2018 wheat field day at the High Plains Ag Lab
Figure 1. Attendees look at wheat plots and listen to UNL small grains breeder P. Stephen Baenziger at the High Plains Ag Lab in Cheyenne County on June 21. (Photos by Stephen Wegulo)

Wheat Disease Update for Central to Western Nebraska June 22, 2018

Wheat diseases were found at varying levels across a wide area of fields surveyed this week in western Nebraska in conjunction with the 2018 Wheat Tours.

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2018 wheat with bacterial leaf streak

Bacterial Leaf Streak More Prevalent in Winter Wheat in 2018 June 22, 2018

Symptoms of bacterial leaf streak are increasing on flag leaves of winter wheat in east central Nebraska.

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Chart looking at adult sawflies from spring-disced summer fallow

Wheat Insect Pest Update June 19, 2018

An overview of the status of insects in wheat presented at the 2018 Crop Production Clinics, focusing on the wheat stem sawfly.

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2018 Wheat Field Day at the Eastern Nebraska REC near Mead.
Figure 1. Attendees view wheat varieties and listen to UNL Small Grains Breeder Stephen Baenziger and Nebraska Extension Educator Nathan Mueller during a wheat plot tour at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC) near Mead June 12. (Photos by Stephen Wegulo)

Wheat Update: Diseases Increasing June 13, 2018

Recent rains have created favorable conditions for disease development in wheat. If irrigating, manage applications to reduce further development and spread of diseases.

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The High Plains Ag Lab near Sidney will be hosting field tours, like the one shown here in 2017, of dryland wheat, field pea, and forage research plots on June 21.
Figure 1. Cody Creech, Nebraska Extension dryland cropping systems specialist, discusses wheat research at the 2017 High Plains Ag Lab Field Day.The High Plains Ag Lab near Sidney will be hosting field tours of dryland wheat, field pea, and forage research plots on June 21.

Dryland Crops Research Tour June 21 at the High Plains Ag Lab June 11, 2018

The High Plains Ag Lab Field Day, scheduled for Thursday, June 21, will highlight UNL research on dryland crops, especially field pea and winter wheat, as well as grazing and forages. View field trials and hear reports from researchers.

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Market Journal screen shot

Market Journal Spotlights Wheat Production, Field Day June 8, 2018

Nebraska wheat production is the focus of this week's Market Journal with additional segments on the corn and soybean markets and forecast for the coming week.

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Wheat field
Figure 1. A grower’s wheat field in Webster County on May 30.

Wheat Diseases Minimal June 8, 2018

Diseases continue to be absent or at very low levels in Nebraska wheat, with no reports of stripe rust or leaf rust and low levels of powdery mildew. Prevailing high temperatures and dry conditions in many areas have reduced the risk of significant disease development.

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wheat stem sawfly in a wheat stem

Cultural Management Options for Wheat Stem Sawfly June 7, 2018

Sawfly management in wheat requires a diversified approach using a number of tools. Growers who know which fields have greater levels of infestation can help manage the effects of sawfly this year as well as next year. Fields with high infestations should be harvested first, if possible.

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