Figure 1. Cattle grazing on cheatgrass (left side of fence) and ungrazed rangeland (right side of fence). A tour of cheatgrass management trials at the university's Panhandle Experimental Rangeland will be Thursday, June 6.

Cheatgrass Management Field Tour June 6 at Scottsbluff

May 20, 2019
A tour of cheatgrass management trials will be 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday, June 6 at the University of Nebraska's Panhandle Experimental Rangeland.

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Fertilizing Cool-Season Grasses in May

May 16, 2019
With bountiful soil water this spring, fertilizing pastures may be a beneficial use and boost yield, but be sure to time your fertilizer application to provide the extra yield when you most need it.

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Pasture fencing

Fencing Guidance for Flooded Land

May 15, 2019
For land being put back into pasture or other grazed fields, this is the time to consider how to use fencing and water systems to achieve more productive grazing. Before you invest in materials and put on the gloves, consider your options for grazing a site and select a system appropriate to your needs.

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Sand-covered pasture near Ravenna
Spring flooding left deposits of sand and silt on many acres of river-frontage property, such as this pasture near Ravenna. A May 13 workshop will look at treatments and practices to recover these acres for production.

Workshop: Recovering River Frontage Ag Land

May 2, 2019
After spring flooding, many river frontage pastures and crop fields were left with sand and silt deposits ranging from a few inches to up to three feet. Recovering that land for production will be the focus of a May 13 on-site workshop near Ravenna.

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USDA Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) funds may be available for fixing fences damaged by spring storms, as seen here.

Rebuilding Fences After Flood/Blizzard Damage

April 23, 2019
Following spring blizzards and flooding in many areas of Nebraska, fencing repairs and new fences are a priority for many livestock producers. This looks at considerations when you assess fence damage, the fence law, and available assistance.

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Take Advantage of Spring Soil Moisture for Alfalfa, Pastures

April 18, 2019
A full soil profile opens up your options for increasing pasture, alfalfa and forage yields by adjusting your fertility plan to take advantage of the moisture.

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Nebraska Crop Residue Exchange now lists pastures

Crop Residue Exchange Now Available For Listing Pasture Rentals

April 15, 2019
Nebraska's Crop Residue Exchange can now list pastures available for rent. If you are in need of grazing resources, check out this website to identify opportunities.

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Adjusting Pasture and Hay Ground Leases for 2019

April 11, 2019
Where there is significant flood damage to pastures, hayland, or alfalfa, should the rental rate be adjusted for 2019? This article provides guidance on adjusting rental rates, depending on individual circumstances.

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