March 2019 NSCO Climate Update

March Climate Update Reveals 'Why' Behind Historic Flood

April 12, 2019
Nebraska's historic flooding in March was the result of more than just the “bomb” cyclone; rather, the long, cold winter played a huge role. Read more about how the climatic stream of events led to the catastrophe that followed in this month’s Climate Update.

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Registration open for 'Nebraska Climate Conversations'

March 8, 2019
The impacts of climate change and actions that can be taken to address it will be one of the Nebraska climate topics featured at "Nebraska Climate Conversations" March 30 in Kearney.

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Nebraska map showing trends in average annual temperature, by Nebraska district

Nebraska’s Changing Climate ― Highlights from the 4th National Climate Assessment

December 6, 2018
A study of Nebraska's climate data indicates changes in temperature and precipitation patterns that will directly affect many areas of Nebraska agricultural production by mid-century. Among these changes are wetter springs, more high-heat days in summer, and a longer growing season.

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Research from Nebraska's Suat Irmak and Meetpal Kukal has analyzed links among growing-season duration, heat accumulation and ag yields across the contiguous United States. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication)

115 Years of Data Reveal Longer Growing Season, Changing Temperature Trends

June 29, 2018
The past century of climate change has extended the average U.S. growing season by nearly two weeks but driven annual buildups of yield-stifling heat in the West and Northeast, says new research from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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US map showing departures from normal temperatures in May

If Patterns Continue, Drought Areas Likely to Expand in Nebraska

June 1, 2018
Based on current conditions and short and longer term forecasts, drought conditions appear to be building in Nebraska, says Associate State Climatologist Al Dutcher.

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One-month EDDI drought monitor
One-month EDDI drought monitor

Developing Drought Ready Farms

March 22, 2018
Sometimes drought can seem to develop quickly and without warning. Having a drought plan that incorporates prediction and drought-monitoring tools can help keep growers from being caught off-guard.

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High Plains Climate Center a Hub of Weather Data for 30 Years

December 11, 2017

The High Plains Regional Climate Center quietly turned 30 this year, while it continued to collect and make available a host of climate data, organized and taught numerous climate training workshops and answered hundreds of consumer calls.

The center didn’t pause to celebrate.

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December 5, 2017 Drought Monitor for Nebraska

Dry November Conditions Lead to Major Shift in Drought Monitor

December 7, 2017
After a drier and warmer than normal November, the Drought Monitor showed a marked increase in how much of Nebraska was dry, increasing the "abnormally dry" area from 9% to 61% this week.

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