Grain Stocks

Piled grain and bins

Post-Harvest Grain Marketing: Cleaning Out Corn and Soybean Bins

April 12, 2017
Marketing grain in the bin can take a backseat to field work this time of year; however, given the current market, those with grain in storage need to be vigilant to changes in futures price, adjustments in basis, and accumulating storage expenses. Examples of stored corn and soybean at two Nebraska sites illustrate how storage costs can add up over time.

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USDA: NE Corn Stocks up 16%; Soybeans up 9%

March 31, 2016

Nebraska corn stocks in all positions on March 1 totaled 956 million bushels, up 16% from 2015, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Of the total, 530 million bushels are stored on farms, up 23% from a year ago. Off-farm stocks, at 426 million bushels, are up 8% from last year.

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