Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health

Grain bin safety infographic
Images showing how a grain bridge forms in a bin and can collapse, drawing someone in.

High Moisture Soybeans Challenge Grain Handler Safety

February 13, 2019
After extended rains last fall, corn and soybean were stored at higher moisture levels than usual, leading to clogs and bridges in stored grain. This week a Nebraska farmer lost his life while trying to empty a bin. Check out these recommendations for staying safe and accessing training.

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Two youth practicing proper connection procedures for a tractor PTO drive. Links to full article 'Tractor Safety Training Courses for Teen Farm/Ranch Workers'

Tractor Safety Training Courses for Teen Farm/Ranch Workers

February 12, 2019
Nebraska Extension’s Tractor Safety and Hazardous Occupations Courses will be offered at 12 sites this year for teens 14-15 years of age who want to work on a farm other than their family's. The training is required by law.

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