Farm Management

Good Farmer to Great Manager Record-Keeping Course at 2 Sites July 12, 2019

The difference between a good farmer and a great manager often comes down to knowing the true financial position of a farm. Good records make it possible to track an operation’s financial position. Learn how to get your records in order at upcoming workshops in Lincoln and Bridgeport.

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Avoiding Fireworks When Two Generations Manage an Ag Operation June 26, 2019

Sometimes when a younger generation returns to the farm, shared management can be a difficult transition. The author of this Cornhusker Economics article talked with growers across the state about their concerns and offers recommendations for achieving a smooth integration.

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Using Your Precision Ag Data for Faster Reporting to USDA FSA June 19, 2019

For the next few weeks (ending July 15), producers in 19 Nebraska counties can report their planted acres to FSA electronically using precision ag data they may have collected during planting season.

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Expanding the Farm Income Safety Net June 12, 2019

A look at the wide and expanding safety net for crop producers provides perspective and management insight in the wake of current production and marketing challenges.

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Understanding and Applying Casualty Losses June 3, 2019

Casualty losses are an area of the tax code that we thankfully don’t have to deal with very often. However, when they do occur, they can be a major event in the life of a farming operation. Here are some things to consider and do now before tax time rolls around.

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Considerations After The Final Corn Planting Date May 23, 2019

If wet conditions kept you from getting all your corn planted by the final RMA planting date for Nebraska corn, there are other options to consider. This article was revised June 7 to clarify and correct information on planting another crop on ground claimed for prevented planting for corn. On June 20, 2019, RMA changed the deadline after which haying and grazing would be allowed on cover crops planted on prevent plant acres from November 1 to September 1.

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Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics this June May 21, 2019

Meet one-on-one with an ag attorney or ag financial counselor at one of these seven clinics being held in June. Sessions are free and confidential; appointments need to be made in advance.

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Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics

One-on-One Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics this May April 25, 2019

If you're facing some legal or financial challenges this spring and would like a second opinion, consider meeting one-on-one with an ag attorney or ag financial counselor at one of these free clinics this May.

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