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Corn field under center pivot
A water-saving strategy, deficit irrigation represents an important concept in managing water use through irrigation as groundwater depletion rises across the U.S.

The Economics of Deficit Irrigation Utilizing Soil Moisture Probes

December 15, 2023
Cornhusker Economics experts examine the financial impact on producers using a deficit irrigation strategy in corn.

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Farmer on tractor
Part one of a two-part series from Cornhusker Economics, this article describes the approach taken to understand how tractor fuel efficiencies have evolved since the introduction of EPA tiers. The second part of the series will identify the impact of EPA tiers on fuel efficiency through an econometric analysis.

Diesel Tractor Fuel Efficiency and Exhaust Emissions Standards

November 16, 2023
Cornhusker Economics experts examine the impact of fuel efficiencies as exhaust emission standards evolved in stringency from their beginning in 1996 to today’s standard.

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Center pivot in soybeans
According to 2023 Nebraska survey results, the skill, interest and time of the landlord and tenant engaged in an irrigated cropland lease arrangement strongly influence negotiations for which entity maintains irrigation systems on rented land.

2023 Cash Lease Adjustments for Irrigation Equipment on Cropland

August 30, 2023
Cornhusker Economics experts analyze the impact of irrigation system costs on 2022-23 cropland rental arrangements in Nebraska.

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Tractor in field
According to the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey preliminary report, the market value of agricultural land in Nebraska increased by over 14% over the prior year. (Photo courtesy Center for Agricultural Profitability)

2023 Farm Real Estate Report Published: Nebraska Land Values Up 14%

March 16, 2023
The 2023 report findings mark the second-largest increase in market value of ag land in Nebraska since 2014, and the highest non-inflation-adjusted statewide land value in 45 years.

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Calculator with financial papers

March 1 Filing Deadline

December 9, 2022
Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. Director Tina Barrett discusses payment options available to farmers for the upcoming tax season.

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Voting area

2022 Nebraska Ballot Issues

November 4, 2022
UNL Agricultural and Water Law Specialist Dave Aiken reviews three issues that will be on the 2022 statewide ballot — raising minimum wage, requiring photo IDs for voting, and public payments to expand commercial airline service.

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Making Better Farm Management Decisions

May 5, 2022
This Cornhusker Economics article discusses how producers can recognize and understand their own behaviors while making decisions, and avoid errors that may negatively affect their operations.

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Farm field aerial view

Significant Changes in Cost of Production for 2022 Crops

February 9, 2022
A review the 2022 crop budgets prepared by crop specialists and extension economists, which highlights factors that influenced this year’s projected production costs.

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