Student conducting research

Effect of Switchgrass Row Spacing on Inter-Seeded Legume Establishment

March 15, 2019
This project evaluated the effect of switchgrass row spacing on the establishment of Illinois bundleflower, partridge pea, alfalfa, white clover, and hairy vetch.

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Chart showing row spacing effects on switchgrass yields.

Effect of Row Spacing on Switchgrass Yield and Nutritive Value

March 14, 2019
This study was conducted from 2010 to 2015 to evaluate effects of row spacing on switchgrass forage yield. It compared two varieties: ‘Shawnee’ an upland ecotype, and ‘Kanlow x Summer HP1 NETO2 C1’, an experimental lowland ecotype later released as ‘Liberty’.

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Photo of soybean and switchgrass barriers side by side.

Switchgrass Barriers as a Soil Water Conservation Practice

February 7, 2018
Research was conducted to compare infiltration rates in switchgrass barriers and a soybean field. Results showed the value of grass barriers in improving soil structure and infiltration and reducing runoff of sediments and nutrients.

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