Irrigation Management

Crop sensor mounted in field
Figure 1. Early installation of sensors helps minimize root and leaf damage and makes it easy to get around the field with the pickup or ATV to install the equipment.

The Drought of 2023 Impact on Irrigation and What We Can Learn from It

July 12, 2024
The amount and timing of irrigation applied in recent years may have very little to do with what's needed this year. Review the factors before making a decision.

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A canyon split by river water
The North Platte River runs through Fremont Canyon on its way to the Fremont Power Plant and Alcova Reservoir. (Photo by Chabella Guzman)

Temperatures of 100-plus Will Put Stress on Crops This Week

July 9, 2024
Extension shares a brief irrigation update as an oncoming heat wave is expected to increase stress on Nebraska crops.

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Field of corn
A field plot of corn at the Panhandle Research Extension and Education Center in Scottsbluff. (Photo by Chabella Guzman)

Heat a Factor of Recent Crop Water Usage

July 1, 2024
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone shares an update on crop recovery after recent severe weather and crop water use estimates for this week as temperatures reach triple digits in the Panhandle.

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Center pivot damaged in field
Pivot flipped upside down after the June 20 storm in Scotts Bluff County. (Photo by Gary Stone)

Severe Storms Damage Crops, Excessive Heat Will Drive Water Needs

June 27, 2024
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone shares insights on crops that have received storm damage in recent weeks, as well as water use expectations.

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Sugarbeet field during wilt
Sugarbeet plants wilt in a field.

Excessive Heat Can Affect Plant’s Crop Water Use

June 18, 2024
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone discusses crop water use and wilting as temperatures rise with the arrival of summer.

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Center pivot in corn field
Starting to irrigate too soon can lead to wasting water, poor soil environment, increasing costs, and leaching nitrogen which can result in lower yields.

Soil-Water-Plant Interaction Basics

June 12, 2024
As irrigation season approaches, producers may find it beneficial to review the basics on how soil, water and plants all work together to grow crops.

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Cattle stand in pasture below thunderstorm
Despite their resiliency, perennial forages can experience significant yield loss from hailstorms. Damage assessment and timing are key to the recovery process for pastures and hay fields.

Pasture and Forage Minute: Hail Damage to Pasture and Hay, Alfalfa Irrigation After a Wet Spring

June 11, 2024
Extension recommendations on reducing the risk of toxic plant consumption for grazing animals, hail damage recovery for pasture and hay fields, and summer alfalfa irrigation following a wet spring.

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Water droplets

To receive 2024 weekly crop water use reports via text message, subscribe on the PHREC AgLab site.

Estimated Crop Water Use for June 10-14, 2024

June 10, 2024
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone shares an update on Panhandle crop planting and growth with this week's crop water report.

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