Mountainous terrain covered in snow
Old Main Peak range covered in snow. (Photo by Gary Stone)

Reclamation Provides Snowmelt Runoff Estimates at Yonts Conference

April 18, 2024
No water allocations for are expected for the 2024 growing season, in part due to carryover from the 2023 season.

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Nebraska waterfall

Nebraska Water Facts

April 4, 2024
This online resource highlights groundwater and surface water facts and statistics for the state of Nebraska.

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Panelists sit on stage listening to moderator at left
Moderator Katie Pekarek addresses guests of the 'Nutrient and Water Efforts and Opportunities' panel during the 2024 IANR Water and Nutrient Management Summit in March. (WICS photo)

IANR Summit Highlights Water, Nutrient Management Innovations

April 4, 2024
Ag researchers and industry stakeholders gathered in March to discuss the latest in water and nutrient research, technology, water quality concerns in Nebraska, and more.

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Pathfinder Dam as water rushes
The Pathfinder Dam overflows in 2016. Reclamation will release water over the dam in years with abundant rainfall. (Photo by Gary Stone)

Nebraska Extension Hosts Yonts Water Conference in April

March 29, 2024
This year's Yonts Water Conference will include insights on new irrigation technologies, 2024 weather and basin runoff outlooks, plus an update on the Goshen/Gering-Fort Laramie canal tunnel replacements.

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Center pivot running over field
A center-pivot irrigation system waters a cornfield near Adams, Nebraska, about 45 minutes south of Lincoln. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication and Marketing)

Husker Study Finds Aquifer Depletion Threatens Crop Yields

February 1, 2024
Researchers involved in this study found that an aquifer’s depletion can curb crop yields even when it appears saturated enough to meet irrigation demands, and yield losses intensify when an aquifer drops below certain thresholds.

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Cattle in snow
While water demands in the winter may be less than summer, keeping water available can be difficult. Having animals eat snow may be tempting but requires an experienced herd, plenty of fresh snow and healthy animals.

Pasture and Forage Minute: Winter Insect Mortality and Livestock Water Needs

January 16, 2024
Extension educators review the effects of subzero temperatures on overwintering insects and whether snow can adequately be used as a water source for cattle. 

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Soybean field
With a growing population, growing demand for resources and increasing disruptions to water and food systems, it is vital to find sustainable and practical ways to overcome food and water security challenges. (IANR News photo)

Water for Food Marks Global Impact in Annual Report

December 14, 2023
The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute's recent report highlights numerous initiatives in ongoing water management advances, including a water and nutrient application decision-support tool for farmers.

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Water droplets

To receive 2024 weekly crop water use reports via text message, subscribe on the PHREC AgLab site.

Last Estimated Crop Water Use for the 2023 Season

September 18, 2023
Nebraska Extension Educator Gary Stone reviews crop water use during the 2023 irrigation season and highlights a new feature for receiving 2024 reports via text.

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