Value Added/Organic


Biodiesel is using a feedstock of vegetable oil. In the U.S. soybean oil is the oil of choice, yet worldwide canola, palm, sunflower and rapeseed oils are common feedstocks. The oil must be chemically reacted with an alcohol like methanol and a catalyst in a reaction called tranesterification.

Small Scale Biodiesel

Production of biodiesel in small quantities for farm or personal use has been common question. Two extension publications below attempt to examine the opportunities and challenges associated with small scale biodiesel production and use. 

On-farm energy - Can we make it work? commentary by Bill Booker - Extension Educator (retired), Box Butte County.

Small-scale Biodiesel Production and Use by John Nowatzki -  North Dakota State University (*pdf)
Small Scale Biodiesel Production An Overview by Joel Schumacher - Montana State University (*pdf)
(*pdf document requires Acrobat Reader - free download)