April 10, 2015

CropWatch April 10, 2015

map of 7-day average soil temperatures at 4 inches
Seven-day average soil temperatures 4 inches below the soil surface under bare soil as of 7 a.m. Friday, April 10. This was the crop insurance initial planting date for much of Nebraska as set by USDA Risk Management Agency (see map).

Corn Production

  • Dryland Corn Seeding Rates for Western Nebraska. Based on UNL research, agronomist Bob Klein discusses how optimum seeding rates are affected by stored soil water, crop residue level, and hybrid selection and shares data and recommended populations.
  • Skip-Row Corn Planting. UNL research shows how skip-row planting can increase yield from dryland corn in western Nebraska, given there's enough wheat residue in the field.

Soybean Production

Insect Management

Fertilizer Management


  • April Forecast. Al Dutcher looks at when we're likely to see further precipitation and urges farmers to watch forecasts and soil temps when starting to plant.
  • Nebraska Ag Climate Update for April. Tyler Williams takes a look at the weather record for March and what's predicted for planting season.

Cover Crops

Market Journal

  • View segments on soil moisture conditions and planting recommendations to avoid early season corn seedling diseases, a grain market update, and the forecast for the coming week.