Ecofallow system - corn planted in wheat stubble

Increase Dryland Corn or Grain Sorghum Yields by 35 Bushel (as much as 100 bushel) per Acre by Controlling Weeds in Wheat Stubble

June 24, 2021
Research indicates that three inches of water are saved in the soil profile when weeds are controlled in a timely manner after winter wheat harvest and as a result, corn and grain sorghum yields are increased.

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Pivot irrigation

Pasture and Forage Minute: Weed Control and Cross Fencing Strategies

May 4, 2021
Extension educators discuss methods for controlling musk thistles in pastures this spring, plus recommendations on herbicides for alfalfa weeds and using electric fence as a cross fencing tool to encourage more uniform grazing.

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Broadleaf cover crop
When using a burndown herbicide to terminate broadleaf cover crops and weeds this spring, planting intervals often may negate the use of many 2,4-D products prior to Enlist E3® soybean planting. (Photos by Amit Jhala).

Which 2,4-D Product Should I Use as a Burndown Before Planting Enlist E3® Soybean?

April 29, 2021
A review of the best production options for growers who are preparing to terminate broadleaf cover crop species and winter annual broadleaf weeds using 2,4-D products.

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Controlling Summer Annual Grasses in Forages

April 8, 2021
Control of summer annual grasses in pasture or hay fields can be difficult, but with the right planning, it shouldn’t be impossible.

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Alfalfa field

Pasture and Forage Minute: Alfalfa Weeds and Thinning Stands

March 10, 2021
In a new Pasture and Forage Minute, Todd Whitney shares tips on best spraying practices for alfalfa weeds, and Ben Beckman explains why putting off the chore of replacing alfalfa stands could be costing your operation.  

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Industrial Hemp Tolerance to Flame Weeding

November 30, 2020
Hemp exhibited relatively good tolerance to heat from propane flaming. Temporary injury could be considered acceptable since it was only at the base of the plants and lasted only for about two weeks.

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links to Industrial Hemp Tolerance to Late-POST Herbicides

Industrial Hemp Tolerance to Late-POST Herbicides

November 18, 2020
Hemp exhibited high level of sensitivity to most of the tested herbicides. Visual injury levels ranged from almost no injury (~5%) with only one herbicide, to some temporary injury (~20%) with a few herbicides and severe injury or death (60%-93%) with about 10 out of 18 herbicides tested.

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hemp showing minor herbicide injury

Industrial Hemp Tolerance to Early-POST Herbicides

November 11, 2020
Hemp exhibited relatively good tolerance to several products that can be used postemergence in industrial hemp. It is important to note that the conclusions are based only on one year of data. This study will be repeated in 2021 season.

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