Dry edible beans

2022 Nebraska Acreage Report

June 30, 2022
Dry edible bean acreage is up 17% in Nebraska, while corn acreage is down 2% and soybean acreage remains unchanged from 2021.

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Soybean seedlings

U.S. Farmers Expect to Plant More Soybeans, Less Corn Acreage

March 31, 2022
Producers surveyed across the U.S. intend to plant a record high 91.0 million acres of soybeans in 2022, up 4% from last year, while corn acreage is expected to decrease by 4%.

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Aerial view of corn field

Nebraska 2021 Annual Crop Production Summary

January 20, 2022
USDA NASS estimated 2021 Nebraska grain corn production at a 4% increase from 2020, and soybean production at a 17% increase. See all crop production estimates for 2021 in this report.

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Microscopic fungal pathogens
This photo illustrates growth differences of two fungal pathogens and how they are identified from the Disease Index. Characteristic hyphal growth in culture of Aphanymyces cochliodes (right) and Rhizoctonia solani (left) emerging from infected seedlings plated at the same time in the plant pathology lab.

Soil Disease Index, Tool for Managing Sugarbeet Diseases, Available for Growers

December 13, 2021
Since 2003, the UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center has offered a pre-plant soil test to producers who need to identify soilborne sugarbeet pathogens in fields that will be planted to sugarbeets.

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Soybean pods

November Crop Production: Soybeans Forecast at Record Yield

November 10, 2021

Based on Nov. 1 conditions, Nebraska's 2021 corn crop is forecast at 1.83 billion bushels, up 3% from last year's production, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Area to be harvested for grain, at 9.60 million acres, is down 3% from a year ago. Yield is forecast at 191 bushels per acre, up 11 bushels from last year.

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Corn kernels

USDA NASS: Corn Production Forecast at Record High

October 14, 2021
Based on Oct. 1 conditions, Nebraska's 2021 corn production is forecast at a record 1.82 billion bushels, up 2% from last year's production. Yield is forecast at 190 bushels per acre, up 10 bushels from last year.

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Wheat plant

Nebraska Crop Production Forecast for September

September 15, 2021
Based on Sept. 1 conditions, Nebraska's corn crop is forecast at a record 1.80 billion bushels, soybean is forecast at 327 million bushels, sorghum at 22.3 million bushels and sugarbeet at 1.3 million tons.

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Wheat field

Nebraska Crop Production Report for August

August 12, 2021
Based on Aug. 1 conditions, Nebraska's 2021 sorghum production of 18.9 million bushels, is up 38% from a year ago. Dry edible bean production is forecast at 2.55 million cwt, down 29% from last year.

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