Farm Management

Portion of an Excel ledger sheet illustrating inconsistent naming

Excel Pro Tip: Data Validation August 6, 2018

Using Data Validation in Excel can save you time and improve the accuracy of your results. Here's how to integrate it into your record-keeping.

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Land Management in the Next Decade Programs Start Aug. 13 July 25, 2018

Nebraska Extension’s upcoming workshop series, “Land Management for 2020 and Beyond,” will provide the latest information to landowners and tenant farmers to effectively manage land.

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So You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What? Programs Start Aug. 15 July 25, 2018

If you've inherited or received farmland and want to learn more about the best strategies for managing this asset, you'll appreciate this program from Nebraska Extension. It's being held at 5 sites across the state.

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Custom farm rates image

UNL Survey Results Indicate Rising Cost of Custom Machinery Operations July 12, 2018

Results from the university’s 2018 Custom Rates Survey indicate rising costs for some custom machine operations and services since the survey was last conducted two years ago. State average labor rates increased 6% to $18.85/hour and average diesel costs increased from $1.68 to $2.46/gallon, which could influence custom rate changes.

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W4 tax withholding form

Accounting for Agriculture: Federal Withholding after New Tax Bill July 11, 2018

With the higher standard deduction and changes in child credits in the new US tax code, taxpayers may need to reconsider how much to withhold for federal taxes in each pay period. Here are information and a tool to help you assess your situation.

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Keynote speakers at the 2018 Ag Summit

Agricultural Economic and Technology Summit July 17-18 July 9, 2018

Register now for "Challenging Times...Innovating Solutions," an agricultural economic and technology conference for growers and agribusiness. It will be held July 17-18 in Kearney.

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Sprayer in the field

Overview of Production Cost Trends July 9, 2018

An overview of short- and long-term production cost trends and how to use this information for planning for 2019 crops.

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Excel Pro Tip: How Names Save Time June 25, 2018

Naming cells in Excel can make it easier and faster to locate just the cells you want for calculations. Amid a complex array of worksheets, naming can help you more quickly access and use the data you need.

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