Agricultural Budget Calculator

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Shelby Chesnut/realagstock (Photo courtesy Center for Agricultural Profitability)

2023 Nebraska Crop Production Budgets — Higher Costs and Risks

November 30, 2022
Glennis McClure, Nebraska Extension educator and farm and ranch management analyst, reviews her projections for cost of crop production increases in 2023.

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David Kohl

Farmers and Ranchers College Returns Dec. 8

November 11, 2022
The keynote speaker, Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus David Kohl, will share his insights on the current state and future of the global ag economy. 

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11 Key Management Decisions Made Easier Using the Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC)

November 3, 2022
Center for Agricultural Profitability experts answer fundamental questions producers may have about using the Agricultural Budget Calculator to assist with decision-making for their operations.

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Annie’s Project-inspired Workshop on Ag Budgeting Program, Stress, Research Updates Nov. 29 in Auburn

October 25, 2022
Participants will learn how to use the Agricultural Budget Calculator program to manage finances for their ag operation, and hear about research updates and stress management techniques.

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PIvot irrigation in soybean

ABC Program Irrigation Updates and Trainings Scheduled

September 12, 2022
Recent ABC program updates will enable producers to more accurately estimate energy and labor costs associated with irrigation application.

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Craig Chandler/University Communication and Marketing.

In-person Trainings Scheduled for Ag Budget Calculator Program

July 7, 2022
There are six workshops in July and August for producers interested in learning how to use the new ABC program to determine their costs of production and projected returns. 

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Tracking Cost of Production During the Growing Season Using the Ag Budget Calculator (ABC) Program

June 2, 2022
Nine workshops have been scheduled from June to September to help producers learn how to estimate their cost of production using the ABC tool.

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Tractor in field
Craig Chandler/University Communication

Tracking Your Cost of Production Amid Rising Input Prices

April 25, 2022
Nebraska Extension Educator Glennis McClure reviews the updated Nebraska crop budgets, which now reflect 2022 fuel prices increases and input cost adjustments.

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