Farm and Ranch Employee Intake and Onboarding

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The intake and onboarding process is a critical factor for employee success in the ag industry. A strong onboarding process has been shown to increase employee productivity by more than 70% and employee retention by 82%.

Farm and Ranch Employee Intake and Onboarding

Farm and ranch employee intake and onboarding is important as it sets the tone of the relationship between the manager(s) and the worker(s). Whether they’re related or not, onboarding new employees is important as it allows them the opportunity to get an overview of the operation, learn about employment policies, introduce them to other employees, suppliers, etc., and job duties. Doing these things are key to helping create an understanding of duties and responsibilities in regard to the job, as well as foster open communication with employees and help with potential employee retention.

In this Center for Agricultural Profitability webinar, Nebraska Extension Agricultural Economist Shannon Sand highlights strategies and best practices of intake and onboarding to help farm and ranch managers implement systems that will foster open communication and employee retention.

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