Numerous buildings surround ethanol production facility in Nebraska
Valero Renewable Fuels, LLC. in Albion, Nebraska. (Photo courtesy Nebraska Ethanol Board)

Nebraska Study Reveals State’s Ethanol Industry Remains Strong Despite Recent Challenges

April 24, 2024
The study highlights how the ethanol industry has continued to expand offerings of highly valued co-products, insulating itself from cyclical ethanol fuel prices.

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Ethanol plant in Nebraska
Ethanol plant in Madrid, Nebraska. (Photo courtesy Nebraska Ethanol Board)

Producer Long-term Marketing Opportunities with Ethanol Plants

June 15, 2023
Researchers found from studying historical data that while marketing to ethanol plants can net producers better returns, the type (pre-harvest or spring) and size of benefit depend upon the size of the ethanol plant.

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Bioprocessing facility
The POET Bioprocessing facility near Fairmont, Nebraska. (Photo courtesy Nebraska Ethanol Board)

Study Shows Nebraska’s Ethanol Industry Continues to Expand

July 28, 2022
Producing over 2.25 billion gallons in 2019, Nebraska continues to rank as the second-largest ethanol-producing state in the nation.

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UNL Department of Agricultural Economics report on the Economic Impacts of the Nebraska Ethanol and Ethanol Co-Products Industry 2015-17

Economic Impacts of the Nebraska Ethanol and Ethanol Co-Products Industry 2015 - 2017

February 15, 2019
The Nebraska ethanol industry remains an important market in Nebraska with a production capacity of 2.558 billion gallons in 2017, resulting in the value of ethanol production at $3.764 billion, trailing only corn and cattle.

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Market Journal: Consider Selling New & Old Crop Now - May

April 20, 2018
Also on this week's Market Journal: An overview of policy changes in the new farm bill, ethanol production, blizzard impacts on cow-calf production, and the forecast for the coming week.

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Cornhusker Economics Q&A on Ethanol Price Fight and Nebraska Ag

April 11, 2018

The petroleum industry has launched a fierce political fight against the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the regulations that require renewable fuels such as ethanol to be blended into the motor fuel supply. The industry complains that meeting those requirements has become too expensive.

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Cornhusker Economics: Price Volatility Transmission between U.S. Biofuel, Corn, and Oil Markets

March 7, 2018
Many factors have been suggested as sources of increased volatility in agricultural commodity prices in recent years.This study finds that corn–ethanol links exist, but the effects are small and the impact is low.

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Sweet sorghum
Researchers have identified the sweet sorghum as a potential ethanol feedstock crop on non-irrigated farmland in western Nebraska. (Craig Chandler)

Researchers Explore Economic Potential for Sweet Sorghum in Dryland Production

January 25, 2018
One University team is exploring sweet sorghum ethanol as a future income source for dryland agriculture in western Nebraska, while another is looking at how to improve sorghum yields to make it a more sustainable source for biofuel production.

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