Nebraska Unicameral Information Office
The Center for Ag Profitability's ag law webinar reviews concerns about Proposition 12, Waters of the U.S. and property taxes. (Photo credit: Nebraska Unicameral Information Office)

Ag Law in the U.S. Supreme Court

August 11, 2023
UNL Professor and Agricultural/Water Law Specialist Dave Aiken examines three 2023 decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court that affect the ag industry.

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Producer at computer
The benefit to forming a pass-though entity is a federal tax deduction for the state tax paid; however, the entity will need to make estimated tax payments (even if it is a farming partnership), starting Jan. 1, 2024, if they decided to make this election. (Center for Ag Profitability photo)

Nebraska Approves Pass-through Entity Tax Bill

August 4, 2023
Whether or not the pass-through entity tax bill could benefit you will depend on your profitability level, current structure, operation size, and other factors. Read the Center for Ag Profitability's recent analysis to make an informed decision about this new tax option. 

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March 1 Filing Deadline

December 9, 2022
Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. Director Tina Barrett discusses payment options available to farmers for the upcoming tax season.

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USDA/Flickr (Public Domain)

Tax Options Amid Drought Conditions

September 29, 2022
Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. Director Tina Barrett reviews factors that farmers and ranchers should take into consideration before electing tax deferrals for drought-impacted crops and livestock.

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Nebraska Inheritance Tax Update

March 8, 2022
Dave Aiken, UNL Extension water law and agricultural law specialist, discusses how LB310 will reduce most inheritance taxes beginning in 2023.

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Tax advisor

Webinar to Cover Finding a Tax Advisor for Farm and Ranch Businesses

December 21, 2021
With evolving tax laws and ever-increasing complexity, it’s more important than ever to find the right tax advisor that understands the special rules to apply to farmers and ranchers to help these businesses stay in compliance and minimize tax obligations.

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The Nebraska Microenterprise Tax Credit

November 3, 2021
Learn more about farmers' eligibility requirements for the Nebraska Microenterprise Tax Credit, a refundable credit given to individuals operating small businesses who demonstrate growth in their business. 

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2021 Federal Estate and Transfer Tax Law Proposals

September 2, 2021
Tina Barrett, director of Nebraska Farm Business, Inc., reviews the federal estate and transfer tax law proposals submitted to Congress this year that would dramatically change the tax implications for many farm businesses.

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