Baling Residue

Cattle in snowy cornstalks

Pasture and Forage Minute: Snowy Grazing Concerns, Nutrient Loss in Baled Cornstalks

December 5, 2022
Extension educators focus on crop residue, including livestock grazing challenges after a snow or ice event, and calculating nutrient loss in baled cornstalks.

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Baled cornstalks
Cornstalk residue with downed ears baled and ready to use. (CropWatch file photo by Jenny Rees)

Valuing Cornstalk Bales

November 30, 2021
Baling corn residue might be a good option for additional roughage this year, but it's important to first calculate the value of cornstalk bales.

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Cattle on cornstalks

Pasture and Forage Minute: Grazing Corn Residue for Better Crop Yields

November 23, 2021
Nebraska Extension Educator Ben Beckman explains how grazing corn residue at proper stocking rates can lead to better crop yields, plus a review on testing cornstalk bales for nutritional value.

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Taking CO2 measurements in plots where residue has been baled
Taking CO2 measurements in plots where residue has been baled

Corn Residue Removal and CO2 Emissions

February 26, 2018
University research looking at CO2 emissions from two types of residue removal (baling and grazing) compared with a control treatment found little day-to-day impact; however, when looking at cumulative data for the whole year, grazing did appear to affect cumulative CO2 emissions in irrigated crop-livestock systems. This data represents the first year of this study.

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