Project SENSE

Project SENSE

Member Organizations - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Corn Board, United States Department of Agriculture, Central Platte NRD, Little Blue NRD, Lower Loup NRD, Lower Platte North NRD & Upper Big Blue NRD

Project SENSE Producer Information

Nebraska Extension has created several documents to give producers information about implemeting Project Sense

Canopy Sensor Method

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Protocol & Plot Layout

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Hardware Info

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Nozzle Control

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2015 Results

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Project SENSE Demo Days Calender

  1. Growers will see a live demonstration of the project’s high clearance nitrogen applicator and active crop canopy sensors.
  2. Attendees will learn how producers are conducting research trials on their own fields in partnership with Project SENSE.
  3. Growers will learn how to outfit and implement the project’s Nitrogen management strategy on their operations.

A free lunch will be served. CCA credits are available.

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