What is the Economic Value of Manure

What is the Economic Value of Manure

Manure has value. That value may result from improvements in soil quality, increases in yield, and replacement of commercial nutrient required for crop production. Previous articles on manure’s value have focused on its soil health,  environmental benefits, and tools for estimating manure’s value. This article focuses on the economic benefits of manure. Key take home messages include:

  1. Targeting fields requiring supplemental phosphorus (P) produces the largest economic value from manure.
  2. Targeting fields requiring supplemental potassium (K) significantly increase manure’s value.
  3. Additional value result from manure nitrogen (N) and micro-nutrients as well as from yield increases. However, these benefits are typically less important than P and K.
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Value of manure
Value of beef open lot manure assuming crop benefits from potassium supplementation and 5% increase in yield. Estimated manure value is $28/ton.

This is one in a series of blog posts on the value of manure and manure management posted to the Soil Health Nexus.

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