create enterprise budgets using the UNL budgets as a guide. 

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2023 Nebraska Crop Production Budgets — Higher Costs and Risks

November 30, 2022
Glennis McClure, Nebraska Extension educator and farm and ranch management analyst, reviews her projections for cost of crop production increases in 2023.

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Tracking Your Cost of Production Amid Rising Input Prices

April 25, 2022
Nebraska Extension Educator Glennis McClure reviews the updated Nebraska crop budgets, which now reflect 2022 fuel prices increases and input cost adjustments.

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Significant Changes in Cost of Production for 2022 Crops

February 9, 2022
A review the 2022 crop budgets prepared by crop specialists and extension economists, which highlights factors that influenced this year’s projected production costs.

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2022 Crop Inputs and Cost of Production Workshops

October 26, 2021
In these workshops, extension educators will discuss the forces that are driving input costs and commodity prices, fertilizer recommendations based on soil test results, and preparing cost of production budgets.

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2022 Cost of Production Increases, Expected Profit and Navigating a Riskier Financial Environment

October 19, 2021
In this article, UNL professionals discuss the 2022 cropping year by examining increases in input prices, expected profit and risk management.

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Brandon Schirmer sprays defoliant on one of the fields at his father's multi-crop 1,014-acre farm, in Batesville, Texas, on Aug. 12, 2020. (Lance Cheung/USDA)

Rising Fuel and Input Prices: Adjusting Enterprise Budgets and Tracking Cost of Production

April 22, 2021
With input expenses on the rise, Extension Educator Glennis McClure analyzes the current cost of production and breakeven estimates for 2021.

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UNL Seeking Beta Testers for New Online Agricultural Budget Calculator

December 4, 2020
The Department of Agricultural Economics is preparing to launch an online Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) tool and is looking for beta test participants to use the program, report any issues, and provide feedback prior to the public launch.

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