On-Farm Research

Gary Stone kneeling in field counting beans
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone counts bean loss after a combine has passed during harvest of an on-farm research study field in Alliance, Nebraska.

Harvest Brings in Second Year of an On-Farm Research Project

November 2, 2023
An Alliance-based farmer recently finished his second season of research on the harvest management tool Pod Ceal, and his results will be revealed at the annual On-Farm Research Update meetings in early 2024.

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Pivot Bio test field satellite imagery

Growing Results: Pivot Bio Proven 40

October 18, 2023
An on-farm study in Dawson County is evaluating the impact of Pivot Bio's Proven 40 across a range of nitrogen rates.

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Harvester in soybean field
Combine calibration is a crucial step for keeping grain losses at acceptable levels.

How to Estimate Harvest Losses in Soybean and Corn Fields

October 5, 2023
Knowing where grain losses occur is key to keeping them as low as possible — in this article, extension educators review how to calculate pre-harvest and at-harvest grain losses to determine the source.

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Tractor with seeder in field

Growing Results: Cover Crop Interseeding

September 28, 2023
Partnering with Nebraska On-Farm Research Network, North Platte farmer Cameron Kolling is conducting research this year on interseeding a variety of cover crops in corn.

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Tractor in on-farm research field

Growing Results: Direct Harvest of Dry Beans

September 20, 2023
As part of this year's studies, the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is partnering with Nebraska farmers to evaluate which dry bean varieties are best-suited for direct harvest. 

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Ron and Brad Makovicka standing in field

Growing Results: Nitrogen Fertilization in Soybeans

August 25, 2023
Learn about the Makovickas' 2023 on-farm research, which includes studying how soybeans in high-yield environments respond to supplemental nitrogen.

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Farmer inspects corn field
Nebraska On-Farm Research Network photo

Growing Results: Western Corn Rootworm Control

August 9, 2023
Nebraska farmers are conducting on-farm research to investigate alternative strategies for controlling western corn rootworm.

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Software field imagery

Growing Results: Nitrogen Management in Corn

July 27, 2023
Learn about current on-farm research efforts by a central Nebraska producer that aim to identify the impact of nitrogen rates on net return.

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