Farm Management

Center for Agricultural Profitability webinars are free to attend and recorded for viewing at any time. For a list of upcoming webinars, visit the CAP website.

2023 Nebraska Farm Business Financial Averages

June 13, 2024
This webinar provides benchmarking data for producers regarding Nebraska farm and ranch incomes, ratios and family living data.

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Woman standing near barn
This new webinar features insights on building effective communication skills from Lisa Kaslon, professional development coordinator with Nebraska Extension.

Nebraska Women in Agriculture Hosts Mastering Effective Communication Webinar

June 13, 2024
Learn how to express yourself clearly, listen actively, and navigate diverse communication styles to find more personal and professional success.

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Man speaks to older couple near vehicles and farm equipment
While land, machinery and equipment are the most logical options, any physical asset used on your farm or ranch could be considered in a gift leaseback for family members looking to join the operation. (CAP photo)

Ideas for Estate and Transition Planning: Gift Leaseback

May 23, 2024
Continuing a series on ideas and tactics for bringing another family member into the operation, this extension article expands on strategies to transfer wealth by combining gifts with a lease agreement.

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Two men smiling and walking side-by-side in field
The intake and onboarding process is a critical factor for employee success in the ag industry. A strong onboarding process has been shown to increase employee productivity by more than 70% and employee retention by 82%.

Farm and Ranch Employee Intake and Onboarding

May 2, 2024
Nebraska Extension Agricultural Economist Shannon Sand highlights strategies for the intake and onboarding process to help farm and ranch managers build the groundwork for employee success.

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Farm and barns near cornfield
This CAP webinar on farm electricity costs features discussion from F. John Hay, extension educator — energy, UNL Department of Biological Systems Engineering, and Rick Stowell, professor and animal environmental engineer, UNL Department of Animal Science.

Farm Energy Management: Focused Solutions for Minimizing Power Charges

February 29, 2024
This webinar explores how farms are charged for electricity and ways to identify and possibly slash costs.

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Two farmers conversing near farm equipment
Housing, insurance and vehicles can provide another form of compensation for returning farm or ranch family members. However, it's best for all family members in the operation to get non-monetary compensation in writing before any official employment begins.

Paying Family Members on the Farm or Ranch

February 29, 2024
This is the first in a series of Center for Agricultural Profitability articles that will highlight ideas and tactics for successfully bringing another family member into the operation.

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Couple and son laughing on farm beside tractor
Throughout each Center for Agricultural Profitability Returning to the Farm workshop, participants receive help from experts in developing estate and transition plans, setting personal and professional goals and improving the communication process between family members.

Returning to the Farm Workshops Set for March 8-9 in Kearney

February 15, 2024
This workshop series assists families and agricultural operations with developing financial plans and successful working arrangements to meet their unique needs.

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Men look at phone in front of grain silos
Strategic planning is a dynamic process that requires continuous adaptation to changing circumstances and is most effective when it includes input from stakeholders, including family, partners, employees, and even customers, suppliers, and buyers. (CAP photo)

The Importance of Strategic Planning for Farmers and Ranchers

February 15, 2024
Center for Agricultural Profitability Director Larry Van Tassell discusses two steps that make planning strategic: defining the mission of the business, and assessing the external environment and its implications for the farm business.

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