Harvest Operations: Own It or Hire It?

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In addition to equipment and operational costs, the number of acres to be harvested, time, the availability of good custom operators in your area, and harvest efficiency all contribute to making an economic decision on hiring custom work. (Center for Ag photo)

Harvest Operations: Own It or Hire It?

As the fall harvest nears and we’re tuning up our equipment, the thought of custom hiring out our harvesting work comes to mind for some. There are many factors to consider as we make custom hire versus ownership decisions, with cost considerations generally at the forefront of our thoughts.

The custom rates for harvesting fall crops vary across Nebraska due to the variability of crop yields, the type of ground, the availability of custom operators, and the demand for custom services in some areas versus others.

In this Center for Ag Profitability article, Nebraska Extension Farm and Ranch Management Analysis Glennis McClure reviews rates for combining irrigated corn, dryland corn, and soybeans on a per-acre basis in 2022, and explains how to use the Ag Budget Calculator to determine what custom operators may be charging this year.

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