March 27, 2015

CropWatch March 27, 2015

Winterkilled wheat in Frontier County, 4/23/15
Soil moisture probe in dead winter wheat
Figure 1. Winter wheat in Frontier County killed due to drought and a variety with poor winter hardiness. (Right) A 4-foot soil probe (with a 3-foot yardstick) can barely be pressed into the soil, indicating little or no soil water to support plant life. (Photos by Robert Klein)

Wheat Production

  • Winter Wheat Injury and Winterkill. Southwest and areas of western Nebraska were hard hit by winterkill and a lack of moisture from late fall through the winter. See damage reports, how to estimate yield potential, management options and herbicide considerations.

Fertilizer Management

  • In-season fertilizer applicationSpring Application of Fertilizer N for Corn. With the price of corn down, how can you ensure the most cost-effective nitrogen application? UNL soil management specialists cover what to consider and share information on some new online tools to help ensure you're crediting all available nitrogen sources when estimating each field's N needs.


2015 RMA initial corn planting dates

Tillage and No-Till

Market Journal

  • View segments with UNL Agronomist Roger Elmore on soybean and corn planting recommendations; Nathan Mueller on soybean inoculation; Brandy VanDeWalle on the Innovative Youth Corn Challenge and more.

Forage Management

  • Controlling Early Spring Weeds in Native Grass. Herbicides or grazing can provide early season control to cheatgrass, wild oats, and downy brome, but a longer term strategy may be most effective as seeds can survive in the soil for another three years.

IANR & Extension

  • Nebraska Extension Offers Sensitive Issues Training April 7-8.  Register now for this two-day workshop with national speakers providing information and training on how to become a better spokesperson for the ag industry, especially related to sensitive issues such as GMOs, sustainability, and food safety. Learn how communicating through shared values helps build trust and improve how your listeners understand the issues you're addressing.
  • Nebraska Ag Water Management Network Meeting April 2. More than 1,200 Nebraska producers are participating in this initiative to use water and energy resources more efficiently. This meeting offers information for collaborators and potential collaborators on new technologies and developments.