April 2024 Monthly Summary

April 2024 Monthly Summary

Above Average April Precipitation for the First Time Since 2017

Statewide precipitation averaged 3.01 inches in April 2024, 0.75-inch above the 20th Century average. It was the wettest April in the state since 2016 and the first above average for precipitation since 2017. Only the southeast climate division had below-average precipitation in the month. The northeast climate division was wettest relative to normal, with an average of 4.47 inches, which is 1.95 inches above average.

The robust precipitation led to drought relief in central and northeastern sections of Nebraska. Some of the precipitation was accompanied by severe weather later in the month, including multiple EF-3 tornadoes on April 26. Early in the month, blizzard conditions were experienced in parts of the Panhandle, with a foot of snow around Harrison.

Figure 1. Nebraska statewide average temperature and precipitation for April 2024.
Figure 2. Historic April precipitation anomalies.
Figure 3. Historic April temperature anomalies.

Temperatures Above Average but Not Close to Record Levels

Statewide temperatures averaged 50.1°F, 2.4°F above the 20th Century average but a long way from the record of 55.7°F set in 1981. All climate divisions were above average in April. The middle of the month brought well-above average temperatures, with some sites in southern Nebraska getting over 90°F for the first time in 2024. This was followed by a cool snap the next week with a few sites in the western Panhandle remaining below freezing for the entire day on April 20.

Figure 4. Average precipitation by climate division.
Figure 5. Precipitation anomalies by climate division.
Figure 6. Average temperature by climate division.
Figure 7. Temperature anomalies by climate division.

Extremes and Tabular Summaries

Click here to view the Nebraska Mesonet station summaries, temperature/HDD/CDD summaries and precipitation summaries for stations around the state. Includes CoCoRaHS observer reports in the precipitation summary.

Figure 8. Total precipitation around the U.S.
Figure 9. Precipitation percentiles.
Figure 10. State precipitation rankings.
Figure 11. Average temperature around the U.S.
Figure 12. Temperature percentiles.
Figure 13. State temperature rankings.
Below are the temperature and precipitation extremes around the state in April.

  • Maximum Daily High Temperature: 93°F, Superior
  • Minimum Daily High Temperature: 28°F, Bushnell 15S
  • Minimum Daily Low Temperature: 11°F, Harrisburg 12WNW
  • Maximum Daily Low Temperature: 59°F, Tecumseh
  • Maximum Monthly Precipitation: 7.88 inches, Wakefield 3NW
  • Maximum Monthly Snowfall: 12.0 inches, Harrison 0.2NE
U.S. Drought Monitor map
Figure 14. U.S. Drought Monitor changes.
Storm reports map
Figure 15. Storm reports for April 2024.

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