Research team conducts examination in field
(From left) Research team members Matt Girard (CSD intern), Yvon Ukwishaka (SNR graduate student), Sean Kruse (driller's assistant) and Christina Lyons (Beatrice Daily Sun reporter) at Homestead National Historical Park. (School of Natural Resources photo)

Nebraska Water Center Researchers Conduct Statewide Project to Characterize Nitrogen Transformation Beneath the Ground Surface

August 11, 2023
The research team will use their findings to assist ongoing efforts in eliminating nitrate before it reaches groundwater.

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Alfalfa windrows
To avoid rain delays on swathing and baling alfalfa hay, producers can lower harvest drying times by using wider windrow swatch and crimper conditioning.

Pasture and Forage Minute: Managing Alfalfa Windows, Grazing Summer Annual Forages and Water Quality

July 10, 2023
Management strategies for curing alfalfa windrows in adverse weather conditions, grazing sudangrass and sorghum-sudan hybrids safely, and water quality issues for livestock on pasture.

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Niobrara River
Recreational water sport enthusiasts particularly enjoy floating the Niobrara River on the stretch near Valentine, Nebraska, where it has been designated a national scenic river.

Major Nebraska Rivers and Their Drainages: Part 6

June 28, 2023
The final installment of the Nebraska Rivers series focuses on the "crown jewel" of Nebraska — the Niobrara River — as well as the White River and Hat Creek. 

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Pivot with end gun
There are two reliable methods for overcoming the challenges of lower uniformity and nitrogen application rates when using the center pivot's end gun: using a variable rate injection pump, and slowing the pivot down when the end gun turns on (for systems with computer panels).

How to Determine the Chemigation Injection Pump Setting for a Center Pivot with the End Gun Off and On

June 22, 2023
The key to knowing the correct setting for a chemigation pump is to first determine how many acres per hour the pivot will cover at the desired irrigation application depth or rate.

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North Platte River valley
A view of the North Platte River valley at Scottsbluff, Nebraska. (Photo by Gary Stone)

Major Nebraska Rivers and Their Drainages: Part 5

June 13, 2023
Part 5 of the Nebraska Rivers series focuses on the Platte Rivers, which played a crucial role in America's westward expansion as settlers traversed along these waters. 

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Crop sensor
Figure 1. Early installation of sensors helps minimize root and leaf damage and makes it easy to get around the field with the pickup or ATV to install the equipment.

Study Reviews Farmer Irrigation Scheduling Tendencies in Dry Years

June 8, 2023
Many producers in Nebraska will need to irrigate in June to refill the soil profile before high water demand begins in July, but there are numerous factors to consider when calculating the appropriate irrigation amounts.

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Pivot irrigation system
When irrigating fields early due to drought, the most reliable method to know when and how much to irrigate is to monitor soil moisture at multiple depths.

Early Season Irrigation During Drought

June 7, 2023
For producers who are irrigating early this year due to drought, it's critical to monitor soil moisture to balance crop needs with the risk of losing nitrogen and other valuable crop inputs, while also avoiding the expense of over-irrigating. 

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Republican River drainage system
The Republican River drainage system. (Photo courtesy USGS STREAMER)

Major Nebraska Rivers and Their Drainages: Part 4

June 1, 2023
Featuring the Republican River, which holds the record for the worst flood in Nebraska history.

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