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Farm couple with child in field
Brandon Dirkschneider, managing principal/president with Insurance Design Management (Omaha), certified financial planner and farm succession coordinator, is the featured speaker of a new transition planning webinar, free to the public on CAP. (Photo courtesy Erin Ehnle Brown/realagstock)

Transition Planning Webinar: Ensuring Success on the Family Farm and Ranch

September 1, 2023
Learn how to get the right transition plan in place for your farm or ranch operation with this free webinar, featuring Brandon Dirkschneider of Insurance Design Management.

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Man and woman arguing
More often than not, both sides share a role in and a responsibility for escalation of a situation. Offering an apology allows you to accept your role in the situation and work toward a reconciliation. (Center for Ag Profitability photo)

Can We Be Sorry? Navigating Disagreements on the Farm

August 29, 2023
There can be many roadblocks in reconciling after a fight — learning how to identify and overcome these obstacles is the first step in taking responsibility and improving your relationships with loved ones. 

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Drone flying over field
Trends highlighted in USDA NASS's recent Technology Use survey indicate that Nebraska producers are more readily taking advantage of technological advances to improve their farm management skills and processes. (Center for Ag Profitability photo)

Technology Use Growing on Nebraska Farms and Ranches

August 24, 2023
A recent USDA NASS survey on technology use in agriculture revealed some interesting trends for the industry — in particular, Nebraska's above-average rating on ownership and use of technology.

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Women farmers talking in field
Visit Nebraska Women in Ag for more resources and educational opportunities to enhance your management skills for careers in the ag industry. (Erin Ehnle Brown/realagstock)

Finding Balance: Nebraska Women in Agriculture Webinar

August 18, 2023
Three Nebraska producers discuss challenges they face both in and outside the workplace in this conversational webinar, presented by the Center for Ag Profitability and Nebraska Women in Ag.

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Man filling out paperwork
Remember: You don’t have to hire the first lawyer you consult. You need to have a lawyer you trust. Consider recommendations from friends, family and other ag professionals in the community, or by searching websites like or

Preparing for Farm and Ranch Succession: How You Select a Lawyer

August 10, 2023
Insights on how to prepare for a meeting with an attorney, including questions that can help producers decide who will best represent their family's interests.

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Producer at computer
The benefit to forming a pass-though entity is a federal tax deduction for the state tax paid; however, the entity will need to make estimated tax payments (even if it is a farming partnership), starting Jan. 1, 2024, if they decided to make this election. (Center for Ag Profitability photo)

Nebraska Approves Pass-through Entity Tax Bill

August 4, 2023
Whether or not the pass-through entity tax bill could benefit you will depend on your profitability level, current structure, operation size, and other factors. Read the Center for Ag Profitability's recent analysis to make an informed decision about this new tax option. 

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Mother and daughter on farm
In a new CAP webinar, Lindsay Hastings, UNL Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication, and research director of NHRI Leadership Mentoring, explains the relationship between managing diverse employees and employee engagement, and how they affect professional productivity and profitability.

Managing Diverse Talents and Perspectives in Professional and Personal Contexts

July 5, 2023
This webinar discusses the importance of family and employee dynamics to well-being and profitability, and examines research-based strategies for positively managing diverse talents and perspectives.

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Farm family
This new webinar features guest speaker Paul Stoddard, a senior lecturer in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

‘Fire Up Your Farm and Family Finances!’ Webinar

June 23, 2023
University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign's Paul Stoddard offers actionable steps to empower you to build a better financial future for your farm and family throughout this free webinar.

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