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Collage of people attending soil health events in 2023
In a recent survey conducted by the Soil Health Team, 43% of respondents reported that they have implemented soil health practices influenced by UNL soil health events. (Image by Carolina Córdova)

UNL Soil Health Team Celebrates Year of Success in Advancing Sustainable Agriculture

January 3, 2024
Following eight successful events that stand to impact nearly 13 million acres of U.S. farmland, preparations are underway by the UNL Soil Health Team to deliver more robust sustainable ag research and innovations in 2024.

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Aaron Hird gestures to soil and water samples
Aaron Hird, USDA NRCS state soil health specialist, demonstrates the outcome of different soil health practices with a rainfall simulation to Nebraska Soil Health School attendees at UNL’s Haskell Ag Lab on Aug. 2.

Nebraska Soil Health School: A Success Story of Collaboration and Learning

September 12, 2023
During its inaugural year, the Nebraska Soil Health School educated more than 200 producers and ag industry stakeholders on the latest research and practices for healthy soils to increase crop productivity.

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Soil Health School participants watch outdoor demo
UNL Extension Engineer Paul Jasa points out key outcomes of the Nebraska NRCS rainfall simulator to onlookers at the conclusion of the Nebraska Soil Health School on June 28.

Don’t Miss UNL’s Haskell Ag Lab Soil Health School

July 13, 2023
The final 2023 Nebraska Soil Health School will be Aug. 1-2, featuring numerous speakers and hands-on activities, and free attendance for all participants.

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Hand holding two soil types

Soil Health Nexus Looks to Better Understand your Soil Health Challenges

April 11, 2018
The Soil Health Nexus is conducting a short survey to better understand your soil health challenges. Which benefits of soil health are most important to you? What practices do you use to improve soil health? Water quality? Sharing your insights can help them develop information resources to better meet your needs.

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How do You Define Soil Health?

April 4, 2018
For many people the definition of soil health depends on their perspective and use of the soil. While definitions can vary widely, there are four common practices that everyone should consider to ensure healthy soil biota.

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Figure 1. Manure being applied in a corn field, using a drag-hose system. Learn more in this month's Soil Health Nexus Blog article.
Figure 1. Manure being applied in a corn field, using a drag-hose system. Learn more in this month's Soil Health Nexus Blog article.

Can Manure Improve Soil Health or Soil Quality?

February 8, 2018
Is land application of manure something you're considering or practicing? Two university research articles look at potential effects on soil health and soil quality.

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Illustrating improved soil aggregates from manure applications.

How Manure Impacts Soil Aggregation

July 6, 2017
Researchers compare differences between soils fertilized with three types of manure versus commercial products and note four benefits, including an increase in water-stable large macro-aggregates that hold P differently.

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