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This Week on N Field: Tar Spot in Corn

July 6, 2023
Learn the techniques for conducting a thorough examination when scouting for tar spot in your fields.

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Tar spot on corn
More severe tar spot pictured in western Iowa in October 2019.

Tar Spot Disease of Corn Confirmed in Several Nebraska Counties

October 21, 2021
Tar spot was confirmed in seven eastern Nebraska counties during recent weeks, and there are likely additional corn fields in other counties where the disease can be found.

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What’s New in Plant Pathology

March 19, 2020
Fungicide resistance was confirmed in soybean samples from 10 Nebraska counties infected with the frogeye leaf spot pathogen. Tar spot, a fungal disease of corn, has been confirmed in numerous western Iowa counties and is likely to reach Nebraska in 2020.

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