Alfalfa Disease

Ranger alfalfa plants

Additional Gram-positive Bacterial Diseases in Nebraska Crop Production

May 11, 2021

Over the last few months, I have been relating the stories of a group of plant pathogenic bacteria known as “Gram positive,” which refers to the reaction of bacterial cell walls to microscopic dyes that divides bacteria into two primary groups: negative and positive. This was originally developed by Danish bacteriologist Hans C. Gram.

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Alfalfa rust
Figure 1. Rust pustules on alfalfa leaves. (Photo by Landron Rhodes, The Ohio State University)

Rust on Alfalfa

September 13, 2018
Warm, humid weather has caused rust to form in many alfalfa fields throughout our region. While it causes little damage in fields harvested monthly, it can injure and defoliate more mature alfalfa or alfalfa grown for seed.

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