Center for Plant Science Innovation

Roston Talks Crop Resiliency Research with RFD-TV

April 23, 2024
Rebecca Roston, UNL professor of biochemistry, talks about her research on the development of crop varieties with improved resistance to cold temperatures.

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People holding sorghum plants toward camera
(From left) James Schnable, Rebecca Roston and Toshihiro Obata hold young sorghum plants outside of the Bioscience Greenhouses on City Campus. The researchers are part of a $1.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation to try to boost the cold tolerance of sorghum, and eventually corn and other crops, by harnessing the power of the plant’s circadian rhythms. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication and Marketing)

Husker Researchers Aim to Help Crops Survive Cold Snaps

February 29, 2024
UNL researchers are examining the way sorghum defends itself against low temperatures and comparing it to the cold tolerance characteristics of foxtail millet to find answers on improving crop resilience. 

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Ed Cahoon

Research Team Boosts Environmentally Sustainable Pest Control Via Insect Pheromones

October 20, 2022
Using plant-derived pheromones, the researchers were successfully able to lure diamondback moths in cabbage crops and disrupt mating of cotton bollworm moths in common bean fields.

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Haejin Kim
Haejin Kim, a senior research associate in the Center for Plant Science Innovation, examines soybeans in a Beadle Center greenhouse. The soybeans are bred specifically for the salmon farming industry as they help maintain the pink color of the fish. (Photos by Craig Chandler, University Communication)

Nebraska's Center for Plant Science Innovation is Transforming Agriculture

July 20, 2018
While it was built on a foundation of basic plant science, research at the Center for Plant Science Innovation is anything but basic. Edgar Cahoon, center director, believes the ability to bring findings to the field is what makes the work unique.

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