Research Updates

Impact of Hybrid Selection, Planting Date and Seeding Rates on Dryland Corn in Western Nebraska

December 17, 2019
To study the effects of several agronomic practices on corn yield in western Nebraska, a strip trial was conducted at the Henry J. Stumpf International Wheat Center at Grant during the 2018 and 2019 growing seasons.

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UNL Partners with Panhandle Farm to Research Hemp

December 12, 2019
The Panhandle Research and Extension Center has embarked on a partnership with a family farm corporation in Scotts Bluff County to research various aspects of growing industrial hemp for seed production in the Panhandle.

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Field pea variety trial plot in Lincoln County, summer 2019.
A field pea variety trial plot in Lincoln County, summer 2019.

2019 Field Pea Variety Trial Results Available On-Line

December 12, 2019
Results of the 2019 variety trials for field peas have been posted to CropWatch. While there were some high yields, all the trials faced challenges from the weather, ranging from heavy rains during the preferred planting period to a tornado.

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Yield and Water Use of Field Peas and Chickpeas Under Irrigation

November 7, 2019

In southwest Nebraska, irrigating corn and soybeans with limited water is challenging due to typically dry weather conditions and high crop water use (i.e., evapotranspiration or ET) in July and August.

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Irrigated chickpea field, part of study at Grant.

Update: Yield and Water Use of Field Peas and Chickpeas Under Irrigation

November 7, 2019
Research in southwest Nebraska looks at potential water savings from adding field peas and chickpeas in corn-soybean rotations where irrigation water is limited. Both pea crops efficiently used early-season precipitation for good yields.

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Graphic identifying the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program

Nov. 7 Webinar Covers 'How-tos' of NCR-SARE Farmer Grant Application

October 31, 2019
The deadline is Dec. 5 for applications for the NCR SARE Farmer Rancher Grant Program. A Nov. 7 webinar will cover how to apply, what kinds of applications have been successful in the past, and what's required of the process.

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Researchers with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will use the Arable Mark IOT device to record 40 variables in Nebraska farm fields as part of a research effort to improve data farmers use to determine whether they should irrigate.

Researchers to Tackle Irrigation Decision-making with Help of USDA grant

October 30, 2019
A new federally funded, multi-state research project aims to bridge the gap between data-collection in the field, modeling, and decision-making so crop producers can more easily decide whether to irrigate. The project could help growers save financial and water resources.

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Field of wheat

New Study Helping to Guide Future Nitrogen Management of Winter Wheat for Grain Yield, Protein, and Bread Quality

October 29, 2019
Preliminary results are in from the first year of a two-year study to evaluate how soil N levels affect protein in Nebraska wheat and to provide data to revise UNL fertility recommendations for dryland wheat.

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