Pulse Crops

Todd Scholz speaking at conference
Todd Scholz, vice president of research and members services of the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council, discusses what’s new in the pulse crop arena. (Photo by Chabella Guzman)

Nebraska Pulse Crop Conference Reviewed Crop Insurance and Policy

December 15, 2023
USDA recently announced its expanded revenue protection for dry pea production in Nebraska, which is set to begin with the 2024 crop year.

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Researchers walk through pea field
Dipak Santra, left, and other University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty and graduate students in a plot of field peas at the UNL High Plains Ag Lab Field tour in June 2023. (Photo by Chabella Guzman)

Nebraska Pulse Crops Conference Scheduled at Two Locations

September 19, 2023
The conference will cover a wide range of agronomic topics for field peas, chickpeas, black-eyed peas and other pulses, including management of nutrients and diseases, genetics, crop insurance, policy and more.

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Bean plants
Bean plants in the bacterial isolate research study.

Identifying and Characterizing Bacterial Isolates from the Stratosphere

May 4, 2023
Panhandle researchers were recently awarded USDA specialty crop block grants to study new copper alternative chemical products on fungal and bacterial diseases of dry beans, cowpeas, chickpeas and dry peas.

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Two photos of chickpeas in the field, one grown in no-till (L) and one grown with tillage (R) at Grant in 2018
Figure 1. Comparison of chickpeas grown in no-till (L) and tillage (R) at Grant in 2018

Field Pea and Chickpea Germination and Yield as Affected by Tillage

October 17, 2019
Research conducted with field peas and chickpeas near Grant found that yield increased slightly with the use of tillage; however, tillage was not recommended for dryland and semi-arid conditions.

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Pulse crops

Results from the Nebraska Pulse Crops Checkoff Survey

September 26, 2019
Should a Pulse Crops Checkoff be established in Nebraska and, if so, how should it be structured. This report looks at the results of a survey on the topic issued earlier this year to pulse crop growers.

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Figure 1. Winter wheat variety trial at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center, 2019. (Photos by Nathan Mueller)
Figure 1. Winter wheat variety trial at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center, 2019. (Photos by Nathan Mueller)

Eastern Nebraska Wheat, Pulse and Double Crop Field Day June 18

June 7, 2019
Variety trials and field research will be in the spotlight June 18 at the Eastern Nebraska Wheat, Pulse, and Double Crop Field Day at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Education Center near Mead.

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Field of field peas
Field peas growing in west central Nebraska in summer 2018. (Photos by Strahinja Stepanovic)

Nebraska Pulse Crops Expo Jan. 7 in Kearney

December 11, 2018
To learn about getting started with pulse crops or how to enhance your existing pulse production, don’t miss the 2019 Nebraska Pulse Crops Expo January 7 in Kearney. The program is free but registrations are needed by Jan. 2.

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Test plots showing sorghum (center) and other crops double-cropped after field peas in Saunders County in eastern Nebraska.

Double Cropping Pulses with Short-Season Crops, Forages, and Cover Crops in Eastern Nebraska

September 6, 2018
A research project in eastern Nebraska is evaluating a double crop production system as a potential alternative to the traditional corn/soybean rotation. Following an early season crop of yellow field peas, short-season crops (corn, soybean, grain sorghum, millet and sunflower) and annual forages (forage sorghum and sorghum-Sudangrass) were planted.

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